Sony Will Announce PlayStation 4 Release Plans at Gamescom

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Sony PS4 Release Plans Gamescom

We’ve been saying for several weeks now that this year’s Gamescom, held in Cologne, Germany as always, will be a major event for next-gen developers and console makers. As one of the final press events in the calendar year, it’s Gamescom or bust for a lot of the bigger gaming-related announcements.

As such, Sony has decided to take full advantage of the Gamescom audience and will apparently announce release plans for the PS4 during their media conference. At this point, we don’t know if that means a PS4 release date, but we strongly believe it does.

The conference in question will take place on August 20th at 18:00 BST (or 1:00pm EST) and will be broadcast live on several online outlets. If Sony provides us with a link to the livestream we will be sure to broadcast the show as well.

Sony also promises that the press conference will include updates for PS3 titles (presumably Beyond: Two Souls) and Vita titles. But the main focal point will be a “briefing to the media on [their] release plans for the PlayStation 4.”

Strangely, the announcement doesn’t make mention of new PS4 games, but we wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few of those as well. Microsoft is bringing at least one Xbox One exclusive to the show, so it would be surprising if Sony didn’t follow suit.

As far as the release plans are concerned, we might only learn a new release window for the highly anticipated console — a more concrete time frame than “Holiday 2013.” Or, perhaps Sony will shock the gaming populace once again and announce the PS4 is hitting in October, giving the console another advantage over the Xbox One in addition to price.

This, of course, is all just speculation, but it’s indicative of the very exciting times that are ahead. It’s been so long since gamers have seen a proper dueling console launch, and one where the stakes are this high. Microsoft has been scrambling since E3 2013 to reverse policies and change feature sets in the hope that they can gain ground on Sony, who seemed to be well ahead in terms of pre-order numbers.

The main Gamescom event kicks off on August 21st in Germany, and rest assured that Game Rant will be delivering all the important news from the convention including (hopefully) a PS4 release date.

Do you think Sony will reveal a firm PS4 release date or just announce a release month? If they announce a date, when do you think it will be?

The PS4 is targeting a “Holiday 2013″ release date.

Source: IGN

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  • Bladed13

    Can we get someone to give specifics because this says tuesday at the top but monday at the bottom which is it?

    • RGR

      when the 20th is, is when it will be taking place, dude seriously just use your brain idiot

      • Bladed13

        shouldn’t the writers at least be capable if writing for a site that gives news the give solid information so F^%k off.

        • RGR

          rage much over a date? go cry a river bro

    • Anthony Taormina

      Sorry if you were confused. The Sony presser is Tuesday the 20th, the Gamescom show floor opens on Wednesday the 21st, but Gamescom related news starts hitting on Monday.

      I updated the post.

  • Shalkowski

    I really hope they give you the option to change your name..

    • roxysdaddio

      Honestly I do too that’s a great question. The name I originally wanted was way too long so I just made up a stupid one and now I’ve got over 2,000 trophies.

  • boogoo

    Cool. :)

    • luke perry glover

      I know on the 360 you can , but you have to pay. Im not sure about the ps3 cause i only recently got myself one lol

      • xmisfit666x

        you cant on the ps3, it sucks because I used my real name for my psn name and by the time I first got onto online mp I had amased a bunch of trophies and didn’t realize what I had done, but from what I read is the jp users can change their name, I dunno why that would be so hard to make for the rest of us

  • ponchobill has at listed as November 30. The info is given when you pre-order the PS4.

  • AidenPierce

    Yes, you CAN change your name on PS3. You have to create a new account, then transfer your trophies over to the new account, its not that hard.