Could ‘Star Wars 1313′ Be A New Boba Fett Game?

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Star Wars 1313 Boba Fett Game

Whenever trademark filings are discussed, it goes without saying that a publisher’s early brandings can mean everything, or nothing at all. So when recent filings surrounding ‘Star Wars 1313‘ started popping up courtesy of Lucasfilm Entertainment, some suspected that a brand new film or TV series could be in the early stages by those trusted with the future of the Star Wars name.

But with new filings now covering online interactivity and digital content, the mysterious project is looking more and more like a possible video game, with strong connections to the legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett, no less.

Before anyone gets ahead of themselves, it should be repeated that the domains uncovered by Fusible – “” and its numerous variants – are  all that has been revealed about whatever it is Lucasfilm is up to. While the title could refer to anything related to the Star Wars license, the range of content and merchandising channels attached to said trademarks are the same used for previous game properties.

That in itself may not be a confirmation of a brand new game, the significance of ‘1313’ might add to the possibility. The only occurrence of those numbers in the extensive Wookiepedia is an alias used by Boba Fett, only once in an extended-universe novel. These findings are again, anything but ironclad, yet the development of a game built around one of the most recognizable faces in the Star Wars universe is far from outlandish.

Star Wars Republic Commando Sequel

With nothing but the slight possibility of a Fett-centered game series, inevitable a direction as it might seem, it’s hard to know exactly what Lucasfilm has in mind. With The Old Republic once again anchoring the Star Wars brand among the hardcore gaming community, it’s possible that ‘Star Wars 1313′ could be a similarly-targeted adventure through the face-plate of Fett himself. There was no shortage of fans of Star Wars: Republic Commando, so a comparable approach to combat could be successful.

Then again, it’s just as possible that Boba Fett could be in for a friendly makeover, being re-defined for the Kinect like the dancing Han Solo. We’ll hope that the truth is a bit closer to Republic Commando, since that game’s sequel is just one in a long line of cancelled LucasArts properties that we were forced to mourn.

The speculation will hopefully cease, or at least be given more ammunition when the publisher or developer provides some details on exactly what ‘Star Wars 1313‘ really is. Any theories of your own?

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  • Ken J

    Yah, I can’t believe they are not making a sequel to Republic Commando. That game was actually pretty awesome. Loved the part when they were all on that elevator after watching that hologram give them the orders, they were all standing around, ready for action… standing around… then one of them realizes they never hit the button to move the elevator, LMAO!!!

    • ben

      I really enjoyed that game also. I didnt know they even planned a sequel though. i always wondered if they were ever going to conclude the story

  • Tony

    Well, 1313 Harbor Blvd is the address for Disneyland, and the home of Star Tours. Maybe they’re making a flight sim based on that?
    Okay, not really, bit if we’re grasping at straws, it makes as much sense.

  • Erik

    January 3, 2013. 1-3-13. A release date for something.

  • Rob Keyes

    X-Wing Alliance 2, please.

  • JD

    I’d pick it up for sure, but I don’t think you could fit the amount of badassery required to do Fett justice in just one game.

  • DrSamBeckett

    New Rogue Squadron!!!!!!

  • Jack7

    I had fun playing Star Wars Bounty Hunter, so it could be interesting to see the game like that on the new generation of consoles

  • john solo

    they need to finish force unleashed 3, redoing 2 would be nice as well because firing blackman in the middle of the game really flushed the story down the toilet. starkiller is the sh!t, they need to finish his storY1

  • D

    It’s Most Likely Battlefront.The People who took over the Battlefront were Found At the Lucas Arts HQ a couple weeks ago using the Twitter tracking thing.

  • Austin

    Battlefront 3, Republic Commando 2, KotOR 3 (Impossible at this point; But hey, a guy can dream).

    Come on Lucas Arts. Stop trolling.

  • Henry B

    I don’t know, if you look on Netflix there’s a whole series of “1313” movies, and if that’s the case, there are going to be some seriously disappointed (or not) fanboys out there…