Gamescom 2011: Sony Announces PS3 Price Drop; Budget PSP Model

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PS3 Price Drop to $249 and New PSP Model Announced

Gamers looking to get their hands on Sony’s PS3 should be happy to note that the console manufacturer announced a price drop on all PS3 models today, effective immediately. The 160 GB PS3 has dropped in price from $299 to $249, and the 320 GB model has dropped from $349 to $299. At Sony’s 2009 Gamescom press conference at they announced the PS3 Slim – and the $299 price point which helped to bolster sales.

While a new PS3 model was not revealed this year, the reduced price point should help the PS3 garner more sales, especially with the attractive line up of games Sony has this fall. Sony announced in their press release that PS3 worldwide sales reached 50 million in March 2011. This price drop will certainly help to increase those numbers.

In addition to the lower price point of the PS3, Sony announced the release of a Europe-exclusive budget PSP model. The low-cost PSP will be known as the E-1000 model and will feature a slightly improved design over the PSP-3000. The E-1000 will not support Wi-Fi capabilities, though it will launch for the price of €99.00 later this fall.

On current PSP models, Wi-Fi is used to both update the system and connect to the PlayStation Store. Luckily, Sony already has measures in place to make sure gamers can still get full functionality through the new system. As with every firmware update in the past, new firmware can be downloaded directly through the PlayStation website. In addition, the Media Go software that Sony launched a while back will allow users to connect to the PlayStation Store through their PCs. The only issue being that Media Go is unavailable to Mac users, meaning those using Apple’s computers will be unable to connect to the Store.

Sony PSP E-1000

In addition to the lowered prices on the two consoles, Sony also announced a line of budget UMD titles to launch alongside the PSP E-1000 – such as Eye Pet Adventures and FIFA 12, the budget line will run gamers €9.99 per title. This move will likely milk a bit more juice out of the PSP before the launch of the PlayStation Vita early next year.

Will you be picking up the PS3 and/or PSP due to the new price drops?

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  • lastdrag0n89

    Hmm, now if they dropped it another 50… oh well. Nows a good a time ever to buy a PS3

  • Shamose

    Excellent! I have just moved to the UK from Australia-before that I was backpacking- and sold my PS3 before I left 😀 ive been without a console since Feb, much catching up to be done

    • Anthony Mole

      Haha I don’t know how you could survive, I don’t think I could last a week without my games. That or maybe I just need to get my priorities in order…:P

      • Shamose

        hahah I was dreading it, but the sleepless drunken sightseeing filled life of backpacking served as a reasonable distraction 😉

  • littlek

    I will be purchasing my PS3 soon then. lol but one question, if the price drop is going to be as much as a PSV then won’t people buy a PS3 instead of a Vita?

  • ganar dinero

    Thank you sony for ripping us off!
    250 U.S. dollars = 173.370319 Euros
    I am always happy to subsidise US prices!! I am just no sure why?!

  • J.C. Reeves

    Gamescom is bringing the heat and dishing out a lot of great news. Sony is making it harder and harder for me to hold out on buying a PS3. Want!

  • EGAD1

    I usually only do Nintendo, but I really hope this helps the PS3 sell more than x-box 360. I would buy one if I could.

  • Gigawatt Man

    I might get the budget PSP. Even if I already own a slim-2000.

  • blogger75

    If my original PS3 wasn’t still working, I’d go out and buy the cheaper version.

  • ken

    This is very good move from Sony. This should increase sales for them. Is there the possibility that a newer console(PS4) or updated version of the PS3 come next E3 2012.