Telltale Promises Fewer Bugs in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2

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The Walking Dead Season Two Bugs

Telltale’s The Walking Dead proved to gamers worldwide that a studio could focus on an emotional, character-intensive narrative and still produce a faithful, entertaining and addictive experience for players worldwide. With production now shifting to the second season, the studio is looking back on its previous mistakes in an effort to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself — especially in terms of bugs and errors.

While the first season of The Walking Dead garnered much well-deserved acclaim, it wasn’t always a smooth product beneath the surface. Game-breaking save glitches, camera errors and a multitude of other problems arose with the production of each episode, and although they were quickly stamped out by patches, one would expect a Spike VGA Game of the Year Award Winner (and runner-up for Game Rant‘s own Game of the Year award) to have each episode relatively bug-free upon release.

Telltale CEO Dan Connors took the time to discuss this issue with RockPaperShotgun, and acknowledged that the first season didn’t perform as well, in terms of builds that weren’t bogged down with initial errors, as it should have:

“There were so many things going on with how downloadable content works and how you can update things and how you can patch that once the first one showed up. Bug-free would have been really hard, considering episode five didn’t exist when we put episode one out. Once one showed up, then it was, “Okay, let’s just go in and fix that.” But there was two to consider and three and four. Then the edge cases started to pop up. It got super complicated super fast, because of the way we were doing it.”

Going forward, Connors assures fans that Telltale will have a more robust system in place for dealing with these kind of problems, and the developer is working hard to deliver a second season that’s free of unsightly glitches.

“I think in season two, we’re going to be a lot more diligent about making sure that part of the system can handle everything that’s going to happen. Now we know how people are going to do this and how they’re going to use this and how it’s going to appear to people. I think we’ll have some good systems in place to make sure that it’s great in the next season.”

With fans eager for more after the breathtaking finale of the first season, Telltale is actively trying to figure out a way to carry over saved games between seasons. The studio has learned a fair bit from its first foray into the world of The Walking Dead, and should now have more bug-free builds and a more accurate release schedule — something that’s very important given that the first season took more than twice as long to release as the developer had previously predicted.

What do you think, Ranters? Do you have faith in Telltale’s ability to improve upon its work? Will you be interested in the second season of The Walking Dead?

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  • yodarlz

    A game of the year is supposed to be bug free upon release? Tell that to Skyrim…

    • COREY_1993

      that game should never have gotten GOTY based in the bugs

    • JamesF

      Yeah. That really pissed me off

  • TaboriHK

    That game had more heart than anything that came out all year. We reserve glitch nitpicking for games that only exist to give you mindless fun. I always cut slack for a small title that has a primary focus of engaging the player emotionally.

  • Gallifreyanjedi

    I hardly experienced any bugs when I played through the episodes. I just got lots of lag in Episode 3 & 5 and that was the only issues I experienced with the game. But it wasn’t game breaking or rage quit lag.

  • James

    I hope they find a way to carry over saves from season 1. I’m pretty sure I left behind a deeply ill adjusted and emotionally scarred clementine.

    • Yowza

      I actually lol’d when i read ur comment 😀 I made decisions without thinking about Clementine, then when I made them, I would see her behind me crying then I’d be like “damn it, forgot about her…” Played on the Xbox, hoping that they can find a way to carry the saves. Or maybe just give us a code from season 1 to put in @ the start of season 2. Anyways, I can’t wait!!

  • The mighty avenger

    I didn’t experience any real bugs and glitches but I had some lag that forced me to replay areas cuz lag made me miss a opportunity.

    That said I can’t wait for season 2! I would love to play as a older clementine or play as omid or krista.

    But if they choose a different set of survivors to play as I at least wanna run into clementine. You know make sure she’s alive

  • Javier Hernandez

    We love the game , who knew a game could make me cry , glitches where minor story was awesome , keep it up .

  • Yowza

    Whatever Telltale decides to do with Season 2, I’m pretty sure it will be good. And I think they know everyone will want to see Clementine, so she shouldnt be absent, I hope… :) Never had any glitches, just A LOT of lag on the Xbox. Took me about 16 tries to kill the zombie in Clementine’s house XD

  • Nix

    I found myself actually hoping for a glitch or a lag during the ending of this game just so I would have an excuse to get angry instead of crying. But, alas, my wish was not granted and I was left with the equivalent of Niagara Falls running out of my eyes. :'(

  • Myk

    First game since Wildarms to make me cry.

  • Lynnea

    I cannot play Season 2 of The Walking Dead, the LAG is ridiculous, makes it completely unplayable, my systems requirements match what is required, HELP PLEASE…..I am so disappointed Season 1 was so much fun and now I cant even get into the next game .

  • Dustin

    I loved the 1st season, and my only complaint is the save game bug that keeps deleting my file and progress, thus making it ask me to generate choices each episode. Still, even with that, it was their first go, and I love the game regardless.

    It better not happen in Season 2 though, or I will be upset and not nearly as forgiving.