Latest 'Treasure' News

  • Radiant Silvergun

    ‘Radiant Silvergun’ Review

    ‘Radiant Silvergun’ is now available for download on the Xbox Live Arcade but is this revamp of a 13 year old classic really worth $15 or is it nothing more than an overpriced and outdated shooter? Read our review.

    by Riley Little | 3 years ago

  • Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury

    ‘Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury’ Coming To XBLA, Trailer Released

    Treasure, masters of fun, old-school game design, releases the first trailer for XBLA exclusive ‘Bangai-O HD,’ an insane shooter with dual-stick action and a level editor.

    by John Polson | 4 years ago

  • MCM: Sin & Punishment: Star Successor Hands-On

    MCM: Sin & Punishment: Star Successor Hands-On

    At the recent MCM Expo, Phillipe Bosher got some hands-on time with Sin & Punishment 2. Click to find out what he thought.

    by Phillipe Bosher | 5 years ago