11 Minutes of ‘Splinter Cell: Blacklist’ Gameplay Released by Ubisoft

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Strutting into an enemy encampment carrying a dead-body decoy, a baklava covering his face and full Arabic garb his body, it’s clear that Sam Fisher hasn’t regressed to cutting corners. That said, the 11 minutes of Splinter Cell: Blacklist gameplay footage released today by Ubisoft clearly trumps its seven-minute counterpart from E3 2012 by giving its level another run-through.

Coinciding with Ubisoft’s Gamescom press conference today, the video, released through IGN, walks us through the same capture mission in a small village on the Iran/Iraq border. Sam – commanding the newly-minted spy agency Fourth Echelon – is set out to obtain/interrogate a terrorist leader who’s orchestrating the next attack on the United States as part of a widespread ultimatum: the “Blacklist”.

Initially, fans for more out details out of the still-somewhat-secretive title might not be placated by the concept of a higher definition re-run. The extra handful of runtime, however, is the product of an extended cut: a UAV mini-sequence and frantic extraction towards the end; Sam infiltrating Jadid’s compound via rappelling rope, marking enemies with X-ray vision; and an encounter with an attack dog that probably just landed the game on PETA’s blacklist.

splinter cell blacklist gameplay

That Ubisoft wanted to mix in a few new tactical elements for the trailer isn’t surprising; the Blacklist developers have previously discussed combat as subjective to player choice. On one hand, Sam’s black kevlar suit and a host of new gadgets are repopulating the game world to restore Sam’s stealthy, pre-Conviction edge. At the same time, the refined Mark and Execute system, an Assassin’s Creed III-esque motion killing mechanic, and the ability to call in support (airstrikes, UAV’s, etc.) from Fourth Echelon look to make our ageless-wonder superspy more potent in full-on combat than ever before.

Ranters, do you expect to approach missions in Blacklist, such as the one above, with stealth, or are Sam’s deadly open combat abilities primed to ramp up the intensity?

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is slated for a Spring 2013 release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, with a possible Wii U edition in development. A rogue Amazon UK listing last month denoted a Blacklist release date of March 29.

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Source: IGN

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  • CrowMagnumMan

    *sigh* Reboots. :( I still say they should have kept the original Sam on in a supporting role and shifted over to a new Splinter Cell character. Heck, it could have been a female. That would have been cool.

    • ATG

      I agree, definitely needs a new protagonist. Male, female, doesn’t matter. I’m all for a black guy as the main character, you don’t see that often. Even an Asian guy. Make him young and dumb and progress his abilities and maturity throughout the series. That would be pretty cool.

      • CrowMagnumMan

        Exactly. Black protagonists do happen here and there, but we almost never get an Asian protagonist in this sort of role. If there’s an Asian character in this game, he’s probably playing the role of the geeky, wimpy tech guy.

    • https://www.facebook.com/DownloadableConflict TaboriHK

      I agree with all of that. Especially with how the last game ended. And Sam Fisher as a character is in his 60s. Do we really buy this? Maybe if Sam Fisher was a designated name and not the real name of the character, would I buy in, and doubly so if the new Sam Fisher was female. That would have been great.

  • vain

    Does gamerant have any information regarding why Michael Ironside isn’t voicing Sam anymore?

    • alexthelion

      From what I know, they want to match the voice perfectly with the motion capture that’s being implemented in the game, and, with Ironside clearly unable to deliver the physical performance of Sam Fisher anymore, they needed a new actor/voice actor for the role.

    • http://gamerant.com Brian Sipple

      Alex is correct. Ironside is 62 and simply wasn’t limber enough to fulfill the motion capture duties of the role – especially with the increased agility and fluidity of Sam’s movement this time around. On the other hand, the new Sam Fisher – Smallville’s Eric Johnson – was a better fit at age 33.

  • jwalka

    this is justa preview so show that you can play it as both a stealth and/or action game. i highly doubt that all missions will be approached with the ‘shoot everything then run to the next target range’ mentality.

    the same bs happened with the hitman absolution gameplay, everyone started attacking the dev’s for making the game ‘to easy’ or ‘not like the others’, it’s 2012 people, we can do things with tech we couldn’t back then, people are just utilising their resources and capabilities to make a fun, fluent game for as many people as possible.

    i’ll def be checking both this and hitman out b/c they both look visually impressive (animation with in both is superb) and have flexible gameplay (giving players variety instead of doing the same bs 5000 times).

  • Spider-Abu

    For some reason, even though this is the same demo we saw before, just extended, I’m way more hyped for it now. Can’t wait to get into more SC action…and also more Ubisoft gaming goodness…damn they’ve been plowing the gaming ground this year…and the next lol