Wall Street Journal Claims Sony Will Release the PS4 This Fall

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Sony Launching PS4 This Fall

With only a few hours to let the realization that the next-gen, at least for Sony, might be upon us sooner than we think, many are already speculating about just how soon that transition might be. With only an announcement trailer to go on, and a media and investor event scheduled for February 20th, there isn’t much, but signs seem to suggest Sony is gearing up for something big.

The widely held belief, at least at this point, is that Sony is gearing up to unveil their next-gen console: the PS4…the Orbis…whatever you want to call it. The choice of “See the Future” as the key phrase in the trailer further substantiates those beliefs, and at the same time should make gamers eager with anticipation.

To help push that excitement even further, the Wall Street Journal have published a report that claims not only will Sony unveil their next-gen console on the 20th, but they will have the device ready to ship by the end of this year. Their sources say that, contrary to comments from Kaz Hirai, they will not let Microsoft make the first move, but will actually beat them to the punch.

It’s been a really complicated past year as Sony has flip-flopped from next-gen position to next-gen position. At first we thought they were going to wait until, at the earliest, 2014 to unveil their console, but then came news that an announcement would be made at E3 2013.

Then the aforementioned quote from Hirai further complicated matters as it seemed like Sony was going to let Microsoft get yet another head start in the console war, and would respond accordingly. Now it appears that all has changed, and Sony will be the first out the door, at least with the unveiling of a new console.

It’s important to note, though, for as much as we’d like to believe the Wall Street Journal’s source, nothing has been confirmed. It’s very likely Sony will have something to show that is next-gen, but there’s no guarantee a new console will launch this year.

Still, it’s a pretty exciting time, but we’re holding our full celebration (or conversely, disappointment) for the 20th.

Do you think Sony will announce the PS4 this month, and launch the console by the year’s end? What would you like to see as part of the Feb. 20th event?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  • Andrew

    Eh the quality of games has gone down greatly since everyone sees the $$ that can be made. I’m not moving past my PS3, been playing this console buying game since 84.

  • Joe

    I have my PS3 and My Wii-U. Not interested in the others. Unless they focus more on games than graphics, then I might be ok with it.

  • Ya bike

    Could this be the reason GTA V was delayed till fall?

    • mac

      Very keen of you…GTA 5 will be available as launch game for PS4 according to sources. BUT…PS4 isn’t coming out until November so you’d be waiting another 2 months for GTA 5 as opposed to Sept. for it on PS3.

    • Steve

      Rockstar has already said that those are rumors and not true about ne delays. and they have no real reason to lie

  • hanzo

    I can see sony showing some of the graphics for the gen 4 system but not the system itself. The ultimate tease.
    I swear though if neither of the next gen consoles have backwards compatibility they will see their sales hurting quicker than expected

  • ios

    The Announcement is that finally Ueda’s the “Guardian” Game will come out !
    ICO then Wanda…and Finally Guardian ! Great news !