Ubisoft Reveals ‘Splinter Cell Blacklist’ Coming In 2013 [Updated With Trailer]

Published 2 years ago by , Updated June 4th, 2012 at 2:03 pm,

Ubisoft revealed the latest entry in the Splinter Cell franchise at Microsoft’s E3 conference. Titled Splinter Cell Blacklist, the game will see series protagonist Sam Fisher return for a release in 2013.

Splinter Cell Blacklist focuses around a terrorist group known as Blacklist, as Sam Fisher attemps to thwart the group’s plans in the Middle East. Despite fighting in broad daylight, Fisher still bears his trademark night-vision goggles.

Splinter Cell Blacklist

Much like Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Blacklist will make use of Kinect integration. Players can use voice commands to trick enemies, an interesting twist on a classic gameplay element. The demo showed Ubisoft employees saying “hey you,” causing an enemy to turn around confused, giving Fisher time to incapacitate the soldier.  Fisher could also call down airstrikes, and has access to a wide array of tactical gadgets, offering the ability to see through walls.

In addition to the single player campaign, the beloved multiplayer mode Spies vs Mercs will return, as well as a new co-op mode.

Splinter Cell Blacklist will ship in Spring 2013.

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  • ATG

    Looks great! Love Splinter Cell! No word on platform? Conviction being exclusive to Xbox sucked.

    • http://gamerant.com Anthony Mole

      I’m hearing PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

      • The mighty avenger

        Same boat guys. I had to play conviction at a friends. If this is exclusive to Xbox maybe I’ll have to go buy one. This game looks incredible!!! Sam fischer is one of the best game characters out there. I grew up playing these games. A lot of fun.

        • Dante

          It’s confirmed for PS3, 360, & PC.

          It was included in Microsoft’s presentation just like AC3 was included in Sony’s.

  • doc

    This is NOT Splinter Cell, this is a 3d person shooter with stealth elements.

    Splinter Cell died with Chaos Theory.

    • ATG

      THIS is why developers are “afraid” to innovate and end up choosing the tried and true. Can’t please everyone…

    • Dante

      C’mon there Doc, this game is looking pretty sweet.

      Whether you’re on board or not, Splinter Cell is moving on.

      • doc

        As far as I could tell the only real “innovations” they implemented after chaos theory were to reduce the stealth elements, simplify the controls and make the enemies easier to kill.

        Reducing and abandoning game elements is NOT innovation.

        They could have made a completely different series with this action-centered gameplay and I would have bine fine with that. The only reason they reused the Splinter Cell brand was because it had gained a good reputation and a single game franchise is easier to market than two separate ones. By doing so they completely abandoned the old splinter cell concept and gameplay style.

        Nowadays many action games like blacklist are released and I like playing them, but there isn’t a single stealth game comparable to Splinter Cell 1-3.

        …Also: really? another game with arab terrorists?

        • ATG

          @doc, to your thoughts on innovation, you’re looking at the glass half empty. Only seeing the red because you’re disappointed. No disrespect intended.

          • doc

            None taken. As I said the game revealed above doesn’t look bad per se.
            I just find the current trend of developers to cut away essential game components and rebuilding the game around a completely different premisse a lack of integrity.

            Seriously it’s like making a sequel to Schindler’s list:
            “Schindler’s List 2 – Schindler’s pissed!”*
            Then you replace the main character with Arnold Schwarzenegger and add lots of explosions…”because come on, people LOVE explosions!!!
            -Oh and we need terrorists with turbans! Those are important. People need an up-to-date bogeyman to hate!”

            *thank you robot chicken

  • CrowMagnumMan

    No Michael Ironside. No sale.

  • Dante

    Hey CrowMagnumMan

    I was in the same boat as you (I was going to be all “What Ironside doesn’t have 30 minutes to record some dialogue?”) then I watched this:


    …and it changed my mind.

    • CrowMagnumMan

      Yeah, I figured it was because of the mo-cap stuff. Ironside is just too old to do that kind of performance. I can understand their reasoning for replacing him, but it still kills my interest in the game. If they’d created a new Splinter Cell character and followed his adventures, maybe with Ironside doing some dialog for Sam in a supporting role, I might have checked it out. But this just doesn’t work for me.

  • Spider-Abu

    WEll game itself looks really good and I am really excited for it. That said, I only finally was able to get through Double Agent )PC version)’s bugs, glitches, save games deleting, and game crashing frequently and randomly…after 6 years, and I have just started on Conviction. Conviction to me…was definitely a whole overhaul of the game, but, as much as I respect them for innovating and changing the gameplay and all…I instantly missed the old splinter cells. Yes, I am really enjoying Conviction, and will no doubt love Blacklist also(I know persian so understanding the baddies shouldn’t be a problem), but I really wish we’d get an original splinter cell game…even with the original controls!!!, just MUUUCHHHH less buggy and glitchy ofcourse.
    Other than my concerns there^^^, I am thoroughly eager to play this. 😀

    • ATG

      “as much as I respect them for innovating and changing the gameplay and all…I instantly missed the old splinter cells”

      Yea, kind of how a lot people feel about Rainbow Six. I miss the old Splinter Cell too, but I enjoy this one. I miss the old Resident Evil as well, I feel it is WAY TOO over the top now and just ridiculous, fun but ridiculous.

      • Spider-Abu

        yep ^^ I remember playing my first FPS game when I was like 6 or something, Rainbow Six on PS1, that was the shizz, but now..it’s so different lol. Not saying bad, but whenever stuff changes, drastically, you kinda miss the old stuff a lot.