Survivor 2299 Site Finally Revealed as Fake; No ‘Fallout 4′ Reveal

Dec 7, 2013 by  

Survivor 2299 Site Fake

After nearly a month’s worth of teasing, countdowns, secret codes, and a ton of speculation, the Survivor 2299 mystery has finally been solved. Finally, we can put an end to what was becoming one of the bigger ARGs in recent memory.

Unfortunately, while the Survivor 2299 site finally revealed its true nature, what followed was a collective groan from anyone who had been refreshing the site daily. Yep, Survivor 2299 was nothing more than an elaborate hoax.

As early as yesterday morning, the site was still receiving regular updates – more clues for gamers to uncover. Additionally, the most recent updates mention of The Institute, a location in Fallout: New Vegas, once again setting sleuthing gamers off to the races.

But, seemingly out of nowhere, the site was updated with a few different messages confirming it was nothing more than a hoax. The site even went so far as to include a YouTube embed for Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” – ostensibly the middle finger in Internet terms.

Fallout 4 Please Stand By

With so many signs pointing towards the site’s connection to Bethesda‘s Fallout franchise – from the symbol at the bottom of the page to various quotes about post-apocalyptic circumstances – fans couldn’t help but want the site to be legitimate. Yet, there always loomed a sneaky suspicion that a few hoaxers were pulling one over on a devoted fan base.

When the site first popped up, a few news outlets, including this one, were quick to point out the several reasons why it wasn’t real. Still, fans were hopeful that the naysayers were wrong and, when the site started rapidly adding new elements, many more started to believe. In fact, some still choose to believe, even in the face of nearly undeniable proof and a rather rude message from the site’s creator(s).

However, while this particular site didn’t confirm the existence of Fallout 4 that doesn’t mean Bethesda is not hard at work on a sequel. They have to be well aware that fans are clamoring for another trip to that nuclear wasteland, and would love to see what the next-gen consoles can add to their open world. Similarly, while the VGX festivities will likely not host a Fallout 4 reveal, that doesn’t mean E3 2014 won’t.

Are you disappointed that the Survivor 2299 site turned out to be an elaborate prank? Did you think it was a fake all along?


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  1. Damn thats disapointing.

    Just been getting back into FNV as well.

  2. Disappointing yes, but not surprising. New Vegas (though better soundtrack) was nowhere near as incredible as Fallout 3. And Skyrim was much better than Oblivion, but didn’t quite reach the level of Morrowind that I had hoped. But as far Bethesda goes, I’m optimistic yet.

  3. It seemed a bit too good to be true honestly. With such an announcement just after the release of the next generation of consoles, it seems that the community is hungry for brand new games. Fallout 3 was an incredible game, and I really hope that the 3+ year gap between FNV and the next Fallout proves to be a worthwhile wait. It is sensible to think that Bethesda is focusing on this game, since it would net them a considerable amount of money, whilst also gaining the support of the gaming community. So I think it is safe to say, that the next Fallout has the potential to surpass even Fallout 3

  4. How rude!

  5. Not very surprising… but still…


  6. that’s cool, I didn’t even notice. Fall Out is such a crappy game that I just don’t care.

    • Nice grammar. It’s proven that you’re a 13 year old virgin troll, living in your mums house and have no friends? You’re whole life will be fail and then you will die a lonely, terrible death. Umad? Lol.

      • Assuming he’s 13 years old it generally makes sense that he / she is more than likely

        1) A virgin

        2) Living at his / her parents house

        Even if you were just insulting, make sure it’s logical insulting mkay?

  7. Joe dont care yet you are on a fallout thread. Drink bleach now.

    • I agree with Daniel. People like Joe are why the internet can’t have nice things. He’s like someone who saw the Sixth Sense but refuses to admit they didn’t know Bruce Willis was a ghost.

  8. this is why i hate the internet. i feel like people do this every time there is an elaborate hoax or prank… i dunno what is more sad; joes comment, or the people who made the fake webpage and this overly elaborate hoax

  9. “and would love to see what the next-gen consoles can add to their open world. ”

    You mean next-gen as in whatever comes /after/ PS4 and XBone, right?

  10. “When the site first popped up, a few news outlets, including this one, were quick to point out the several reasons why it wasn’t real.” Wow, classy move, we were right all along, teehee! Kind of a dick move to pull after a lot of people were disappointed by some rotting anus on the internet.

  11. I salute Bethesda. Finially, a game series that isn’t riding the sequel train like a black person on prom night. I was happy with the end of fallout 3 (Seeing as new vegas has its own story thing going) Let’s just let the series rest in its grave with respect.

    • happy with the fallout 3 b******* ending xD

    • While I am very disappointed that the survivor site was a hoax. I am more angry that Bethesda didn’t speak up about it. Their silence on the subject was the only thing that bolstered my belief in it.
      It was only fun to solve all the puzzles because there was hope that it was real, now it all just seems pointless…. /emo

      Damn these feels.

      • See! Because Bethesda didin’t say anything about it being fake, i still think its real! The fact that they happend to trademark the game during the countdown and still not say anything even after its over still has me exited! Bethesda is probably damage controlling this whole ordeal, getting us pumped then telling us it was fake then maybe show us that its really real!

  12. Crash, there is significant evidence through hires recently made by Bethesda, comments made by Fallout Three’s “Three Dog” voice actor, and the recent trademark made by Bethesda for the Fallout 4 name that “letting the series rest in it’s grave with respect” is ridiculous. Also, there is a TON of money out there ready to be spent on the next Fallout game. Bethesda will not simply abandon the series to not “ride the sequel train”. Fallout is alive and well so we can all be happy. Bethesda even left the option open for Obsidian to create Fallout New Vegas 2, so we have a lot to look forward to in the Fallout universe. I am not expecting an announcement at the VGA’s this evening, but Bethesda is doing their own conference soon, so I expect an announcement that they are at least working on Fallout Four at that point. Gameplay and anything other than some teasers are doubtful at that juncture, but still it would be some solid information about the new game.
    On another note, I want the makers of thesurvivor2299 to go fall in a deep dark well for trolling all of us loyal fans. We are so thirsty for a new Fallout game we soak up any information that will put the addiction at ease. Screw you internet trollers!

  13. Too bad, i really hoped it was real, always staying updated about the page.
    But even if it’s a hoax now.. I think there is no way Bethesda has not noticed this huge movement of fallout fans, as the site came up. Maybe they’ll even take some of the inspirations of the site and the discussions in the game ;) hoping for the best!

  14. Bummer it turned out to be a hoax, though I must say it was a well put together one and I can certainly appreciate that. It didn’t hurt anyone and it was pretty fun while it lasted, so good for them for pulling it off for so long. The only “loose end” that bothers me is: why did they throw it so early? It’s so close to the 11th, why not save the big reveal for the big day instead of abruptly quitting the bread trail a few days before? Part of me still waits for the eleventh.

  15. >.> Jerk. Whatever, not like I have time to play a new game anyways.

  16. I’m glad it was a hoax as it felt too much info about the game was given . They never usually give that much info out,

  17. It’s kinda funny I think.

  18. Well let’s just all hope for an E3 2014 announcement

  19. what the hell can people find something better to do like hurt themselves instead of wasting peoples time

  20. the owner of the site is a twat

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