Sony Details its ‘Welcome Back’ Appreciation Program for PSN

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In lieu of the PlayStation Network outage, Sony created a ‘Welcome Back’ customer appreciation program as a way to earn back the trust of its fanbase. Sony promised PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable owners an extensive list of perks, including two free games and a free month of PlayStation Plus. Today, Sony has released further details of this program for North America.

While these goodies are not yet available, PS3 and PSP owners who had registered accounts prior to the outage will have access to them shortly after the PlayStation Network is fully restored. In the meantime, users can think long and hard about which games they’ll want to download. PS3 owners will be able to download two of the following five games free of charge:

  • Dead Nation
  • inFAMOUS
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Super Stardust HD
  • Wipeout HD + Fury

If you own a PSP, you’ll be able to grab two of the following games:

  • LittleBigPlanet (PSP)
  • ModNation Racers
  • Pursuit Force
  • Killzone Liberation

All of these titles will be available for 30 days shortly after the PlayStation Store is online. Sony has not provided an estimate of when that will occur. In any case, whatever you choose to download, you’ll be able to keep forever, which fans will certainly appreciate. Additionally, Sony plans to give Ooblag’s Alien Casino, an exclusive game for the PSN, to affected users.

Sony is offering other freebies as well. First, all users who currently do not subscribe to PlayStation Plus will receive 30 days of a PlayStation Plus membership. Sony will provide current subscribers with an additional 60 days of the service.

Second, during a select weekend, PlayStation Network customers will be able to watch designated movies from the PSN Store. No word yet on what those movies will be.

Third, those with an existing Music Unlimited Premium Trial subscription will receive an additional 30 days of free premium subscription. Existing members of the Music Unlimited Premium/Basic subscription will be provided with an additional 30 days plus the time lost due to the outage.

Finally, those PS3 owners who like to adventure through the PlayStation Home landscape will have access to 100 free virtual items. Virtual shopaholics will finally be able to go on a purchasing rampage guilt-free. Sony will also be releasing the next addition to the Home Mansion personal space in the near future.

So Sony fans, what do you think of the “Welcome Back” program? Are you happy with the free game selection? Is it enough to win back your trust (if Sony ever lost it in the first place)?

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  • Nik

    Wow, impressive considering the fact that we don’t even pay for the online service

    • eybarra2

      Tru, buy we’re getting compensated for the risk posed to our personal info, which, free or not, is hella-uncool. And I would like to say the free game selection is as everyone thought it would be; whack. Having said this, I still love my PS3.

  • Pandemonium

    well, considering that i already own Infamous (and really, what kind of PS3 owner doesn’t have that game lol), i was hoping for a greater range of games. Never heard of Dead Nation of Super Stardust HD; gonna have to look into those before i decide what to get

    • Dwayne Holder

      Both Dead Nation and Super Stardust HD are awesome. Highly recommend, especially if you enjoy twin stick shooters.

      • Rob Keyes

        Those are the two I don’t have so I may take you up on your advice, Dwayne!

  • Ryan

    Definitely happy the network is back and glad to see PS is actually doing something to compensate although I did not expect much since it was a free service. Yes the accounts were at risk but they were not taken advantage of thankfully. The games I am not surprised that they are not great (although I loved the game inFAMOUS so i will gladly download that one for free 😀 overall i am rather happy about this stuff.

  • Brody

    wow i think more people should hack it more often haha no just kidding that last 3 weeks has sucked, but im glad we get free internet and games

  • Mr.Sniper

    I think Sony has made a good attempt at winning us ps3 gamers back i just hope it doesnt happen again

  • Riley Little

    That’s a decent amount of freebies! I’ll be cashing in on a few of those offers for sure!
    Thanks, Hackers! (heavy sarcasm on that last part)

  • maru

    i have a ps3 and dont own inFAMOUS is it really good?? i mean it looks pretty lame platformer , AC so far is better. but i guess ill pick up LBP for my kids and wipeout cuz of the cool tracks ^^

  • alejandro

    hey this is cool considering its free i just want the store to open so i can buy stuff and my cousin loves infamous so im gettin that for his birthday(lol cheap)and maby dead nation for me

  • 16bit

    I was really hoping for the GoW collection, I still only have the PS2 versions. Also, I already have three of the five games so my options are kinda limited there. The 100 free Home items is pretty sweet though and I’ll take an extra 60 days of +. Thanks Sony. Now, get the rest up so I can download my MK SKINS!!!

  • vengance

    well i guess this is allright but isnt psn free anyway???

    • Josh

      sony’s offering 30 days of playstation network PLUS. its a premium version, with exclusive content and discounts and stuff. normally it requires a subscription.

  • Josh

    i was hoping for money on our psn accounts so i could get the new black ops map pack, but this isnt too bad either. 😀

  • Jared

    Dude InFAMOUS and Dead Nation for me!

    • Jared

      Sadly only Europe gets the free Ratchet and Clank game…

  • Peace_Man

    Question, if I got my PS3 right before the PSN went down and was about to get a PSN account, but then it went down, therefore rendering me unable to get a PSN account, will I be able to get these games if I get a PSN account very soon?

    • Puam

      not likely

  • StPau1y

    I’m getting InFamous again and Dead Nation. They seem like the only games I will play more than once. (I’ve played and beaten LBP and it wasn’t my type of game)

  • TheAvenger

    Look how all you PS3 owners are crawling back… backstabbers! First you hate Sony… now they are OK again because they they offer you freebees. Pathetic!

    Just so you know Sony… I supported you guys all the way through this ordeal. Not like most of these other guys who ran to Microsoft the moment it went bad.

    • Archaeon


      Most of the comments I read were PS3/PSP owners who were upset but STILL supportive of their games and system(s) and of Sony’s attempts to fix this mess. What threads were YOU on???

      • DrFreis


        If you read every thread that has been released that’s talked about the PSN hacking issue and read the comments, you would know what Avenger is talking about. So many PS3 fans were pissed this happened and threatened to switch over to Xbox or even switch to it. I’ve seen some of these guys in previous threads before, most of them almost turned their backs on Sony. As for me I trusted Sony to fix this whole ordeal and didn’t really much worry about the negative crap, because no one got to my debit card info. I agree with Avenger, so many people went to Xbox now that hear that Sony is offering free stuff, they’re like “Hey, free stuff! Sony I love you and will never turn away from you again!” As if! If Sony got hacked again and this whole ordeal repeated itself, you’re gonna see the same people turn their backs.

      • Archaeon

        My apologies, then, to TheAvenger…

        I was not being snarky; I really DID wonder where he was seeing SO MANY negative, abandoning comments. The threads I followed (at least until a week or two ago) of course had their share of “I’m gonna buy an X-Box; Sony has lost me as a supporter…blah-blah-blah…”, but most comments seemed fairly positive (at least, hopeful). I guess I simply did not see the brunt of the responses.

        For my part, I knew Sony would take care of the immediate problem, in SOME manner. Yes, it took awhile, and no, it’s not a perfect solution, but it IS a pretty damned good attempt. I love my PS3 and PSP, AND I am not much into online activities ( a few, but the PSN shutdown was not troublesome to me), so I was perfectly happy for Sony, once caught with their pants down, to rectify the situation.

        For all those who proved to be fair-weather loyalists: Good luck with your waffling back and forth; learn to make a decision.


        • TheAvenger

          No sweat dude.

          Hope people read my above comment and feel a little guilty about what some of them posted in some of the other threads.

  • Sebastian Gaweda

    It seems Sony CAN buy forgiveness 😉

  • IKnewIt

    Not mine Sebastian I’ve been here longer than most of these people since day 1 of psn online and this won’t cut it srry I don’t have. 55$ price at which they can buy my forgiveness. But don’t misunderstand me. I AM getting the games but that just repairs my base of confidence. To think I was gonna put my credit card info on their for the black ops map pack:(. Good Job though Sony I really saw effort in this struggle just don’t try to buy people off:D

  • Gaming Complainer

    Only two of the games are really good, INFamous and LBP, both of which I already own, the other two are in second person which isn’t preferable and Wipeout is only decent. I think Sony could have done a little better considering that the hacker could have stolen enough money to pay off the national debt in the US.

  • X1RN BB12

    PS3 is still awrsome without psn but im glad its up