Take-Two CEO Hints at ‘Red Dead Redemption 2′

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Take Two CEO Red Dead Redemption 2

While many gamers are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Grand Theft Auto 5 in September, they are likely equally as interested in what Rockstar Games has on tap for their next title. However, with so many franchises now in their wheelhouse it’s hard to predict just where Rockstar might go.

That being said, a comment by Take-Two Interactive (parent company to Rockstar) CEO Strauss Zelnick may have tipped the developer’s hand, or at least suggested what game might be in development. His comments don’t outright say it, but Zelnick strongly hints that Red Dead Redemption 2 might be in our future, along with several other Rockstar franchise iterations.

In a quarterly earnings call, Zelnick wanted to address a preconception about Rockstar – specifically their focus on new IPs rather than sequels. As Zelnick sees it, Rockstar is just as much about creating permanent franchises as any developer. There is no shelf life to a Rockstar franchise, just like there isn’t a shelf life for Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed.

“Our competitors do not see it that way. Our competitors’ view is that our franchise will have a certain life, and at the end of that life, you move onto the next thing, so you better make hay while the sun shines. Our view is to the contrary. The best franchises are permanent franchises.

Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Zombies

What’s most telling about Zelnick’s comments are the three franchises he “name drops” when talking about creating permanent franchises — those being Borderlands, BioShock, and Red Dead. While we haven’t heard much about Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar, that apparently doesn’t mean a sequel is not in development.

At the same time, there are several other Rockstar franchises that we know, or have been told, are in development. Bully 2, for example, was labeled as the next project for Rockstar Vancouver after Max Payne 3, but that was almost two years ago.

As fans know, Rockstar is as secretive a developer as can be, choosing only to reveal new information when appropriate. Look at the amount of time that passed between the first Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer and the second. Or how long LA Noire seemingly floated along in limbo before it suddenly materialized as a finished product.

Now, however, it’s about Grand Theft Auto 5, and getting that game onto store shelves. Then, when out promoting GTA, maybe Rockstar might tease their next project. I’m sure gamers would love to see a Red Dead Redemption, as would Zelnick apparently, but we’d suspect that Rockstar will only make another one if they can find the right story to tell.

Do you think that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be the next Rockstar release? Do you want Red Dead Redemption 2 to be Rockstar’s next release?

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  • boogoo

    I think I’d rather have a Bully 2 than a Red Dead 2. But that’s just me.

    • Jakeg

      What if they had a Red Dead Revelations where you went back in time to when John was still in his gang. Personally, I think that would be awesome.

  • Tim

    i like red dead better

  • radenismoyojati

    i want Red Dead 2 for PC !!!

  • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

    Bring it!

  • Silver161080

    I would love a second red dead redemption the first one was awesome but a second red dead will be even better

  • fanofgames

    Another RDR sequel would be awesome, although i kinda hope they go farther back in time than Redemption, like in 1880’s or 90’s when the west was truly wild.

  • GaymeR

    id rather it be more like a prequel set in the 1800’s

  • John

    How many F***ING times!!!??? It’s Red Dead 3 not Red Dead 2

    Red Dead Redemption is a sequel to Red Dead Revolver released in 2004

    • GaymeR

      you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Red Dead Redemption is a SPIRITUAL SUCCESSOR to Red Dead Revolver. it is NOT a freaking sequel. it has absolutely nothing i repeat NOTHING to do with the silly storyline or characters of Red Dead Revolver. so therefore it IS Read Dead Redemption 2 since Red Dead Redemption was called Red Dead Redemption 1 and not Red Dead Revolver 2…….idiot.

      • John

        Okay, I’ll give you that given the Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls/Dark Souls 2 dynamic but even so how can you do a direct sequel to Redemption when John Marsden died? Sure you can play as Jack, but would you really want to for an entire game

        Anyway heard somewhere that the third game will be called Red Dead Rebellion and will release sometime in 2014

        • JT

          John has it right, Gaymer get your panties untwisted.

          • GaymeR

            wow. one howd you know i wear panties? two nope im pretty sure im right. google the definition of SPIRITUAL SUCCESSOR and then also google stupid. itll have your picture next to it.

      • Smartypants

        Actually… Jack Marston hints to Red Dead Revolver, in one of the “farming” missions 😀

        • Maikel

          Red dead redemption IS a true sequel, Redemption takes place around 25 years after Revolver. The events and characters are mentioned between the NPC’s at the campsite near the railway works. Also in the legends&killers expansion, you can play as Red and several other charactes from revolver.

          However, there is no relation between the characters Red Harlow and John Marston. There also is no relation between the characters from the last three main GTA games.

      • Smoke

        The same can be said for the GTA games though. For example take GTA 3, 4, and 5. Those stories have nothing to do with each other, aside from the occasional reference here and there, and yet those are considered sequels. For me, I consider it a sequel, because of the title. I always considered it to be a sequel. I really hope they do another Red Dead game. I would definitely buy it

      • Matt

        it wouldnt be a red dead redemption sequel either. From what ive read around other sites theyre using a whole new character set and story with simply hints and references towards the other two games. So really it would be a successor to red dead redemption. Theres even a name leaked already, “Red Dead Rebellion” but rockstar probly wont use that since it’s what’s rumored.

  • nick h

    I would love a new red dead game. Along with another LA noire and I would love a new Manhunt game, especially since the second one sucked

  • Taylor

    I’d do anything to see another Red Dead on the new platforms, was definitely one of the best open world games I’ve ever played! Fingers crossed because so many people around the world love it!

  • tarkin713

    Red Dead is one of the games I play over and over again, because IMO, it’s one of the rare games that’s absolutely perfect in every way. The end still gets in my craw, no matter how many times I play it. And, personally, I love this game better than GTA. I kind of outgrew GTA, and find it rote and boring. The best GTA games were the PS2 era games.
    But I digress… YES, please make Red Dead 2 next!

  • ToferD

    I think a prequel would be great. I think it would be awesome to see Marsten while he was still riding with the gang. I am also a HUGE fan of the Free Roam multiplayer aspect. If another game does come out, it definitely needs to keep this.

  • Morgan Anderson

    I bought this on both consoles then bought the GOTY edition for both I have played through multiple times and so have all members of my family we still play it at least monthly and play online routinely. It is perfect in so many ways. Please consider expediting #2. A prequel would be intriguing.

  • Carlee Braddick

    I wanna know when Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out

  • Nathan

    RDR2 should be next because jack still needs to avenge john

  • Sherm

    Jack avenged John by killing the Pinkerton down by the river in Mexico.

  • Filin1990

    Yes, Red Dead 2 would be sweeeeet!!! Also, I hope the original Red Dead will be in the Playstation Plus Instant Game collection list soon, either in October (less likely) or November, or December. 😀

  • thijs

    I hope rockstar is creating a new red dead redemption. After playing GTA5 i think red dead is still the best game ever. The online version is so extended, even more then GTA5 online (maybe because i love the landscape more then GTA5.) So i hope i can play the sequel version of red dead redemption within a year! If you don’t know a new story line or if you find it hard to find new and better things you’ll have my email and ask! The film 3:10 to juma was a a good thing to start and there will be lot’s of lines to make a new one!

  • Matt

    Id love to see another read dead but im torn between what i want to see next.. i wanna see where they take Bully since its been so long.

  • blaze

    i hope the new rdr is in the the old west, is badass! where guns are blazing! long live rdr!!