Could Discontinuation of PSP Dev Kits Mean PSP2 is Real?

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PSP Dev Kits Discontinued PSP2 Hint

Warning to future PSP developers: you’re days are numbered. It seems that Sony is no longer going to be supplying PSP dev kits for anyone seeking them after a certain date.  So, if you’re a new developer hoping to make your big break by creating the next great game on Sony’s handheld, work fast because you will only be able to get your hands on development tools for about a month.

Could this be a hint towards the future of the console? Could this be Sony working towards getting the PSP2 into developer’s hands?

It might not be the nail in the PSP’s coffin but it certainly shows signs of Sony trying to urge development for the PSP2. Older dev kits and loaners will still be available to new developers but those that were currently being shipped out will no longer be available after November 15th. Touting the discontinuation as a result of an expired certificate, this could simply be Sony avoiding placing any money in a console they no longer see a future with. As most expect a PSP2 to compete with the 3DS, Sony could simply not want to put forth effort or money into keeping an aging console’s development going. There are a myriad of reasons as to why Sony has decided to make this move.

Going forward, one can only hope that the PSP2 is in Sony’s future. With the 3DS looming overhead it seems only appropriate that Sony make moves to compete. While they don’t want to reveal their hand so soon after Nintendo has leapt into the limelight, keeping secrets from the fans has never proven well. Sony may be able to keep certain things under wraps but when it comes to the fans they will always find a way. Hopefully soon, Sony will come clean and reveal the powerful PSP2 to the world.

What do you think Sony is doing by discontinuing PSP dev kits? Is it them saving money or are they trying to push for PSP2 development? And most importantly, can it compete with Nintendo’s 3DS?

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  • John Jacques

    Certainly makes sense!

  • Rory Young

    They just need to announce the thing already.

  • mogbert

    Um… as linked in your own story, PSP2 dev kits are already in the hands of developers. You can stop making titles with question marks now.

  • Anthony

    There has been no official confirmation of the psp2 dev kits. Just an off hand comment.

  • Donald R

    I read a while back that sony was starting to work with android. I’m not too sure how credible the source was but I also think I remember that sony purchased some copywrights that hint at the sony psp2 maybe not even be just a handheld gaming system but also function as a phone. Possibly making an attempt to seemlessly traverse the world of gaming in with mobile phones; much like the iphone and android phones are trying to do with their applications. There was also a statement from dice, that they have made battlefield 2 for the iphone. All of this seems to be to either be coincidental, or a trail of bread crumbs leading us towards the “psp2″.

  • Andrew Dyce

    Man, I can’t believe how much people are getting excited about a system that will be (if Sony ever gets around to announcing it is coming out)over-priced, full of bugs and glitches, probably built around a digital download model, and far less fitted for North American gaming by both the iPhone and 3DS.

    Where does the assumption come from that the story of the PSP2 will be any different from that of the PSP? Hasn’t every other game company gotten even stronger since then anyway?

  • Brotoman

    I think that Sony needs to accept that Nintendo will forever dominate the handheld market, and just focus on making the Playstation 3/Move better.

    All the good a PSP2 can do, the 3DS has already done, and better. Maybe except for playing movies and music, but anyone who wants to do that, already owns an iPad or whatever Apple product can do that.

  • super fanboy

    The PSP and the DS are different markets. I prefer the PSPS while my cousing (a pre-teen) likes the DSi better. I’m ok with the PSP being more expensive than a DS. Is a more powerful machine and durable (mine has like 4 years and looks like new).

    Also, if you want a handheld with video, audio and internet capabilities, then buy and iPhone. If you want powerfull gaming and also video, music and some internet capabilities, then buy a PSP. If you just want fun games buy a DS. Different markets, different needs.