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‘Braid’ Creator Spends His Fortune On Next Game

Braid Creator Spends Fortune On Next Game

By John Jacques | 7 months ago
News Wrap Up: PlayStation TV, NHL 14 Goalies, Pikmin 3 Trailer & More!

Pikmin 3 & NHL 14

By Rob Keyes | 2 years ago
Xbox One Claims Criticized by Jonathan Blow and Mark Rein

Jonathan Blow & Mark Rein Talk Xbox One

By Hannah Shaw-Williams | 2 years ago
‘The Witness’ Comes Forth As A PS4 Exclusive… For Now

The Witness

By Kevin Gibson | 3 years ago
Weekly Video Game News Roundup: October 2, 2011

News Roundup: October 2, 2011

By Rob Keyes | 4 years ago