DICE Still Figuring Out Direction For ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’

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For far too long, Star Wars: Battlefront III made headlines about being in and out of development at various studios but ultimately every version of is was canceled. Throughout the depressing process we repeatedly made note of how if anyone should take the franchise reins it should be DICE, especially after showcasing the Frostbite 2-powered Battlefield 3. Just throw in lasers and lightsabers, right?

Through the power of the Force it came to be. Disney bought Lucasfilm which resulted in the shutdown of LucasArts and the Star Wars license being passed to publisher Electronic Arts to begin development on a multitude of triple-A Star Wars franchises. One of them – teased at E3 2013 – was of course, the relaunch of Star Wars: Battlefront, a property DICE is now working on and one they “begged” to do.

From the get-go, the team at DICE had big plans to “innovate” with Battlefront, to make it not only next-gen appropriate (obviously with the upgraded Frostbite 3) but to make it different from other shooters and different than the Battlefield series, for which the Battlefront games were largely ‘inspired’ (read: cloned) from. Speaking with VideoGamer during Gamescom, Battlefield 4 executive producer Patrick Bach spoke on whether or not their take on Star Wars would be more like Battlefield or something different and it turns out that they don’t really know.

“We haven’t really locked that down yet. I think there’s of course a part of the DICE DNA to build the games that we’re building, but then again we’re building games like Mirror’s Edge as well. So I think it will be a challenge for us. [You’re] damned if you do, damned if you don’t. People don’t want another Battlefield with Star Wars graphics; they want a Star Wars game that is proper… But then again, if you compromise brilliant design choices from Battlefield just because you’re not allowed from some kind of moral standpoint, then I think that’s also wrong. We need to make the best game possible. What that means in detail, we will see.”

The most exciting word yet associated with Star Wars: Battlfront is “innovative” and we hope that means it’s going to be different and bigger than Battlefield 4. When throwing in gargantuan Imperial walkers with fast-moving aerial vehicles and space combat, it sounds like some of those skirmishes (see: Hoth battle) almost need to support more than 64 players. And why not? With the PS4 and Xbox One both supporting cloud computing, it’s possible. It’s just up to the efforts of DICE and we hope they blow us away. The Star Wars game franchise sure could use it.

Star Wars Hoth Battle Art

Go Big Or Go Home

Look at what EVE Online and DUST 514 are doing in mixing infantry combat with the space-based MMO. Battlefront is the right IP to take that to the next level of gameplay, letting players grab a ship on the ground and fly it out the atmosphere themselves (a planned feature for Battlefront 3) and into a space battle and vice versa. That still hasn’t been done. Oh, and don’t forget to include Oculus Rift support!

Star Wars: Battlefront is planned for release in summer 2015, around the expected release date of Star Wars: Episode 7 in theaters.

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  • Alter

    best way to do this would have it be All players vs a million of very intelligent AI storm troopers …. and vice versah

    • Alter

      no respawn system you watch yer team do that “Team Work ” wooot

      an watch a kick ass match be cause you thought you were superman

      • Miffed Monkey1

        I agree with no respawning to an extent. Rather than absolutely no respawns, I’d say something more like each player can have three respawns. That way, in a 64 vs 64 or 32 vs 32, the game isn’t getting overcrowded, but it still feels like one helluva battle.

        • JT

          Limited respawns is… eh. I like TLOU’s respawn system (I dunno if they take it from another game), where people respawn in waves.

          • DecreeB

            I like the idea of wave respawns. That way it acts as if your team (or the enemy team) just received back-up like IRL, which could add an extra element to the game which makes it feel that much better

  • fearitself

    I dunno. I do not favour the idea of a a Star Wars game having the same gritty gray look to it as Battlefield.

    • http://jameshooksdiary.blogspot.com/2013/07/diary-entry-1-april-29-1778.html Audega

      Since when does color palette have to do with gameplay?

      • Miffed Monkey1

        If a game’s visuals are boring, it can be pretty hard to get into it.

        One of the reasons I have a hard time getting into most of the Call of Duty games is because the color palette is so dry. Fallout 3 is another prime example of a very dry aesthetic, and you can’t use “it’s post apocalyptic” as the reason why. Play the original Fallouts or other post apoc games like Rage and you’ll see plenty of color. Games that have nice contrasting colors and visuals are more pleasing to the eye, perhaps not to you, but I’d say to a great number of people.

        A nice color palette may not be important to the enjoyment of a game for you, but for a lot of people it is.

        • http://jameshooksdiary.blogspot.com/2013/07/diary-entry-1-april-29-1778.html Audega

          Fallout 3 is one of the most well-accepted games of all time. Rage is nothing but brown and orange, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about with that game. Also, back on topic, Battlefield 3’s color palette isn’t really drab. There are lush green fields, snowy terrains, and urban environments.

          As for Battlefront, Hoth (shown in the trailer) is a snow-capped planet, Kashyyyk and Endor are both jungle environments, Coruscant and Naboo are both urban, the latter of which could also be green fields. So, yeah, I’m not really sure why you’re worried or where your worries stem from.

        • Mirror’s Edge

          Look at mirrors edge,DICE made that pretty colorful. Not so gritty….

        • Max

          I’m color blind so… I’m glad I don’t have the burden of not enjoying good games because of the lack of pretty colors.

  • Jonnysorrows

    What i would like to see is ground to space combat. i would love to jump into a fighter head into space and team up and take out a rebel starship and dominate space and having our star destroyers fire down at the planet helping the ground forces out but the ground forces would have to mark big targets if it was a rebel they could mark an AT-AT and it can be taken out from space changing the tide of battle and the only way for the destroyer to fire at ground targets is if they are mark random firing could cause team mates to be caught in the cross fire but if this is added i think to make it fair the home forces should have anti-air cannons someone could man it and help out with the space combat. final thing i would like to see is vehicle transports from space to land and drop it off and help the ground forces out alot everything would work out it would all depend on team work but that would give it a more real feel like a real star wars battle.

    • Xander

      It would be really cool if when the space forces take out an enemy flagship, it would crash through the atmosphere and into the battle, changing up the whole map a la the skyscraper in BF4.

  • iPadCary

    This better be good ….

  • Cal

    I just hope it isn’t too online based, I’ve got no problem with an online mode, but I also want a good, enjoyable and fun single player mode.

    • paul

      Instant action (I think that’s what it was called) was so much fun plus the hero vs villain though I wish it wasn’t just Tattoonie, but other maps.

  • GaymeR

    ok stop talking about multi and get the single player as close to the original as possible. im sick of everyones over-emphasis on multiplayer. give us good AI and more than 16 troops running around and the rest should be fine.

    and please dear god who doesnt exist start talking crap like eve online and mmo’s.

  • OmarAbulmagd

    Why not combine the game-play for both old Battlefront 2 and Battlefield 3 into one game,add supported players like 64 vs 64 PLUS adding AI around the game, so, 64 players + AI versus 64 players + AI. In space combat the AI will keep fighting in space, ground combat’s AI will keep fighting on ground, it gives a feeling of continuous combat going on and players will do the suicidal and special missions or whatever.
    Single Player if supported: Maintain the timeline of the Prequel and the Sequel trilogies and beyond episode 6 as well, make it the story told through a rebel soldier or captain, nurture him as he goes up ranks, etc.
    Add Spawn-able frigates and cruisers, make the cruisers be destroyed entirely with certain hits, add critical points all over, shields regenerates.
    If I am a game designer, I would go through Empire at War Forces of Corruption, Battlefront 2 and Battlefield 3 or 4. Then Implement the IDEAS gained from them and Plan ahead.

  • Galaxycruiser

    Yes the game needs the massive battles as described, but who cares about it on consoles.. yay for cloud computing… PC’s are far better built for that sort of gameplay than the consoles trying hard to be PC’s

  • zacgodbold

    Wow. I never thought of the idea of it being similar to Battlefield 4. I’m just saying… if it played like BF4… um… that would be really really awesome.

  • yuri

    Looking forward to this development game ,

  • Matt

    “letting players grab a ship on the ground and fly it out the atmosphere themselves (a planned feature for Battlefront 3) and into a space battle and vice versa. That still hasn’t been done.

    Why do website keep saying that? it “has” been done. does nobody remember the battlefront games on PSP? elite squadron you could go from land to space in the battle…