‘Star Wars 1313′ Won’t Have Co-op or Handheld Version

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Star Wars 1313 No Coop Handheld

It may not come as happy news to Star Wars fans, but the fact that the developers of Star Wars 1313 are committed to a specific vision has to be a good sign. At this week’s Star Wars Celebration VI event, the developers of the upcoming bounty hunter adventure provided a few new details on what features fans can, and can’t, expect to be in the game whenever it releases.

Specifically, that there is no form of cooperative play at this time, despite the demonstrated gameplay surrounding a pair of characters, and that no handheld version is currently in development. One of those facts may be more of a surprise than the other, but a gallery of concept artwork paints a picture of a game world that may be best enjoyed on a sizable screen.

These new details come courtesy of IGN, who were privy to a few tidbits of information that may or may not be final, considering just how early on in development Star Wars 1313 currently is. The developers at LucasArts have spoken about what priorities and moral obligations the team feels in bringing this new chapter of the Star Wars universe to life, but concrete facts are what fans have been demanding since the game impressed more than a few at E3 2012.

To this point the only real source of information about what the game will look and play like has come from the E3 gameplay demo – now made public for all to see – but the developers have made it clear that nothing is written in stone just yet. The two main characters seen so far are unnamed for a reason, as the pair are merely stand-ins for actors which presumably have yet to be cast. That being said, the demo footage and recently released gameplay trailer both showcase the two bounty hunters working as a unit to take down a squad of enemies. While that may have implied cooperative play may be possible, the developers have now clarified that co-op is not in their plans. Nor is a release on any handheld platforms.

The lack of PlayStation Vita or any other mobile device receiving a version of 1313 isn’t the least bit surprising, since the game has yet to be confirmed for any platforms, adding it to the list of announced games expected to be released on the next generation of consoles. The most recent developer diary explained how the dark and grungy world of crime that 1313 is set within may be a bit too big and detailed to work on current systems, giving glimpses of the concept artwork driving the team’s vision.

LucasArts obviously isn’t talking about the size or scope of the actual world just yet, but the artwork speaks for itself:

With environments that seem not just massive in scale, but heavily populated with unique characters, it makes sense that the developers are intending the game to be a singleplayer adventure. There are plenty of story-heavy games that nevertheless allow a second player to join the campaign, but Star Wars 1313 isn’t just any game. After more than a few years of waning enthusiasm and missed opportunities (not to mention highly-demanded projects that were unceremoniously trashed) the stakes couldn’t get any higher.

If a blockbuster, triple-A space epic is what the developers have in mind, then focusing on a compelling singleplayer experience is probably best. What do you Star Wars fans think of the lack of co-op? Are you disappointed given the potential of 1313, or is the tale of a rookie bounty hunter one you’d prefer to experience on your own?

Star Wars 1313 has yet to receive a firm release date, and we wouldn’t expect one to come along any time soon.

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Source: IGN

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  • nmargot

    Hopefully this is a sign that coop and perhaps even multiplayer are beginning to wane. A deep story in a single-player sci-fi universe will sell. Be assured. The developers can see that from the Mass Effect series and even the Witcher series. These were both AAA+ games that made history in the medium. The game industry is suffering from lack of sales. They need outstanding games that will stand the test of time. I think the Star Wars 1313 ideals are an excellent sign of quality regeneration in the industry.

  • ATG

    I think they should focus on a strong narrative and lengthy single player. I don’t think I’d want coop or a handheld. I also very strongly believe this is next-gen. Can’t wait.

    • http://yahoo.com ironmandevinuntie

      Reason why it won’t have Co-op Because 1. its going to be Badass nethier on the PS3 or PS4 and 2. like what ATG said they going to to focus more on a long and stronger Story in Single player, possibly put up side missions like Sleeping dogs or something.

  • AlexMech

    Seems to me that the Star Wars team has done wha it should not have, with TOR and what not, they tried to make a combined narrative out of what has always been a storytellers tale. Like they want the community to tell a better story than they can. The books are a great example of an enthusiastic community, some VERY good writers have done the universe quite proudly, but when it comes to games it seems that the devs and the writers are getting lazy. Remember how good Battlefront was? There’s a perfect case, leaving a canon story alone and letting the player become a participent. People LOVED it. Then Force Unleashed…streching things a bit but still good. But Unleashed 2? No way, that game got the trashing it deserved. I could list more and more, but the point I want to hit is if you make a Star Wars story in the Star Wars framework but ensure that it avoids the canon, you have a good chance at doing well. If you try to alter canon but keep the framework thats what the community (me included) considers stealing and we really don’t like that! 1313 seems to fall in the former, not messing about with canon, just expanding the universe to bring players into a unique story set in the framework of Star Wars. Let it be that. I hope it IS next gen, I need some time to get caught up on games!