PS4 Details Could Arrive Before E3; Console Much Faster Than Xbox 720?

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PS4 Needs Significant Graphics Leap

Let’s put aside our fears of a nonsensical (read: evil) block on used video games coming to the PlayStation 3 successor and look towards the brighter side of next-gen consoles. They’re coming soon, and PlayStation gamers may be able to rejoice sooner than expected. No, not next month at Destination PlayStation! Microsoft is teasing an E3 2013 unveiling of the next-gen Xbox but Sony may beat them to the punch.

A presentation about the PlayStation 4 will likely take place at the E3 conference in June, but its first reveal may be as early as May. Hiroshi Sakamoto, Sony’s Home Entertainment VP who delivered the rumor, hinted at the possibility which had the media abuzz last week, and thanks to CES, rumor has it that it may be substantially more powerful than the Xbox 720.

In an interview with Chilean website El Mercurio, Sakamoto teased:

“That’s still a big secret. But our friends are preparing PlayStation. I can only say that we are focused on the E3 gaming event, scheduled for June. Announcement may be in that minute or even earlier in May.”

More detailed information provided by VGleaks last week offers a potentially more precise look at Sony’s possible “roadmap” for the lead-up to the PlayStation 4’s release.

2011 June/July — PC with Win7 64-bit and a “jailbroken” ATI r9 graphics card
2011 Sept/Oct — PC with Win7 64-bit and a “jailbroken” ATI r10 graphics card
2012 Q1 — disclosure to more developers
2012 E3 — potential unveiling window start
2012 Jul — devkits for engineers writing OS
2012 Q3 — first true hardware prototype devkits
2013 E3 — potential unveiling window end
2013 Q4 — launch

As for today’s rumors on the specs of the PS4 vs. the Xbox 720/Xbox Next, VG24/7 learned through their sources (developers) that “the next PlayStation, codenamed Orbis, will have a run-capability of 1.84 teraflops. Conversely, the next Xbox, codenamed Durango, will be able to achieve 1.23 teraflops.”

Teraflops (trillion floating point operations per second) are in essence, a measure of a computer system’s speed and the PS4 has a substantially higher capacity by these numbers. However, the next Xbox could be supporting twice the RAM as the PS4 (8GB vs. 4GB). With both systems pushing emphasis on non-gaming entertainment, both supporting updated motion control systems and both likely coming with Blu-ray support, it’s going to be quite a battle to see which system is the strongest from a technical perspective (especially if both are priced at $400). For us, it comes down to the software each supports.

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Sources: EMOLVG24/7, VGleaks


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  • Gooch

    I don’t know WHY you would only have 4 GB of Ram instead of 8, it seems like such an easy and necessary upgrade

    • Joer


    • RLTW

      4GB is more than enough RAM to run any game at full HD quaulity, also if you dont know PC’s can run games at max with 3GB so 8GB is overkill non the less, i mean it has like 256mb now and it runs games at pretty great graphics, 4GB is going to be more than enough, this helps keeps the price down for us, so stop complaining and wanting the best thing money can buy when in reality it will make the system over priced when it releases

      • Ryuhza

        With the rise in multimedia functions for consoles, it would be nice to easily access non-game functions smoothly from within a game (like the Playstation Store), but that would require more RAM.

        • Gooch

          just because 3 GB is sufficient now doesn’t mean it will be for high end games in a couple years and especially in 5+ years. Technology and graphics advance very quickly

      • Matt

        Let’s see you run Crysis 3 at max settings with 4GB RAM (you need 8GB).

  • Darren

    Reference the emphasis on non-gaming, who the hell uses a game console for non gaming except maybe Netflix or the like. And yeah, I agree, go to 8gb of ram. 4 is too shortsighted for everything out now and down the road.

    • Rob Keyes

      I use my consoles for gaming and watching Blu-rays but the last two E3 ‘big three’ keynotes (especially for Microsoft) were about showcasing other non-gaming entertainment features.

  • Kade

    8 gig is preferable, (heck, my pc has 16) but I would think they’d use probably 6, because games dont require a lot of ram to play. I would definitely want a higher graphics card than more ram, and a nice processor to match (possibly AMD.

  • Alex

    What I want to see is the price tag. Although yes PlayStation may be more powerful. It now has to steal all of the fans the xbox has gained. Which started out being loads cheaper. I will always go with the biggest bang for the buck, not just whats cooler. I also thought the Xbox overall had a much better and wide selection of games, and the Kinect was much better then either of the other motion based games that the PlayStation had.

  • Michael

    I think the difference in processing power may not be an issue. I have an $800 AMD based PC that runs games just as well as a $2000 Intel based PC. There comes a point at which we see diminishing returns for very high processing speeds. Why should I invest $500 more into my system for an additional 5-10 frames per second when it already runs 60fps on everything I throw at it?

    The processing speed will probably have more to do with multi-tasking, such as having live video chat enabled while in an online game with 4 player local splitscreen that may use kinect or move as well. I say whichever system is more stable and user-friendly overall is the one to get. That and, well, Xbox live never went dark for 3 months…

  • Roman

    Ok this RAM is not common like you think it is. The Game Console has the ram Directly built onto the motherboard. Most likely it will be GDDR5 which is considerably faster then The DDR3(the ram that is currently in your computer) So its not simple like hey lets just attach some ram here and here and here. and 4g of ddr5 is a freaking crazy.

  • dethfuse

    I hope Sony announces some big name games along with the PS4 release. Uncharted, Killzone, Resistance, and Motorstorm would be a killer line up.

  • moose

    i am leaning towards next xbox, as i do love halo/gears and all the other games i like are multi platform, but i am curious to see the final specs comparison.

  • Blake

    The xbox cant have a blu ray drive. Sony created blu ray and eould never allow microsoft to do that.

    • Michael

      Sony would be reaping the benefits of that, though. Microsoft would be supporting Sony that way. Then again, it’s pretty much a must-have at this point.