Stan Lee and Rhino Head Up ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Pre-Order Bonuses

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Amazing Spider Man Pre Orders Stan Lee Rhino

In preparation of the game’s release next month Activision has begun unveiling some pre-order bonuses for The Amazing Spider-Man. Developed by Beenox Studios — who gave us both Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (yay) and Edge of Time (not so yay) — The Amazing Spider-Man promises to be a return to form for the web slinging superhero.

How might this game be a return to form you ask? It’s pretty simple: open world web swinging is back. No more of the linear multi-Spider-Man levels from the previous two Beenox outings, this game is all about traversal. Of course, it’s also got a rogue’s gallery of classic villains and heroes to accompany Spider-Man, and those are part of the pre-order bonuses.

Anyone who pre-orders the game from GameStop will net themselves the ‘Rhino Challenge’ — a timed event where players must destroy anything and everything as the horned super villain. Activision promises that along with “tons of things to break” there will be speed and combo streaks to help keep players coming back.

Over on Amazon, however, is a pre-order bonus we first heard rumblings about in March, and are happy to confirm is true. This bonus offers player a set of special missions where they will be able to play as none other than Spider-Man creator Stan Lee.  This isn’t average every day Stan Lee either, this is Stan Lee with Spider-Man’s powers, meaning he can swing around New York just like Peter Parker.

As Lee, players will need to collect pages from the author’s latest script that have been scattered around Manhattan, and at the end there is the promise of a special surprise. Honestly, if you’re even considering pre-ordering The Amazing Spider-Man, why wouldn’t you go with the added opportunity of playing as Stan Lee.

Quantities are limited for both the Rhino Challenge and the Stan Lee pre-order bonuses so get them while they’re hot. And then, as a bonus to the bonus, play through a story that takes place after the events of The Amazing Spider-Man film and features open world web swinging!

Are you going to pre-order The Amazing Spider-Man from Amazon or GameStop in order to net one of these bonuses?

The Amazing Spider-Man releases June 26, 2012, for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS and DS.


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  • Abswing

    If this is all true then it sounds pretty awesome I loved the shattered dimension game especially all the different spider-men and liked the look edge of time but never got it, and now we get to have a free roam game from them based on the film with actually pretty decent graphics and gameplay sounds like a pretty sweet deal 😀

  • Ghost519

    It wasn’t that long ago that open world swinging was available in “Web of Shadows.” I thought it was a pretty good game and had a decent story, but it never gets mentioned. What’s up with that?

  • Spider-Abu

    No PC? :'( Remember the last Spidey game which didn’t come on PC? Edge of Time. Remember the last Spidey game to get horrible reviews? Edge of Time….NOW GIVE ME THE GAME ON PC!! I need to…what the call it..”MAX IT OUT” :)

    • venom42

      yeah well i loved Web Of Shadows,it was super awesome!Shattered Dimensions was also super awesome so thumbs up to both games!!!but Edge Of Time was so lame that thank god i didnt buy it(waste of money).PC or not doesnt matter it matters the story,gameplay and graphics.i’ll get it for Wii and im gonna say ”IN YOUR FACE EDGE OF TIME!”and cant wait till June.pretty sure the movie’s nice too.(i hope Agent Venom is on the costume selection):)pretty funny to see Stan Lee web-swinging and cool missions too.

      • Spider-Abu

        The connection I was making with a PC version is that devs know that their games will get pirated when it’s released on the PC, but they also know that atleast half of those PC gamers WILL buy their game IF their game is a GOOD game. Henceforth Beenox prolly knew Edge of Time was gonna flop and that no one in their right mind would purchase it…so they didn’t bother releasing a PC version..:S

        • venom42

          @spider-abu,how many times have you mentioned the PC version anyway?!you drove me crazy about that for months!dont make a big deal out of it kid.

          • Spider-Abu

            You have a problem with me commenting about me wanting a PC version? Just ignore it if u don’t care about it. o_o

  • venom42

    @spider-abu,no not really but saying it a lot feels annoying and i dont mean to say this to you but STOP SAYING IT!GO CHECK THE @#*%ING OFFICIAL WEBSITE GODDAMMIT!THERE IS NO PC GET IT?!THERE ISNT!NOOOOOOOOOOO PC!

    • Spider-Abu

      yeh I check it like once a month, and also checked it today. But there’s still hope 😀 seriously, don’t get so worked up about it…

  • venom42

    @spider-abu,sorry for the things i’ve said to bad and i didnt understand your enthusiasm earlier.your very…gentle in words and calm too,thought you were going to kick my ass in the comments board.which reminds me something else too:Edge of time WAS lame but it didnt have a PC version,Beenox developed shattered dimensions and it had a PC version(on a later date in November not September),then why cant the amazing spider-man(TM)have one?(if not on PC then im going to get it on Wii)and ever read Venom volume 2 series?IT’S SO AWESOME!i gave up spider-man comicbooks but i remain a fan to the video games.

    • Spider-Abu

      hehe no, I haven’t read a comic book in years, but yes, that’s a possibility…they could, judging by the sales on the consoles version and I guess a good petition by the PC fanbase(hope it doesn’t come to that), we should see a release of the PC version soon..