What to Expect From Sony’s PS4 Event Today



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  1. I’m really excited to see how much of what you wrote actually comes true. Tomorrow can’t get here fast enough.

  2. not sure how that picture fits in to this but its cool XD

    • Yes!..

  3. interesting…

  4. Aside from basic specs I think everyone is watching for backwards compatibility more than anything else. Thatll be the make it or break it point for both microsoft and sony

  5. i never play ps3 but im still excited for the ps4. ill go for the new xbox first though. already have a wii u :)

  6. I’m totally getting a PS4 ONLY if it has backward compatibilities with PS3. PS3 has great memorable games that it would be such a big waste to just shelf them like things coming from centuries ago (like what happened to my good’ol PS2 games).

    • Imposible. A x86 processor can not emulate games written for powerPC. At least not for the next 10 years.
      Just keep the PS3 if you want to play old games.

    • why? i still have my ps1 ps2 and ps3. they all still work. just keep it then the new consoles could be theoretically more powerful

  7. I’m surprised there isn’t more concern here about whether or not PS4 will block used games.

    • I think that they could create a interesting system ware PS-PS3 games could all be in the cloud, and the PS4 well use a new Blu-ray disk with more space (most likely)the cloud games should be subscription based (PS+)
      the new controller (if it Is the new controller) then it reminds me a lot of what OUYA well be doing and that well be nice for some cross platform games that way

      • PS+ users already get to have game saves on the cloud(Feel weird saying that, not used to it yet) so gaming from it seems like the next step..

    • Oh man. Could you imagine if they announced that tonight.

  8. “It might only be a brief mention – a kind of “hey, don’t forget these games are still on the way”

    - One would assume so right? Hopefully they focus on all gaming areas and not just one. My best guess is that they will speak about the past and present to work up everybody into the next gen/future…

    “However, it’d be a real shame to only see current franchises make an appearance, without so much as a mention regarding at least one or two new IPs.”

    - – One could only hope and assume right? A smart publisher would do exactly that but Sony has a tendency of only marketing heavily on their popular franchises and less on others. Even in the PS store you see heavier advertising on other games as opposed to their own. They’re Terrible at marketing..

    “November 2013 seems like the best candidate, but that’s wishful thinking. Realistically, Sony could be targeting any time between Fall of 2013 all the way until the end of 2014 for the PS4.”

    - 2013 :-( I sooo hope its not released this year. 21+ more months of development for the system itself and especially the games(KZ4 is all I care for really. KZ3 was disgustingly and greedily rushed)will do wonders!

    • Actually, you’ll want it to release as soon as possible, since the longer it stays in development the more obsolete it will be when it releases. If it releases within the year then it’ll only be about a generation or so behind PC’s. Any longer and that number grows…

  9. And again about the price!! I rather pay 600 euros for a hole new and up to date PS4 than 400 for a PS3+ wich will be old again after 1 year!!! Can you buy a high end gaming pc for that kind of money???? I think NOT!!! So if you want a console that will be competitive for over 5 years you’ll have to pay for it!! I found the 600 dollars or euros a right price for our PS3 back in the days….

  10. Why do all people think its about the PS4 ?
    Could be anything else !

    Next generation will have online and digital distribution much more !
    Stream your games to home !

    • You could be right. Sony led us to believe it’s PS4 by also releasing those videos rememebering the Playstation 1, 2, & 3. And a week before the event, the PS4 prototype controller leaks.

    • I think it is because they flew out press from around the world to this event. They’d never do that, rounding up the press on their own dime, if it wasn’t the biggest announcement in years.

  11. if its not backwards compatible im not buying it, same goes for next xbox

    • Why? That makes no sense. You buy something to new to play your old games? You do realize that backwards compatibility will make it more expensive?

    • Welcome to PC gaming then. Enjoy your stay.

  12. I am truly looking forward for the announcement of the PS4 and some new titles as well. it has been many years since the launch of both the PS3 and the XBOX360 which both were a major success but it is time for the next gen systems to be announced. I can wait for the launch date even if its a year or 2 away but lets see whats to come :)

  13. I pray there is an article about it up tomorrow

  14. Games I want on next gen:

    Fight Night 5
    Photo-realistic visuals, all professional boxers (can’t leave big names like Mayweather out), unique styles, etc. No “movie” mode or whatever, a realistic career mode would be great. I just want to box again!

    Batman: Arkham 3
    Amazing visuals, tons of villains, and Gotham City as your playground, or at lease a section of it. Campaign involves Catwoman, Robin, & Nightwing as playable characters. Bring back all the gadgets and everything that made Arkham City great. Vehicles, not drivable but they take you from point A to B to C. Missions also expand outside of Gotham, like The Dark Knight’s Hong Kong mission.

    Red Dead 3
    This should be next-gen, with GTA V being current gen I doubt GTA VI would be the next Rockstar release. PLEASE make this happen!

    Assassin’s Creed 4
    Can we finally upgrade these visuals? I want this game.

    Madden 14 (or Madden 25 as I hear it’ll be called)
    Make a challenging CPU without crippling my team, CPU cheating, or BS calls by the refs. EA needs to take their time on this, I’m blaming the annual releases for the crap. Still a great game, has potential.

    The Elder Scrolls VI & Fallout 4
    Need I say more? I’ll get these on PC anyways.

    Call of Duty
    Yes, yes I know, Call of Duty sucks etc. etc. But Black Ops 2 is fun. I’d like to see Treyarch’s next-gen Call of Duty.

    You’d be kidding yourself if you think this isn’t next-gen.

    Watch Dogs
    ^^^ what he said.

    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Patriots
    Fingers crossed this is good. Vegas 2 & GR: Future Soldier sucked.

    Uncharted 4, Star Wars 1313, Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid 5, Mortal Kombat 2, Dishonored 2, etc.

    PS didn’t mention Battlefield 4 because there’s no doubt I will never buy a Battlefield game on consoles.

    • Just saying, future soldier didn’t suck, it probably the best game in its genera I’ve played in a long time, its different from most FPS games but that doesn’t mean it sucked

    • @ATG

      I have ZERO faith in anything “tactical” from Ubisoft. They don’t know the meaning of the word. They have RUINED the Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon names… They might as well rename the games “Call of Duty: Modern Rainbow Six Warfare”

  15. Every time I clicked to see what was next I was think yep,yes,probably,wouldn’t surprise me,I hope so im sick of this anticipation/fear of whats to come.

  16. While I realize its pretty unrealistic, I think a next gen, updated graphics version of Final Fantasy VII would help build tons of buzz and blow off the doors of a PS4 release. Nintendo used a similar tactic (twice) with the 3ds (Ocarina of Time 3D) and the WiiU (Wind Waker HD).
    I would also settle for the (way too) long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3.

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