Surprise PS3 Sequel On GameTrailers TV

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Surprise PS3 Sequel

In a teaser for this week’s installment of Spike TV’s GameTrailers TV, host Geoff Keighley promises the world premiere trailer for a surprise PS3 sequel.  No clues are given.  So what could it be?  A few possibilities pop to mind.

New installments of Killzone and Resistance have been rumored for some time now.  No concrete information has been released on either game, but these are both important titles for Sony.  Resistance developer Insomniac Games has an impeccable record of delivering games on time.   The studio dropped the stellar Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time last Fall.  That pretty much makes this a Resistance year.   Guerrilla Games, on the other hand, is notorious for the amount of time they took to get Killzone 2 out the door.  Can they knock out another Killzone this quickly?

It seems likely that this mystery game, whatever it may be, will release this Summer.  Why else would it be announced now?  Both Killzone and Resistance have traditionally been fourth quarter games, and fourth quarter games are usually revealed at E3.  However, Halo: Reach hits this fall, and Sony may not be too eager to pit its first-party shooters against Bungie’s behemoth.  In that light, perhaps we could see summer releases for Killzone and Resistance.  Then again, perhaps not.

So what else is there?  How about PS2 series that have yet to make the jump to the current generation.  The first title that pops to mind is Jak and Daxter.  Personally, I’d love to see a new console installment of this series, particularly if it hued closer to the platforming of the first game rather than the gunplay of later installments.  But developer Naughty Dog is fairly reeling with the success of Uncharted 2, which they are continuing to support with downloadable content.  Could they be ready to move away from their breakout hit so soon?  Seems unlikely.

Finally, there has been nearly endless speculation about a new Twisted Metal game from David Jaffe.  He did confirm, on a recent episode of 1up’s “4 Guys 1 Up” podcast, that his new game would feature vehicles.  He’s also written on his blog that if he were to develop a new Twisted Metal, it would be a full-on re-boot, and he would consider it, ” a brand new series/game/franchise.”  Now, that sounds like a summer release to me.

What do you think?  Is one of these the mystery reveal?  Or will it be something else?  We’ll find out soon enough.  GameTrailers TV airs Thursday night/Friday morning at 12:30 AM on Spike TV.

Source: GameTrailers,, 1up

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  • madeup6

    What about an Infamous 2?

    • Jeff Schille

      I thought about that – and Sly 4, as well – but it just seems too soon.

  • Gohan

    Killzone 3, Resistance 3 and inFamous 2 seem to be the most likely candidates.

  • !_!

    kingdom hearts 3?

    • Gohan

      Unfortunatly, that's not from Sony.

  • Will Delaney

    SSX 4

    You heard it here first.

    • Jeff Schille

      I would love that. Heard the rumors about Criterion working on it? But, you know, EA.

  • Jago

    Crash bandicoot…? Red star…? Manhunt…? I would also love to see a sequel to one of my ps1 favs… “One”.

    • Jeff Schille

      One, yeah! That game was hard.

  • shamose

    Seeing as you dont have a free for al wednesday like screenrant I thoguht I would put my comment here as it loosley relates to the topic of sequels
    While not a “sony” game, I have been dying for a new chapter of the brilliant Legacy of Kain series.
    Has anyone played these games? there are 5 of them and they are the most mind blowing, beautiful (in temrs of story visually and voice acting) games ever created… the 5th one was released in 2004 and it ended on a cliffhanger and we have heard nothing since :( i do wish they would continue it

    anyway back on topic i think as gohan stated KZ3, R3, iF2 are the major candidates

    • Rory Young

      A Legacy of Kain reboot would be AWESOME!

      • shamose

        I dont really want a reboot, I think the old games are perfect as is
        I just want a continuation :(

    • Jeff Schille

      Soul Reaver was a remarkable game – especially for the PS1. Open(ish) world, no loading, real-time shifting between the real and spirit world. It had, by far, the best three-dimensional game design I'd seen up to that point. I could go on and on. Fantastic script and voice acting. Crystal Dynamics is apparently gearing up for a couple of new games, so who knows. Amy Hennig, who wrote Soul Reaver, is head of Naughty Dog now, which explains why the storytelling in Uncharted 2 is so good.

      • shamose

        Yes It was a sad sad day when Amy left us for naughty Dog :(
        and even sadder when the guy she handed the lagcy of kain reigns to passed way…not to mention the death of Tony Jay (voice of the Elder God)

        Crystal Dynamics was recently sold to Square Enix so hopefully they will realise how great the series was and revive it. It would probably sell quite well in todays vampire loving climate thanks to the success of the awful awful twilight series

  • Ray

    Shadow of Colossus 2?

  • cohiba4life

    It's Socom 4 by Zipper Interactive. Mark it down.

    • Gohan

      Indeed it is. Not really interested in it tbh.
      Ah well… inFamous 2 will be revealed at E3 then.