‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ New Mechanics Detailed

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The Amazing Spider-Man Game New Web Rush

Fans of comic books and action gaming are likely already keeping track of news surrounding The Amazing Spider-Man, and the development team is already opening up about some of the changes they are planning on making to the existing formula. The name of their game is giving players more combat and traversal options than they’re used to, which will hopefully be enough to bring a breath of fresh air to Beenox‘s time with the franchise.

Designing a movie tie-in game brings more than a healthy dose of skepticism, so The Amazing Spider-Man may be seen to have the odds stacked against it from the outset. And given the web-slinger’s fairly legendary place in American comic book history, it goes without saying that games centered around Peter Parker have become somewhat of a known quantity. The Amazing Spider-Man‘s VGA trailer showed the kind of combat and design that gamers have come to expect from the developer.

The game’s iconic concept artwork showed that the approach to realism and rebooting that the feature film seems to embody will be adopted by the game as well, but exactly how Beenox was going to make this game stand apart from others – and open-world games like Mirror’s Edge – hasn’t been explained.

On the game’s official Facebook page, Rodolphe Recca, the game’s lead designer answered a fan query about exactly what new mechanics would be introduced:

“[W]e introduce an all-new gameplay mechanic called the Web Rush, which gives players real-time navigational and combat choices. Web Rush can be triggered on the fly, at any moment and immediately presents you with a variety of situational choices, letting you pull off Spidey’s signature moves like never before.”

Giving players more options is always a good thing, but exactly how this ‘Web Rush’ mechanic will be implemented is unclear. Does it resemble the wealth of attacks and abilities seen in Arkham City‘s hotkey-combat, or is it merely a gameplay overlay? Since the gameplay seen so far is extremely familiar we can only hope that the mechanic introduces more than just a cosmetic change.

Beenox has certainly proven that they know how to make a competent Spider-Man game, but unfortunately they most recently showed that creating a substandard one is just as easy. Having a game style that doesn’t reinvent the wheel isn’t in itself a crime, but when so much time is being spent to cement Marvel as a major entertainment player, delivering underwhelming games isn’t helping.

What do you think about the gameplay that’s been shown so far? Do you trust that Beenox and Activision can deliver a game as good as the movie, or should expectations be lowered? We’ll keep you posted on any more announcements on the upcoming release.

The Amazing Spider-Man releases June 26, 2012, for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS and DS.

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  • T.J.

    I will say this much about Spider-man games. I have played great ones and I have played some very bad ones. Even going all the way back to the Atari system. I truly hope that someday I can play a Spider-man game that ranks in the same lines as Arkham City. I know for a fact that Spider-man deserves it and its way past due. Also while the games that go along with movies can be ok, I do find the ones with their own story lines are so much better. Thanks for your time and well hopefully in my lifetime I will see that Spectacular Spider-Man game that I have been waiting for pretty much all of my life.

    • Spider-Abu

      Agreed! I’m pretty sure we will be 200% sure that we’ll get that dream Spidey game once Rocksteady gets their hands on the license…hell even Ubisoft or DICE could pull it off if they don’t slack off…I want to start a petition about the dream Spidey game we all want as soon as this Amazing Spider-Man game gets released and if it isn’t atleast on par with Spider-Man 2, I’m pretty sure we’ll all be raging and push the developers to make the game we want. Anyway, I remember reading that Beenox have been working for nearly 2 years on this game…sounds so awesome but I don’t want to get my expectations too high, don’t want to be dissappointed dearly. >.<

  • Simon

    Spiderman games have a pretty good track-record compared to the shambolic attempts that have been the Superman games.

    • Jared

      Or any other super-hero based game for that matter.

  • venom42

    i cant wait till the game comes out!its good thing Beenox is developing it because they understand spidey-fans and thats why they will never stop.i loved Shattered Dimensions so much but Edge Of Time was so lame that i totally skipped it.im sure the amazing spider-man WILL be better,meaningful and never let others stop playing this game that doesnt mean its the best(not what i meant)it’ll be great better than all the other spider-man games.true,it is for PC but one question:is it for Windows 7 or XP?