Sony Increases PS4 Sales Estimates; Could Be in Short Supply at Launch

Published 1 year ago by , Updated September 5th, 2013 at 7:31 am,

Sony Increases PS4 Sales Projections

As any comedian or sports star can attest, when you play to the crowd you are justly rewarded. At E3 2013, Sony played to the crowd…and then some.

During their E3 Press Conference, Sony dropped several “bombshell” announcements, including support for used games, a gamer friendly policy towards lending, and a price that is $100 lower than Microsoft’s Xbox One. Needless to say, when that particular slide went up during the presentation, the crowd went wild. And now, likely as a result of that strong gamer reception, Sony has raised their sales projections for the PS4.

As Andrew House tells the WSJ, Sony has boosted their internal sales estimates post-E3. He wouldn’t reveal what the estimates were, or what they are now, but he does suggest gamers might find the PS4 in short supply.

It’s been almost 8 years since gamers have seen the launch of two major consoles — both of which were sold out for a solid 3+ months — and it looks like, at least for Sony, we might see a repeat. We’d like to think that Sony will respond to this increase in demand accordingly, but they clearly don’t want to make any guarantees.

Many retailers have already begun shifting from “launch” editions to standard editions, which could ship at launch but there is no day 1 guarantee. Some retailers, however, are offering a special launch bundle, which comes with the PS4 console, the new DualShock 4, and the PlayStation Eye for $500. There may still be some ways to procure a PS4 at launch, but very soon that early access is going to come at a cost.

For that matter, we don’t even know when the PS4 will hit store shelves. Microsoft has already shown part of their hand by mentioning November, but Sony is still sticking with their “Holiday 2013″ line. Sony has to be also thinking November, but if they can wait until Microsoft announces an official date, and then swoop in with an earlier date, they will.

For now, there’s still time to mull over a $400 purchase, and hopefully by the time a decision is made there will still be some launch day consoles left.

Are you one of the (presumed) thousands that have pre-ordered a PS4? Do you think the console will sell out at launch?

The PS4 is targeting a Holiday 2013 release date.

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  • Neo Anderson

    I pre-ordered mine thru Amazon, Amazon states Dec 31st as a shipping date. Hope its correct or near correct & that I’m not 1 of the short listed persons.I ordered the PS4 by itself & Amazon had preorders b4 Sony Entertainment listed bundles

    • Anthony Taormina

      That’s just a placeholder date. Amazon chose Dec. 31st because they know for sure the PS4 will be out before 2014. Same thing with the Xbox One, we know it releases in November so Amazon has Nov 31st listed.

      As long as you got an e-mail saying your PS4 is a “launch edition” you should get one on release day.

      • RGR

        you are wrong, walmart has the PS4 ship date slated for 2/14/1014

        so what does this tell you? nothing, anything can happen and consoles can be pushed back so dont assume anything and be disappointed and i pre ordered mine from a local gamestop

        • Anthony Taormina

          I’m wrong that Amazon picked Dec 31st because Sony announced a Holiday 2013 release date? Right…

    • falcon4406

      November 21st is now going to be the first release date

  • Skull Brusher

    I also pre ordered the ps4 from amazon a mere 2 minutes after the page went up. My date is also listed as dec 31 but that is only a place holder date until the real release date is announced. I pre ordered an xbox one as well but was a few hours late to the party my ship date on that is dec 4th I believe. And before u bash the xbone I pre ordered one to make money off of rich kids when the console is sold out.

    • Anthony Taormina

      There’s nothing wrong with pre-ordering an Xbox One.

      • falcon4406

        bahahahah! Is that what you tell yourself?

  • boogoo

    I pre-ordered mine in store at Gamestop so I think I should get it at launch? I’m not exactly sure how it works. I was pretty tempted to the get the Xbox One though. They showed a lot of neato games.

    • RGR

      yes you will get one at launch, you went in store and bought it, they have to hold it for at the least 48 hours after the release date for your before they can sell it to someone else, if not then they will sell it and you will have to wait til the next ones come in to pick yours up

  • Michael

    Maybe I’ll wait for a special edition console with custom decals, like how we have Halo Xboxes. I also can’t wait to see what’s in store for PC Gaming hardware in the 3rd quarter or in 2014.

  • Newton

    Suckers! Come back to Xbox! They are sure to have at least one left over for you if there aren’t enough PS4’s to go around! 😉

    • 1015

      Because it sucks, for most people anyway. Most people do not have reliable internet, so the check-ins are out, and the ability to have a digital library is useless. Most people trade in a game from time to time, and want to continue to do that. People also want to share their games without ridiculous requirements. I also know a lot of people who rent games. A friend of mine said the only way he’d get an Xbox One is for Halo 5. I said: “Dude, you’re gonna have to buy the game.” Do you wanna know what he said: “Forget that!” That is why so many people, including me, are getting a PS4. I’m waiting for the day they raise Live prices up to a ludicrous amount of money, just so I can laugh.

  • djnforce9

    I put my pre-order in already with EBGames. Hopefully I won’t have an issue if there is a short supply of these console since I did order early. I remember all too well the ridiculously lengthy line-ups at numerous retail outlets before the 360 launch including people camping outside the night before. That’s a little too extreme if you ask me. I’d rather order online and let it ship to me. I got my 3DS within the first few days it was release so it’s no problem.

    • Jack7

      It sounds extreme I know. I had a friend in high school who did this with the ps4. He sold it for 1500 bucks a few days after. So it was a solid paycheck for camping out

  • William Charles

    Pre-Ordered The Battlefield 4 Bundle Pack Through Amazon With The Release Date Delivery So I Would Like To Think I’m All Set, But I Still Have To Pay It Off Through Gift Cards So I Don’t Have A $500 Charge On My Debit Card

  • dan

    You know, the sad thing is, I could totally see X1 as a success if it were marketed plainly as a niche console and not relied on to be M$’s flagship console. The fact is, X1 is going to be losing Microsoft a large slice of its consumer base because its restrictions exclude entire demographics of buyers. Microsoft needs a new flagship console with the reliability and accessibility of the 360 if it hopes to save its reputation.

    Will it happen though?


  • The Dark Knight

    Pre-ordered my PS4 battlefield 4 bundle at gamestop right after the E3 Sony press conference. I’ll be keeping an eye out on what other games are available at launch to add my pre-order.

    • The Dark Knight


  • EastOfTheAnduin

    I too preordered my PS4 though Amazon as soon as the Sony pressor was over. I got an email the next day saying I was one of the lucky ones who will receive a “launch edition”. Now, I just have to wait and see how much they are going for on eBay closer to Christmas. I have no problem making a quick grand on other peoples incompetence.

  • falcon4406
  • Andrew

    Seeing all of these comments makes me want to buy some shares in their stock. You people can make me some serious money ^_^

  • dbrasco

    Butterflies and happiness!

  • Chris

    I pre ordered at GameStop. Put $100.00 down. I can’t wait for the console release. I think if gamers are smart they won’t go to the midnight release for it.

  • 1wildgamerchild
  • Joey1013

    PS4 is already sold out on launch editions on Amazon. And PS4 is sold out on ASDA and alot more retailers. So its doing good on preorders.