Take-Two Interactive Creates ‘Rockstar Films’

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Rockstar Games Gets a Movie Studio

The tide is turning in the film industry and while the last decade has seen summer blockbuster seasons taken over by big budget comic book adaptations, soon it will be all about the video game movies. Yes, so far, most of these adaptations have failed critically (and for many fans) but in the near future, one of them will be done right and audiences will be ready and willing for more.

With major video game publishers starting to take control of the Hollywood side of their franchising, we’ll start to see what video games and developers deserve from their favorite video games. And on that note, we have another example of this happening today, with news of Take-Two Interactive having trademarked “Rockstar Films.”

The trademark was reportedly filed in December and approved in the U.S. last month so don’t be surprised if in the near future we hear Rockstar Films commissioning scripts for films based on Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption or L.A. Noire.

The latter of which bordered on the line of being an interactive film, so much so that it marked the first ever video game entrant into the Tribeca Film Festival. When that news broke, Rockstar Games VP Dan Houser was asked about the potential of Rockstar Games jumping into Hollywood, to which replied explaining that they’ll take the time to do it right:

“We have explored a lot of movie deals, but we have just chosen not to make a movie. We love movies, but we also love games and that is what we remain focused on. If we were to attempt to make a movie, we would like to make it ourselves, or at least work in collaboration with the best talent, so at least if it is bad, we can know we failed on our own terms. But doing that takes time, and making games properly takes a lot of time. So, we may make movies one day, with the right property and the right partnership, but we have not found the time to do that yet.”

Ubisoft officially launched Ubisoft Motion Pictures back in May to begin development on feature films based on their Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell properties, so it’s relieving to see the creative control of these projects staying where they belong.

With the bad reputation associated with the video game movie genre, many studios are thinking twice before jumping ahead and this is why the inFamousMetal Gear Solid, Gears of War and Halo properties haven’t yet gone anywhere. Heck, even the recent news about the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune movie losing director David O. Russell and star Mark Wahlberg may have been due to the harsh negative feedback to their involvement and ideas (Now, Neil Burger is writing and directing the Uncharted movie).

So, which Rockstar Games video game franchise do you want to see made into a film first? Give me Red Dead Redemption with Sean Bean, please.

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Sources: SystemLink (via Edge), THR

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  • Blastaar

    I want my Q-Bert movie done right!. . . LOL! nah, Marvel Studios set the standard for this change and it’s a great idea. I still want a proper Street Fighter movie though. Halo, Mass Effect, etc. I’m stoked to see those too. “Crackdown” would be the ISH!!!

  • Blastaar

    Capcom should do the same as RockStar is doing too. An Onimusha and Devil May Cry movie would be so hot. Or even Strider! Capcom has so many characters, they are almost like Marvel. Shoot why not a Marvel Vs. Capcom animated movie?

  • Blastaar

    Guillermo Del Toro for “The Legend of Zelda”!

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      That would be sweet.

  • Eddie

    Is it all take two games, or just rockstars, or is that the same? And doesn’t take two have some kind of law suit going on, I don’t believe its for ip rights but could it still hamper the studios process?

  • ATG

    maybe they’ll do it right. most videogame to movie adaptions suck balls

    • bffan4ever

      big hairy sour stinky crusty monkey balls

  • Rainman316

    I think that Nicholas Cage could save his career with the role of Dutch van der Linde in a Coen brothers adaptation of Red Dead Redemption. Marston would have to be played by Brad Pitt, hands down. If he can do Aldo Raine, he can do a pretty good John Marston in my book. Of course Sam Elliot would be Landon Ricketts.