‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’ Gets First DLC Preorder Exclusives

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South Park Stick Of Truth First DLC

Over the years, adaptations in the world of video games have become a difficult beast to judge. From the infamously bad E.T. to the critically acclaimed 2002 Spiderman game, these tie-ins and spinoffs have definitely been hit or miss. With the recent release of South Park: The Stick of Truth, an audible sigh of relief was heard as the game struck a bulls-eye (read our review). Now nearly a month after its release, gamers have received their first taste of DLC for Obsidian‘s lewd RPG.

While it’s no surprise that gamers are clamoring for another chance to jump into the morally-ambiguous town of South Park, that dream will have to wait. The first batch of DLC to hit The Stick of Truth will instead provide gamers access to the various preorder bonus packs that were available prior to the game’s launch. They might not be the most exciting or comprehensive inclusion, but for a game that prides itself on its off-the-wall presentation, this DLC – available now – at least serves to heighten the ridiculousness.

The first pack that gamers will find available to purchase on their platform of choice is the “Super Samurai Spaceman Pack.” This lets players get their hands on – you guessed it – the Superhero, Samurai and Spaceman costumes. As with the rest of the game’s costumes, these additional pieces provide players with special buffs at the beginning of combat and upon defeating enemies, as well as emergency shields respectively.

South Park DLC Super Samurai Spaceman

For those looking for a more Tolkein-esque experience, there’s the “Ultimate Fellowship Pack.” This time around, players get access to four new costumes. The Necromancer Sorcerer boasts bonus fire damage, the Ranger Elf has bonus weapon damage, the Rogue Assassin brings in bonus gold and the Holy Defender sits tall with bonus defenses.

The final DLC pack combines the previous two packs at a discounted price, going by the name “Super Ultimate Pack.” This will set players back $3.99 while the “Super Samurai Spaceman Pack” costs $1.99 and the “Ultimate Fellowship Pack” goes for $2.99. Alas though, this is the price that one must pay to be at the height of LARPing fashion.

South Park DLC Ultimate Fellowship

They’re hardly additions that will rank amongst the DLC greats, but at least it’s a step towards expanding upon this highly-praised RPG from the minds of Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Obsidian Entertainment. The game’s already run into its share of controversy, but if 17 seasons on the air is any indication, there’s still a wealth of offensive content that’s just ripe for the picking.

Perhaps in the future the series could receive a Telltale Games-esque episode format to align it with the show? Regardless, after the game’s success there’s definitely potential for additional content so only time will tell whether gamers get to make a return trip to South Park.

Do you think The Stick of Truth would benefit from a story-based expansion? What part of the South Park universe would you most like it to encompass?


South Park: The Stick of Truth is available now on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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  • Anastacia

    If it’s just costumes I’ll pass.

    • Anastacia

      Oh and as for extended gameplay I want to see Big Gay Al

  • Paige

    I think that a playable expansion pack would be amazing. Personally I think The Coon and Friends universe would be fun as hell.

    • cidgrad

      Mintberry Crunch!

  • AW

    The costume packs are useless past level 1 or 2 because they are low level costumes. At first I didn’t like that the game mechanics basically have you changing costumes every few minutes, but then I started to like it and the odd looks you end up wearing. But yeah, the outfits aren’t really worth it as you will only use them at the very beginning of the game.

    I would LOVE some story extension as DLC. I’d pay premium for that. I’d easily pay $15-20 for actual episodic content. I just fear the complexity of the game design (which apparently kept it so short to begin with) would prevent that. I loved the game but am getting ready to sell my collectors edition because I don’t see myself playing more (already explored every nook and cranny) – but I’d keep it if there was true DLC coming.

  • Matt

    OMFG YES. I absolutely LOVED the game. First rpg I’ve actually enjoyed playing in a LONG time.
    The story was amazing but I was sad when it ended. Finished the game in about 12 hours. Too soon.
    I feel the game would benefit greatly from a new storyline expansion. If I had to choose, definitely coon and friends. That would be kickass. Instead of choose your class, choose your super power. MORE TOWELIE PLZ

  • dalton


  • A2Gamer

    Costumes are OK, but not something that gets me excited about the game after having finished it.

    Story-based expansion options that would be amazing: Towelie; The Super Best Friends; anything Scott Tenorman-related, even though he was in the last game; The Coon and Friends, of course; and most of all: CHEF’S PARENTS AND THE LOCH NESS MONSTER.

    Chef’s Parents DLC should cost about tree fiddy.

    • A2Gamer

      Oh, and Satan and Saddam! Really miss them.

  • drizzthegamer

    to be honest i’d love a story dlc or just major side quest along with a map increase for more places from south park. they could even include hell as dlc. how there gona include Jesus with no satin and sadom. but its ok there’s just so much more they could do

  • Jon

    I would like to see the game expand into more of the characters the boys have created. From the ninjas of “Good Times with Weapons” to the heroes of “Coon and Friends”.

    • Oliver Goodness

      A Good Times with Weapons thing is genius – it almost warrants it’s own game, but a story DLC would be great.

  • Joe


  • manos

    Woodland. Critter. CHRISTMAS! HAIL SATAN! lol