‘Star Wars 1313′ Concept Art & Demo Reveal What Might Have Been

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Star Wars 1313 Concept Art Demo Details

It seems that even without completing the game, the developers of Star Wars 1313 have immortalized themselves in the franchise – as far as gamers are concerned. It seemed that just moments after the team first unveiled what looked to be the most promising and impressive Star Wars game in years, rights to the franchise were acquired by Disney, and the game was grounded before it even took flight.

Then came the worse news. With the game truly cancelled, the secret was revealed: Star Wars 1313 was indeed going to follow the life of bounty hunter Boba Fett. If that weren’t disappointing enough, IGN recently got the chance to view the unfinished gameplay demo that the developers at Lucasarts and ILM would have shown at E3 2013, had it survived that long. The impression left by the gameplay, new story details and concept art aren’t going to make the pain sting any less.

The demo that IGN managed to see was still pre-alpha (unfinished, with some elements little more than wireframe placeholders) but showed even more of the cinematic, Uncharted-esque action and traversal revealed before the project was cancelled.

Players would have begun as a young, less -skilled bounty hunter working for Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine. Over the course of the game players would have expanded their arsenal, essentially bridging the gap between the original and prequel trilogies; Boba would progress from wearing his father’s silver and blue helmet to the experienced, Mandalorian-armored expert first seen in Star Wars: A New Hope.

A large portion of the game would have followed Fett and his trusted droid sidekick (who would eventually have betrayed him) as they completed contracts for various crime families located on Level 1313 of Coruscant. Apparently, those exploits and characters would have tied into the now also-cancelled live-action TV series.

However, one additional environment mentioned was Level 1314 – a section of Coruscant that had been shrouded in total darkness for years, home to unknown threats and creatures.

There could still be a chance to see a new game take cues from 1313; Visceral Games is apparently hard at work on a Star Wars property that has yet to be announced, and is drawing some serious talent in the process. However, we’d still love to have seen the finished product from the original studio. Who knows: maybe when Disney gets around to making that Boba Fett standalone film, the team might be given a second chance.

What do you make of this whole situation? Will the decision to cancel Star Wars 1313 – in an age when a major game can make more than a blockbuster inside of a week – go down as one of the dumbest in game history? Or can you understand the company’s decision? Sound off in the comments.


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  • Cody

    It’s definitely gonna be one if the dumbest decisions ever in game history. I would have loved to play this game. The trailer looked amazing.

    • dethfuse

      Nothing is more idiotic than cancelling battlefield 3 when it was 90% complete. I swear, sometimes I think that companies hate making money.

      • dethfuse

        oops i meant Battlefront 3 lol

        • reno2200

          I was pretty annoyed at the time, but if that hadn’t happened, we probably wouldn’t be looking forward to a next-gen Battlefront game from Dice of all people. Silver lining.

  • paul

    A mature star wars game is much needed imo.

  • Rick

    Boba Fett’s first movie appearance, prior to any “special edition” releases, was in “The Empire Strikes Back”.

    And yeah, would have loved to see this game in action.

  • Branden

    Well, this sucks. We finally get a very promising looking Star Wars game that probably would have been the best and it gets cancelled.

    The worse decision ever was signing the Star Wars brand over to Disney. They’ve already closed down LucasArts and Lucas Film which was enough for me to completely hate Disney for that and now this? I hope Visceral gets some ground and brings this back.

  • jwalka

    face it fanboys 1313 was uncharted in space, heck even some of the animations for the character shown in the demo was identical to drake’s from uncharted 3 😛

    i’m looking forward to DICE’s BF style battlefront game, they’re a decent dev team who know how to do vehicular warfare :)

    • steven

      Troll alert, we have a Troll here to shit on everyones parade. Apparently YOU know more about the game than we do, even though it was never released you somehow have all the answers and know ALL about the game. GTFO sick of you trolls go play your generic shooter in a bottomless basement somewhere, while us real fans and gamers look forward to another masterpiece that won’t be scrapped

      • Guardian

        Troll, Trollnaming

    • reno2200

      So any game that uses that climbing system is ‘Uncharted’?! Did you even play the original Uncharted?! When it came out its saving grace was the painstaking effort that went into the performance capture. The rest of the game stole gimmicks and gameplay mechanics from a ton of other games. True, it evolved into something more unique with Uncharted 2, but to say that something is copying Uncharted is ridiculous.

      Star Wars 1313 was one of the two ‘next-gen games’ that I ever saw, the other being Watch Dogs. It looked awesome. The idea of a no-lightsaber Star Wars game, a mature Star Wars game and ridiculously beautiful graphics made me excited. It’s a long shot, but I hope Visceral Games are creating at least a similar game on either their own engine, Unreal 4 or Frostbite 3.

    • dethfuse

      What’s wrong with copying one of the best franchises of this generation. That was the only reason I was interested in this game in the first place. (Star Wars is overrated imo)

  • Lynette

    I’m pretty upset over this. I would have loved to play this game.

  • Cacc22

    Why do you salt my wounds Gamerant?

  • WeWantStarWars1313

    There could still be hope for Star Wars 1313. LucasArt’s hard work should not have been for nothing. A Petition by Chris B has been made to show Disney that people still want Star Wars 1313. It CAN be done. Those who would like to see LucasArts’ vision of “the best Star Wars game ever made” finished should check this Petition out.


    It CAN get noticed if it gets big enough. You can help make 1313 a reality by checking out this petition. If you spread it and make it known Disney will see that there is a demand for 1313