Concept Art from Cancelled ‘The Avengers’ Game Features Vision & the Skrull

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Although many IPs and developers were able to land safely on their feet after THQ filed for bankruptcy and all of its assets were auctioned to the highest bidder, some games were not so lucky. One of the more intriguing games that was lost in the fallout of THQ was an Avengers tie-in game meant to release alongside the blockbuster movie last summer.

Even though THQ scrambled to get the game done, and pulled as much talent together as they could, The Avengers was never finished. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look at what could have been.

In a set of concept art images released by artist Red Wong, we can see that The Avengers was to feature three key components not seen in the Marvel movie: Vision, Ms. Marvel, and the Skrull. There is also an image that features the Baxter Building, but there is no clear indication as to whether the Fantastic Four would make an appearance or not.

Both Vision and Ms. Marvel also come in several different varieties. Since, as far as we know, they are not playable in the game it’s unclear whether these are potential design choices, or costume changes in the game. For Vision especially, there is a wide range of looks, from trademark Marvel to almost cyborg-like.

The art also suggests that The Skrull had a role to play in the game, which was a pretty significant departure from the movie. However, it’s possible that the Chitauri from Whedon’s film would eventually replace The Skrull.

Back in 2011, we featured a pre-alpha video of The Avengers game, which showcased the game’s first-person melee combat. Unfortunately, that video has since been removed, but a more recent version has appeared online and is featured below:

On its face, it seems like The Avengers tie-in game had a lot of potential. The idea of controlling key Avengers members like Iron Man or The Hulk, but from a first-person perspective, was a unique spin on the superhero game, and could have helped the title standout.

And, as these concept art pieces show, the game wasn’t afraid to go outside of the film’s narrative by including new characters, locations, and enemies. It’s a shame we will never see the final product.

What do you think of the concept art for this cancelled Avengers game? What do you think of the designs of the characters and the Skrull?

Source: Red Wong

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  • Space_Cortez

    Honestly whenever I previously heard about this game I tended to shrug it off as a most likely horrible movie tie in, but that video showed that they were at least trying to do something fun and unique with the Avengers property. I may have bought this.

  • Mark

    Too bad, it looks like they were going to try to rival the Batman: Arkham series for Marvel, which could have been a very good thing.

  • ChrisTypeR

    It’ll be a 65% bargain basement purchase no doubt……. THQ make garbage games, Saints Row is garbage but its lots of fun!!

    • 1015

      What you said makes no sense, and Saints Row, for most people, is far from garbage.

      • ChrisTypeR

        Saints 2 and third – if you analyse the graphics and bugs – garbage – I love them though for the mayhem factor and I will be buying the 4th in a few days time – I think the graphics on PS3 are about up to the later last gen titles (not great) – if you remove the mayhem and fun factor from Saints, I thing the game would be truly terrible – Just cause (for me)