‘Super Pokemon Scramble’ Revealed for Nintendo 3DS

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Super Pokemon Scramble 3DS details

Pokemon fans have been able to keep themselves busy with the new Pokedex 3D app for their 3DS, but sooner or later they are going to want something a little deeper to sink their teeth into. Many thought that Nintendo would announce something at this year’s E3, but that didn’t come to fruition.

That’s why it’s a relief to learn that Nintendo is currently working on a new Pokemon game for the Nintendo 3DS called Super Pokemon Scramble, and even though a large majority of the game is still shrouded in mystery, a few details have come to light.

Super Pokemon Scramble is a follow up to the WiiWare title Pokemon Rumble, and plays in a nearly identical fashion. Pokemon from the recent Black and White games will be running rampant in SPS, but there are still plenty of creatures from the original games that can be found in Scramble too. Trainers in training (an abbreviation I refuse to put into context) have several different areas in the game that they’ll be able to guide their Pokemon through, and each area has all kinds of different monsters for players to add to their collection.

Each area also has a boss battle at the end, which varies in difficulty depending on how far the campaign has progressed.

Check out a couple images of the new Super Pokemon Scramble game below.

There are three modes that have been detailed in the new Pokemon 3DS title, and they add a lot more depth to the game than its WiiWare predecessor.

  • Pokemon Collection Battle Challenge – Players have to battle through all of the Pokemon that they’ve collected thus far. Doing so will unlock new areas with stronger Pokemon that players can collect.
  • Battle Royale – This is a mode where every Pokemon on the screen is an enemy. It’s an all out brawl with the last monster standing declared the winner.
  • Charge Battle – In this mode players will be set up against several teams of 10 Pokemon.

The game will also utilize the StreetPass feature, so that those who own Super Pokemon Scramble will battle each other as they walk by.

Other than news on these new features, not much else is known about the game. Although, it’s easy to expect a multiplayer feature and trading option added to the final retail version. The new 3DS game is actually set to hit Japan on July 28th, which is coming up very soon, so fans should expect more details on the title in a few weeks time.

Super Pokemon Scramble is currently without any North American launch details, but that will probably change very soon.

Are you excited for a new Pokemon game on the Nintendo 3DS?

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Source: Serebii

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  • blazekin36

    I thought that Nintendo was going to make a new game where you collect the gym badges and stuff but instead make a new spin-off game. This is probably an experiment to see if people would buy a 3DS just to play a new pokemon game. If the sales for this game are high along with the 3DS sales, nintendo will probably stop making pokemon games for he DS and move onto the 3DS, and we will be forced to upgrade to a 3DS if we don’t own one. Honestly, Nintendo is wasting their time on this game.

  • takopako

    did you honestly expect nintendo to make another pokemon game for ds? that would not only be a bad idea because they are using inferior/obsolete harware, but the fans who have already bought the 3ds will feel betrayed that one of their most popular first party titles is dodging being released on the 3ds.

    • blazekin36

      well its still not fair for the owners of a DS and even if it was a main series pokemon game for the DS, you and other owners of a 3DS could still play it so it works out for everyone