Latest 'Haemimont Games' News

  • Tropico 5

    ‘Tropico 5’ Review

    Does Tropico 5 change enough from previous city building installments to keep it fresh? Read our review to find out!

    by Matt Rowland | 1 year ago

  • The First Templar

    The First Templar Review

    Haemimont Games delivers a different approach to the Templar Order in their new release ‘The First Templar.’ Does it stack up to history, or fall short of its mark?

    by William Case | 4 years ago

  • Corrupted Saves: The Tempting Templar

    Corrupted Saves: The Tempting Templar

    This week’s Corrupted Saves takes a look at ‘The First Templar.’ But for ocular safety reasons, it’s a pretty brief look.

    by Aaron Leach | 4 years ago

  • PAX East: 'The First Templar' Hands-On Preview

    PAX East: ‘The First Templar’ Hands-On Preview

    We had the opportunity to check out Kalypso Media and Haemimont Games upcoming third-person adventure title, ‘The First Templar’, at PAX East.

    by Jon Lavallee | 4 years ago