Sony May Allow UMD’s to be Transferred to the Vita for a ‘Special Price’

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Sony May Allow UMD's to be Transferred to the Vita for a 'Special Price'

Sony is prepping to take over the handheld market with the PS Vita. From the price to the technical specs, the Vita looks as if it will be the favored handheld once it’s released. For those who are wondering what to do with their PSP games, we now have information indicating that Sony may allow UMD owners to download their games to the Vita.

A while back we told you how the Vita will allow PSP software to run on the system using emulation. It was assumed that gamers were going to be able to download PSP titles via PSN – just like they’ve been doing on the current PSP and PS3. Rumor has it that Sony was distributing pamphlets to Japanese retailers claiming people who purchase a Vita can use their current UMD library on the new handheld. The Vita can’t play UMD’s so clearly some system will be in place enabling customers to download their library to the unit.

This sounds like awesome news – especially since PSPgo owners had been hoping for a similar service. It sounds as if Sony has learned from their PSPgo mistakes – and is willing to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction.

PS Vita OS

SCE executive Yoshio Matsumoto also indicated that Sony is planning to offer a service to allow gamers to play their UMD titles on the Vita for a “special price.” There’s no doubt that many PSP titles will be available for download on PSN – alongside all the Vita games. If this is true, then consumers may be able to pay a small fee to have their old PSP games transferred to their shiny new handheld. That said, if retailers have received similar information – at this point, their lips are sealed.

Regardless it sounds as if this may actually happen and rumor has it that Sony will make a formal announcement soon – so we’ll be sure to keep you posted on this developing story.

The Vita launches in Japan on December 17th with a North American release date sometime in early 2012.

Source: Dengenki PlayStation [via Andriasang]

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  • BFTE

    it depends on what the price is and how many UMD games i have and how much it will cost for a bundle of transfers or if it cost per transfer

    • Bret

      We shouldn’t have to pay anything, we already bought the game.

      • BFTE

        dude really? its a new system we cant even play ps2 games on slims get real man i would pay like 60 bucks to play my old ps2 games

        • Andy

          If they charged anything to play PS2 games on the PS3, I’d rather just pull out my PS2 like I have been doing. If your going to charge for backwards compatibility, you might as well not offer it in the first place. You’ve bought the game once, so why should you have to pay extra just to play it on a newer machine.

  • GameCollector44

    …What? Why in the heck would they charge you a fine to play games you’ve already bought? Between this, and $60 USD for the good Vita games…they’ve put me off of the Vita for a very long time. -_-

  • John Macclintoc

    This seems like a scam. SONY Y U SCAM US?!