‘Star Wars 1313′ Official Details Released

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Star Wars 1313 Official Details

It’s official, a brand new game franchise in the Star Wars universe is here, and it is, unsurprisingly, Star Wars 1313. While some connections between the name and the bounty hunter profession have been proven to be accurate – you will be playing a bounty hunter – the game seems to be a bit of a departure from previous Star Wars titles.

We’ve known that something bearing the title Star Wars 1313 was on its way, since the term was trademarked out of the blue, and then prematurely confirmed to be the next new game from LucasArts. But exactly what it would be, and who it would cater to was never clear.

Now we can put some of those questions to rest, as the first in-depth information on the project was revealed on GameTrailers TV. The player will be one of many bounty hunters on the 1,313 level of Coruscant, the Republic capitol. While the main character’s identity (possibly a young Boba Fett learning the trade?) and the game’s plot are being kept under wraps, we do know that it will be a third-person action title, and much darker in tone than fans are used to.

LucasArts’ Lead Artist Dave Smith explains the backdrop of 1313:

“It’s the worst of the worst of the Star Wars galaxy brought together in one place. You’ve got crime, you’ve got gangs, you’ve got bounty hunters, you’ve got treachery, intrigue. All of these more mature themes that we haven’t really explored.”

The “over-the-shoulder” camera view is one that gamers will immediately be familiar with, especially in more cinematic and set-piece games like Uncharted or Gears of War. Not surprising, with members of development from both LucasArts and ILM claiming those will be important aspects of this game’s narrative.

Star Wars 1313 Bounty Hunter

A strong emphasis on facial animations was also shown, with character renders that were comparable to those seen with The Force Unleashed. Whether those are the same quality in the actual gameplay or pre-rendered cutscenes isn’t clear, but the extremely brief images of the game do show a much darker, more realistic style. In other words, much closer to the actual film’s aesthetic than The Old Republic or Clone Wars.

The last few years have been anything but uplifting for fans of Star Wars who also happened to be console gamers. The Old Republic has opened up a massive universe for PC gamers, but after The Force Unleashed‘s promising start was quickly axed, and a practically-completed Battlefront 3 was canned, the momentum faded.

From what’s been shown so far, Star Wars 1313 might be one of the first games to be pursuing the “high quality game” standard that LucasArts claimed was the goal going forward.

More information has been promised for Star Wars 1313 at E3 2012, so count on us to bring it to you. What are your thoughts on the basic premise and attitude that’s been shown? Think is the right time for Star Wars to put its name on a mature property?


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  1. I like it so far.


  3. hell yeah im liking what im reading. I still wish for bf3 though. do u guys know if its sandbox? that would be amazing if they did that. clinging onto speeding hoovercrafts and knocking them out.

  4. Over the shoulder and jetpacks we’ve all seen before. I hope it’s not just a clone of Bounty Hunter.

  5. I hope the storyline isn’t embarrassingly contrived, like in the Force Unleashed. While fun to play (the first one, at least), the plot and dialogue were so terrible, even familiar characters acting out of…character (Leia suddenly cares so much about these noble Wookiees, when less than a year later Chewie helps save her and she just calls him a walking carpet.

    This game sounds promising so far. I wonder if it’ll tie in to the TV show if it ever comes out.

  6. Story will be a big thing for me in a game like this. With a good story though this game could be awesome. I always liked all the star wars games though simply for all the official music and sound effects from the movies.

  7. I was hoping for battlefront 3 or republic commando 2 or a real sequal to KOTOR, but this looks really awsome. I swear LUCASARTS, if you screw this up, heads will roll.

  8. Old Republic is amazing. Hopefully this game will be a single player game of equal stature.

  9. a new console game of eaw updated would be sick that game was awesome

  10. I hope Lucasarts doesn’t piss this away. They got a chance to make a great star wars free roaming game! Think about it, you as a bounty hunter, taking contracts from gangs and maybe even political figures. There could be a rep system, the enviroment is PERFECT for it. (The Coruscant city streets were some of the best locations of the prequel films, very cyberpunk influenced)

    I just don’t want a linear, cover based shooter.

  11. They need to make it much like Mercenaries, only set on Coruscant

  12. I love how the game looks and stuff…But when will they allow us to play as an ALIEN.Star Wars has a near endless variety of aliens,yet the protagonist always ends up to be a white dude.

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