Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 PSP Possibly Cancelled

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Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 PSP Cancelled

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 on PSP will not be making its originally scheduled October 26, 2010 ship date, as confirmed by a LucasArts representative to IGN.  The company declined, however, to comment on whether the game was in fact canceled.

And so it seems despite what Sony might have wanted gamers, industry, and press to think during its 2010 E3 press conference, the force may not be all that strong with the PSP.  Even though the PSP version of the first Force Unleashed was released to critically mixed reviews, the franchise itself was still a huge success across all platforms for LucasArts, even garnering a re-release.

I personally think it is a little telling when a company pulls such a popular franchise game from a system.  While I would rather play The Force Unleashed 2 on one of my home consoles, as someone who travels often and spends a decent amount of time on portable systems, seeing this kind of news makes me a little sad.  And while it looks like the DS and Apple iOS versions are still on schedule, there is something about the PSP that fills a nice niche for portable gaming, if it is done right.

Games on the DS are usually a simpler type game versus their console sibling.  And while the Apple iOS devices have shown they have some serious horsepower and gaming abilities, lacking physical buttons still makes for awkward controls that cause some games to be more frustrating than they should be.  The key is designing the right game for the right system.  And while the PSP has shown it can handle console-like experiences really well (God of War says hi) it has also shown just porting a PS3 or Xbox 360 game to the PSP is not necessarily the right answer.  I think it takes a talented developer to make a solid PSP game, focusing on what makes a PSP game good, what makes it unique, and what makes it work on the PSP versus another system.

So perhaps LucasArts does not believe the PSP is a viable system.  Or maybe they realized they could not make a good, unique game that worked on the system.  And maybe this had nothing to do with the PSP and instead was related to the realities and difficulties associated with a publisher setting a hard release date, or because of Haden Blackman’s recent exit from LucasArts.  But whatever the reason, the simple fact remains gamers of all Midichlorian counts will not be slicing and dicing along with Starkiller on the PSP this October.

What do you Ranters think?  Are you upset that The Force Unleashed 2 appears to be no longer coming to the PSP?  Do you care?  Do you even play games on your PSP?

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 is still currently scheduled to release on October 26, 2010, for the PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS, and Apple iOS.

Source: IGN

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  • Jon Lavallee

    I don’t own a PSP. My portable go-to is my iPhone. Games like The Force Unleashed 2 are what I choose to play on consoles.

    • Tabor


  • A Sandwich

    Don’t be sad PSP owners, odds are it would have sucked anyway.

  • Anthony Taormina

    As long as they focus on making the console sequel awesome, that is all I care about.

  • StevePendlebury

    I wouldn’t be mad at LucasArts on this one. Hell, even Sony doesn’t know what to do with the PSP.

  • Matt Bowman

    Probably just another example of a company not wanting to waste their time and money giving the numerous PSP pirates another game to play. Sony needs to kill the PSP, since to me it is basically already dead, and introduce a PSP 2. They need it to jump start the brand. Oh and it better have a second analog stick.

    • Jeff Schille

      The PSP hardware makes money, and the system is super successful in Japan, thanks to Monster Hunter. But, it’s true – Sony will never be able to get on top of the software piracy that keeps third parties away. Bring on the second one.

  • Joshi

    As long as they don’t push back the PC release like they did with the first one (a full year), I’m happy.

  • EchoPool

    Sad, absolutely sad!! And to think that this was one of my most anticipated games for the PSP this year… I do have a PS3 and could just get it then, but then I wouldn’t be able to get Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Damn it! Don’t cancel the PSP version!!

  • Christian Spicer

    Yeah, I hope the console release of this game is good. The first game had so much potential, and sequel could really nail it, fixing the things wrong the first time around. I am sad to see the PSP version likely going away though. I have a long flight to Japan coming up and I am super glad the PSP exists, looking forward to some Metal Gear. A Force Unleashed could have been a good “plane game” too (sigh)

  • Tabor

    I AM VERY SAD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary Garay

    I love my PSP, I have a PS3 and PC, but this makes me really sad. I couldn’t play with the first one on PS3, so I played it on PSP. It was a really good game, packed with extras only for the PSP game, also it had great graphic and the physics was mindblowing for the little system. I’m sure the next game would be awesome as well.
    There is still big money in making games for PSP, so I hope they will make the game.