Hackers Threaten Sony on the Eve of Full PSN Restoration

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Hackers Threaten Sony on the Eve of Full PSN Restoration

In case you’ve missed it, the full PlayStation Network has been down for more than a month, causing nearly $200 million in damages to Sony and countless amounts of grief towards developers and fans alike.

While the perpetrators have yet to be detained, they haven’t been silent: members of the hacking group such as LulzSec have been very adamant and vocal over the work he’s accomplished.

On his Twitter, LulzSec has made it clear that he and his cohorts aren’t done with Sony, and are preparing to go at the company again… and soon. Posting on the 27th, he said this:

We’re working on another Sony operation. We’ve condensed all our excited tweets into this one: this is the beginning of the end for Sony.

Following that, on the 29th he left another message, stating that within a day, the world would see another attack on Sony, though he didn’t announce exactly what to expect –  hinting that it would be a tiered-attack, and that this would only be the beginning:

#Sownage (Sony + Ownage) Phase 1 will begin within the next day. We may have a pre-game show for you folks though. Stay tuned.

Since then, nothing has been said or heard from either Sony or the group, which could be considered good news. Yet with the official statement today that the restoration process is in full swing, it’s possible that LulzSec and his group are biding their time to strike.

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Starting on the 28th in Japan and the Asian countries, restored users have had partial connectivity, allowing for some gameplay, account management, and chat functionality to further test for any inconsistencies or issues. Starting this week, full-functionality will be restored region-by-region and will still be offered a “Welcome Back Package” that has already been announced.

We’ll have to see if LulzSec’s claims are true, and whether Sony can keep-up their end of the bargain.

Source: Twitter [via Gamingbolt]

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  • http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/lorianguy Lorianguy

    Gimme a break…. Give me escalation, then hack it.

  • Ergonomic Cat

    Well, I’m glad to see that hackers are working hard to screw over gamers the world over. That’ll really go a long way towards making the world a better place. Who cares that a huge number of gamers are unable to enjoy multiplayer games, buy things they want to buy, and use Netflix. As long as someone’s particular axe is getting ground, that’s what matters!

  • Brian Walker

    This is getting effing ridiculous.

  • sfa

    These hackers are just disgusting.
    This guy seems like a real jerk and troll.
    I hope he does try something, fails and gets caught.
    Then I hope they lock him up.
    These hackers give all hackers a bad name and I’m glad most people woke up and realize they are the ones at fault and causing the trouble.

  • Josh

    I swear I WANT PSN STORE, just stop, there is nothing to prove. They are just screwing us gamers over again, do it to Microsoft not Sony, they are the ones that charge to play online. STOP!!!!!

  • ATG

    He can post it on twitter n they cant trace him? This guy is so selfish and a pee pee head! Meany butt



    • Ken J

      I second that. I wish there was a magical way I can find out who this person, or who these people, are, go over, kick their ass, then call the cops and get some kind of reward… I don’t care about Sony, don’t have a PS3, I just think hackers are just so stupid in that they thrive on the attention their hacks get as if that somehow makes them better. Kind of proves that they are complete losers in real life if they need that kind of affirmation…

    • Yuuchun

      Caps lock is on just a fyi.

      They have a life, just not one you’re happy with.

      • Ken J

        I’m sorry, but sitting in front of a computer thinking you’re cool because you’re hacking into someone’s computer isn’t a life. I have a girlfriend, I have friends, I have a job, even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t have time to become some kind of big time hacker. Those who are most likely don’t have any of those things I just listed, so they are just sad lonely people with an axe to grind…

        • Jago

          Not only do I agree with ken j here but I wish I could go on this quest to kick hackers a$$es… Heck make a show of it so that we could all enjoy seeing their asses kicked.

          • Ken J

            I would say kick them in their balls, but most likely these people got none, so that would be a wasted venture…

  • kyle coley

    so happy i have xbox

    • Archaeon

      Yeah, because Xbox never had any problems and NEVER will. Oh, wait…


  • KanTstandYa

    ya um they have his twitter account. trace that to the IP and boom goes the dynamite.

    • Steve Smith

      And boom goes the dynamite

    • Brian Walker

      Pretty sure that’s been thought of, and he has probably covered his tracks. What, you think a large corporation couldn’t have thought of that?

  • Grum

    They’re probably a bunch of xbox fags as well.

    • Yuuchun

      I’m happy to be a gay Xbox gamer that has internet 24/7.

    • Zack

      Well I am an ‘xbox fag’ I guess but I am wanting to the Playstation Network to be restored. I have friends that are being affected by this. The PS3 is just another system. There shouldn’t be some big war between the two.

  • Mike

    It would be nice if these annoying hackers all died so they couldn’t bother people anymore.

  • matty

    They are probaly gonna bomb the Sony Events at E3 this year, bunch of bad asses

    • Ken J

      No, they are probably too much of a bunch of p*ssies to actually do something. That’s why they attack from behind a computer… I bet you if you met these punks in real life, you can stand there and talk all kinds of crap about their mothers and whatever and they’ll just stand there all timid and won’t know what to do. But when they’re behind their computers, then all of a sudden they think they are cool and are badasses… Pathetic…

  • Willo

    That’s some pissed off nerds with nothing better to do.

  • StPau1y

    All I want to do is get my cases for LA Noire.

  • TheAvenger


  • maru

    nah i dont care much as long as i can play some pc multiplayer games im happy. Im certain that these hackers will get caught eventually; once they pulled their own trigger, FBI can track and kick their asses off

  • Ken J

    I actually read somewhere that three of these hackers have been arrested in Spain. I hope they get locked up for a VERY long time, set the example for future wannabe hackers to see…

  • http://www.syrobi.net Dylan G.

    Most of these hackers eventually get bought out by the government to work with them for lots of money. So I am guessing that these hackers who were “arrested” aren’t going to jail any time soon.

    • Ken J


      Uh, actually, not “Most” hackers will get that treatment. SOME extraordinary ones might, but most will simply go to prison and then get released. Hackers just convince themselves that they will end up being hired to make the risk acceptable to them…