Sony: The PlayStation 4 Has Learned from The PS3′s Mistakes

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Sony Explains PS4 Price Brazil

Although the Wii U was released a full year ago, many gamers will consider this Friday, November 15, the real kickoff of the next generation of consoles. The PS4 will be in stores by the end of the week and the Xbox One will arrive just a few days later on November 22.

After comparing the new consoles side-by-side and weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a console during its launch, many consumers will be ready to shell out four or five hundred dollars for a new machine this holiday season. According to Sony, shoppers that decide on a PS4 will end up going home with “the most powerful video game console ever created.” A title the manufacturer claims didn’t come to it easily.

That bold claim, made by PS4 architect Mark Cerny in an interview with Polygon, was backed up by an argument that Sony has learned some valuable lessons from the missteps of its most recent console, the PS3. Cerny outlined some of the shortcomings and problems – both on the consumer and developer sides – that the PS3 had to overcome to stay competitive in the market.

“PlayStation 3 really hit a rough patch and a lot of that had to do with – on the consumer side – of the console being so expensive. So we had this goal with PlayStation 4 that we’d be a much more affordable console than PlayStation 3.”

This is one goal that Sony definitely managed to accomplish. The $399 price tag on the PS4 makes the next-gen console $100 cheaper than the 20GB PS3 was at launch in 2006 and $200 less than the 60GB PS3. More importantly, the (arguably) affordable starting price is $100 cheaper than the main competition, the Xbox One. Although consumers have to consider many factors, from exclusive titles to new controller designs, the lower price barrier for entry definitely gives the PS4 an edge for thrifty shoppers.

Xbox One PS4 Showdown

Cerny went on to detail some of the lessons that Sony learned through its own development partners:

“But on the developer side, PlayStation 3 had a reputation for being very hard to work with. I mean I knew that, I worked on a launch title, and so we wanted to make sure that PlayStation 4 would be smooth sailing, that it would be the sort of thing where you wouldn’t have to learn every detail of the hardware, in order to make a game. That it could be much more about the vision of the director of the title.”

It will be harder to assess how well the architects at Sony accomplished this goal until we see what kind of gaming experiences are delivered on the PS4 over the course of the next year. Exciting exclusive launch titles like Knack and Killzone: Shadowfall are definitely a good start.

Cerny believes that the development team has successfully managed to prepare for the shift in gaming towards DLC and the longer relationships that players have with each game. He hinted that the PS4 will see a “tremendous evolution” in order to keep up with the six-to-twelve month stints that players are spending with games that offer downloadable add-on content.

Do you think the PS4 will really be the most powerful console available, or is Sony is just generating some last minute hype? Sound off in the comments.


PlayStation 4 releases on November 15, 2013.

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Source: Polygon

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  1. PS4 will be better mostly

  2. Ps4 FTW

  3. Damn right they learned. Never to put the console 600 dollars again. I am ready for it!

  4. Can’t wait til pick mine up midnight Friday.

    Although I do expect at least one network crash during launch, but hoping for the best :)

  5. generally I’m ask Xbox guy, but this year I’m getting both consoles. besides ps4 using ddr5, an Xbox using ddr3 there’s really not much difference in the hardware specs. both consoles have a lot to offer, and it really comes down to which games you want to play and what features are important to you. its really foolish to be a fanboy with this next gen. I look forward to getting my PS 4 Thursday at midnight, and my xbox won the week after. going to be a great year in gaming in 2014

    • Essentially the same my behind! Keep in mind that I am a PC gamer and have not personally owned an Xbox or PS, ever. That said, being a PC gamer who has always assembled my own PCs, I understand how to measure performance.

      Xbox One GPU: 1.31 TFLOPS
      PS4: 1.84 TFLOPS

      PS4 has 40% more GPU power. That is HUGE. The difference between 60 FPS in some PC games and 30 FPS can often be just 10% higher/lower GPU power. 40% is like a TWO entire generation more advanced GPU.

      Memory Bandwidth
      Xbox One: 68.3 GB/s
      PS4: 176 GB/s

      That’s 257% more memory bandwidth.

      Eventually game designers will start designing specifically for PS4 because it will allow them to make far more compelling games. If the Xbox One is going to stay competitive they are going to have to release a more powerful version that has specs similar to PS4s, because they aren’t even in the same ballpark. And releasing a more powerful version means that early adopters are going to be pissed–possibly to the point they Xbox wont even be able to release a more powerful version due to potential consumer backlash.

      Xbox only beat Sony in the last gen because Sony made a huge business error when contracting for the custom processors for their console. They spent something like $200 Million developing their processors in a joint venture with an outside company. Some idiot didn’t pay attention to the fact that they forgot to contractually bind their venture partner from selling the co-developed technology to a third-party. Microsoft did what they did best, they saw an opportunity to legally steal and they went for it. Last gen Xbox was built off of the back of Sony. Without that advantage this time, they are going to get crushed. Sony only cares about one thing at this point, crushing Xbox. Look at the price point, I don’t even want to know how much money they are losing per unit.

      Don’t even get me started on Microsoft’s greed driven abuse of consumers. Think of all the things they had to do a 180 on. They didn’t do a 180 because they were unpopular positions, they did it because nobody was pre-ordering and they HAD to.

      They will likely bring back many of those policies which were probably temporarily dropped so they could compete with PS4 for market share.

      • You know it’s funny that anyone who had ever delt with MS’s bs in the PC gaming market wants to see them fail. I too am not a MS supporter for many of the same reasons. But then you have people that only have experience with them on the console market and they seem to love MS to death. I have a strong feeling that this generation of consoles will be the last one for MS. Just the same way they’ve worked their way right out of the mp3 player business. I believe Sony will reclaim what is rightfully theirs this console generation.

  6. I had a xbox 360 for YEARS!! until maybe a year ago switching to the ps3 and I don’t think I can give up the PS brand. I’m trying not to sound like a fanboy but I would get an xbox one if I cared for the games. I just think HALO is dead and should stop. Forza I liked alot but not for 500 bucks. I can get the next GT. I dont play COD and I have digital cable for TV. I don’t really need it.

  7. Ps4 is the best I can’t wait to get my ps4 tomorrow and my xbox 1 next week best year of gaming ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I thought the PS3 was awesome, but it’s no comparison to the PS4

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