Lucina, Robin, and Capt. Falcon Join New ‘Super Smash Bros.’

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If there’s one thing that the Super Smash Bros. community is fuelled on it’s speculation. Fans understandably like to draw parallels and theories on why their favorite character may appear as a playable fighter in the next game, and Nintendo ensured that fans would be doing just that this past weekend when franchise creator Masahiro Sakurai confirmed plans to announce a new character on July 14, 2014.

As the countdown slowly came to an end, footage rolled that revealed not just one new participant but two new Fire Emblem representatives and a returning favorite that will be joining Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS as playable characters. These new combatants are none other than Lucina and Robin from Fire Emblem: Awakening, but they were also joined by the longstanding Smash veteran and fan-favorite Capt. Falcon.

Despite none of these characters being amongst the five we’d have liked to see added to the new games, they’ve easily made for some of the most surprising additions to the roster thus far.

Robin, better known as the customizable player character from Awakening, appears to be the long awaited Mage-type combatant that gamers have been waiting for, while Lucina has risen up with her Falchion blade to claim a spot on the roster over her father Chrom. Of course, the return of F-Zero‘s Captain Falcon (despite being overwhelmingly obvious) is sure to excite fans — although it’s a little devastating that the famed pilot was interrupted before he could execute his patented Flacon Punch during the trailer.

Super Smash Bros Wii U Robin Lucina Illustration

For those that have been following Super Smash Bros. closely, it was heavily rumored that Chrom would indeed be a playable fighter. Despite the trailer stating that the Fire Emblem protagonist will be joining the fight, Nintendo has since confirmed that it won’t be in a playable capacity. While it appears that Chrom will miss out on the festivities this time around, his role in the games hasn’t been made clear, so an update should shed some light on how the character will be incorporated.

Meanwhile, players will have the ability to choose between the male and female version of Robin, which could be a sign of things to come in regards to Chrom — although it appears that he’ll be featured as a Final Smash. Robin’s gender swap-ability will play out in a similar fashion to The Villager’s or even the Wii Fit Trainer’s alternate skins, so jumping between the two should be a rather easy task.

What do you think of the character reveals for the new Super Smash Bros.? Were you expecting someone else to make an appearance?


Super Smash Bros. will be arriving on the 3DS on October 4, 2014, while the Wii U version will arrive in Holiday 2014.

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  • Mr. V

    So is Chrom confirmed to just be part of Robin’s final smash?

    • paul

      or an assist trophy

    • Riley Little

      He is confirmed to not be playable. It appears that he’s Robin’s Final Smash.

  • Avengers Assemble!!!

    Yes Captain Falcon!!! Now all i need is Ness and Lucas to join the fray!!!

    • paul

      Ness, yes. Probably not Lucas. They’ve said a few times now that they’re going to try and cut back on characters with similar movesets. I’d personally rather see a completely original character than to have Lucas back. You could make the same argument about Ike, but I think they tweaked Ike’s moveset and statistics JUST enough that he stands as his own fighter, whereas Lucas I believe is more or less a pallet swap (His up-smash is the only significantly different move, if I remember correctly). I’m curious to see whether Falco makes it in again, but I really, REALLY hope Wolf does not. He was a waste of a slot in Brawl, and he’d be a waste here too.

      • nightnightelf

        well it said wolf might not be in the game so you could get your wish :)

    • Iggy777

      Ness will be a playable character, he’s an all-star.

  • mindgame

    It would be great if they put Captain N in the game….lol

  • paul

    If they bring back Solid Snake, this officially will become the Best Game Ever.

  • Joe

    Captain Falcon back is nice, as for the others, I never really got into FE so, don’t really care. they look like fun to use though.

  • Toby


    Did you notice Robin’s move set is remarkably like that of Ness?…

  • nightnightelf

    I really thought naruto will be in there because of the super smash bros flash. I really think naruto would be a popular caracter for those who watch anime.

    • nightnightelf

      sasuke uchiha would be amazing in the game 2.