Sony Boss Says Wii U Entering Its Own Generation

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Sony Says Wii U Own Generation

While Nintendo’s Wii U might be considered by most to be the first phase in the next generation of consoles, Sony Worldwide Studios’ Shuhei Yoshida disagrees. Rather than looking at the Wii U as his company’s biggest competition in the next-gen battle that is sure to heat up next year, Yoshida feels that the Wii U is in its own generation.

Sony’s PS4, codenamed Orbis, and Microsoft’s Xbox 720, codenamed Durango, are both meant to usher in a new phase of console gaming, commonly known as the next generation. Wii U, on the other hand, won’t be incorporating new technology, or supporting the types of experiences that require Unreal Engine 4 or Cry Engine 3, instead it more closely mirrors a slightly more powerful Xbox 360.

Starting with the Wii, Nintendo, in Yoshida’s mind, carved out their own niche, and the Wii U will occupy that same market space. His comments are not necessarily meant to badmouth the Nintendo, only saying that it shouldn’t be considered a next-gen console.

It’s hard to argue with the mammoth sales that Wii brought in for Nintendo, but looking at the console as being on equal footing with the 360 and PS3 is an entirely different thing. The console’s inability to run comparable experiences to its biggest competition was a huge detractor for hardcore gamers, and one of the main reasons that the Nintendo’s been stressing the hardcore during their Wii U presentations.

Unfortunately, after sitting through the Nintendo Press Conference at E3 2012, it’s plain to see that the Wii U isn’t trying to sidestep into the next-gen but wants to leapfrog off the success of the Wii into an entirely new space. The disappointment that goes with realizing that is tremendous, but it’s hard to argue against all of those Wii sales.

In all reality, we wouldn’t be surprised if in two or three years time Nintendo rolls out with another console — one that outperforms the new Xbox and PlayStation. Granted that is extremely wishful thinking, but it’s what will be needed for Nintendo to truly compete.

Do you agree with Yoshida’s claim that the Wii created its own generation? What will it take for the Wii U to complete with the PS4 and the Xbox 720?

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  • EastOfTheAnduin

    Yes, I agree completely. Nintendo is doing their own thing and they are probably better off for it. IMO a field of three,(four if you count PC) all vying for the same multiplatform audience, is too much. I applaud Nintendo’s balls for carving out their own niche. I think we will all benefit from it too. A different system that offers diverse games and contrasting gameplay experiences is a huge advantage for gamers. I don’t see it as Ninty alienating gamers or trying to compete with MS or Sony. I see it as offering us more choices. How can that be bad?

  • Androol

    Yup, that’s a pretty good way to summarize it. Nintendo’s doing its own thing, and the other companies’ time tables obviously don’t really matter to them. I’d say that’s a good way to be.

    But I also have hopes, like you guys, that Nintendo is at least considering the possibility of releasing a new brute-force console in the middle of next generation if Wii U doesn’t end up setting the world ablaze. Or maybe even if it does.

  • DrSamBeckett

    The Wii U can compare graphically to the 360 and PS3. And these new consoles aren’t ready, they won’t be out till 2013 at the very earliest, 2014 is more likely. So Nintendo will have the most powerful and advanced console on the market for at least a year.

    It will do well. Nintendo like doing things differently, and they have proven that it works in the past with the Wii, and people like things that are different. Not everyone wants to play the same type of games over and over again on a yearly Call Of Duty rinse and repeat cycle.

    • ios

      Maybe most Powerful,but game devs do not care much about that !
      They try to give you the same experience on each Console,so all titles sell well.
      Best example is/was the last Final Fantasy…PS3 version toned down to keep up with the Xbox360 ! I am a gamer,and i do not care about which console is more powerful,
      all i care about are the games and what they give me.

  • Crazed

    Nintendo has always been known for its innovation and that innovation has generally been readily copied by the other markets for the success offered. Wii’s Motion controls were eventually copied by Sony and Microsoft just did an upgraded eye toy with the kinect. If the Wii U does well, sony and microsoft will most likely try to copy the whatever made the Wii U successful if it was a hardware thing.

    • Hunter

      Did you hear about smartglass? They have already started this year lol.

      • Dovahkiin

        Yah, and almost as the same time the announcement you could play the wii u without a tv (with the controler) came around, sony announced that the vita will be able to play ps3 games with the ps3 running!

  • Matt

    “Do you agree with Yoshida’s claim that the Wii created its own generation?”

    Nope. You can’t just a create a generation that coexists with another generation. For example, if, during the Baby Boomer generation, people in Hawaii decided to make a new generation called MadeUpNamers, it wouldn’t work. The babies were all being born at the same time into the Baby Boomers generation. Hawaii citizens couldn’t make a new generation for their babies just because they’re born off the coast of the Continental U.S. A generation title already existed and was continuing to exist, so all babies born during that time were Baby Boomers. The Wii U is the same. It will bring us into the new generation. The Wii didn’t create its own generation; it exists along with other current-generation consoles, and it is a console, therefore it’s a current-generation consoles, and not a “special-generation” console. It can’t happen.

    “What will it take for the Wii U to complete with the PS4 and the Xbox 720?”

    Better graphics and better multiplayer functionality, as well as games that release for those consoles.

  • D

    Actuallly, CEO of Crytek has said that cryengine 3 runs beautifully on wii U and that at a minimum it’s as powerful as the 360. CEO of Sony can hush, I’m sure Nintendo didn’t sell him a devkit, what the hell does he know about the power of the wii u?