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  • ‘Shadow Warrior’ Hands-On Preview: Updating a Cult Classic

    ‘Shadow Warrior’ Hands-On Preview: Updating a Cult Classic

    Flying Wild Hogs is bringing ‘Shadow Warrior’ hero Lo Wang into the modern world by keeping the focus on varied gameplay and irreverent humor. Read our E3 2013 preview to find out more.

    by Anthony Taormina | 2 years ago

  • Hard Reset

    ‘Hard Reset’ Review

    Flying Wild Hog’s debut title ‘Hard Reset’ promises old school gameplay with a modern twist. But do the retro mechanics prove too archaic in modern times, or is the game a competent tribute to a bygone era? Read our review.

    by Anthony Mole | 3 years ago

  • ‘Hard Reset’ Hands-On Preview

    ‘Hard Reset’ Hands-On Preview

    Check out our hands-on preview of Flying Wild Hog’s futuristic first-person shooter, ‘Hard Reset’ – which pits PC players against a ruthless machine-uprising apocalypse.

    by Jason Weissman | 3 years ago

  • Hard Reset

    First ‘Hard Reset’ Gameplay Trailer is Electrifying

    Flying Wild Hog releases the first gameplay trailer and new screenshots for the PC-only shooter ‘Hard Target.’ There are robots, explosions and lots of electrical mayhem.

    by Rob Keyes | 4 years ago

  • Hard Reset

    The First ‘Hard Reset’ Trailer Has Arrived

    A new trailer and screenshots were released for the upcoming title ‘Hard Reset’, the first game from developer Flying Wild Hog.

    by Anthony Mole | 4 years ago