E3 2013: Major Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo Next-Gen Rumors

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E3 2013 Microsoft Sony Nintendo Rumors

For gamers that have believed the rumors, this forthcoming E3 will be something special. While we received a brief taste of what the festivities might be like with the unveiling of the Wii U at E3 2012, most are looking towards Sony and Microsoft‘s next-gen unveilings as the marquee E3 event of the past couple years.

However, what we know officially about the PS4 and Xbox 720 and what has been rumored are not one in the same, as very little information has actually been detailed regarding either of the company’s major consoles. As well, we’ve begun to learn that rumors initially thought to be true — like intended names for the consoles — might have been leading us astray all along.

Or at least that’s what Dual Pixels is suggesting with their massive rumor-filled post, which purportedly blows the lid off Sony, Microsoft, and even Nintendo’s plans for E3 2013. More importantly, the details, which come from someone named “Geno” (yeah, take this with a big grain of salt), spill the beans on first and third party games being developed for the next gen.

As the post is so substantial, running through each and every piece of information, and evaluating its likelihood of coming true, would be less than optimum, so here’s a few of the highlights from the post:

  • Nintendo plans to unveil a new Mario, 3DS Zelda, two different Kirby games, a Donkey Kong Land Returns 3DS title, and a Wii U Fatal Frame during their E3 press conference.
  • There is also talk of Retro Studios working on a new Metroid game that would be in the same vein as Metroid Prime, although this game would feature multiplayer.
  • Sony’s PS4 will be called Omni, and will implement Gaikai’s cloud-based services through a new feature called OmniCloud.
  • Omni will support a device called an Omniviewer, which is a “a thin, lite and slick head mounted autosteroptic display that can track the users head and presents a 360 image view with semi transparent AMOLED screens.” Essentially the device would allow a game’s HUD to be projected in front of the TV screen.
  • The Omni will hit retail in September 2013 with two units: a 160 GB basic set for $350-$399, and a set with the Omniviewer for $450-$499.
  • First party games said to be in development for Omni include a new Uncharted, Killzone 4, and Media Molecule‘s next game.
  • Microsoft’s console is said to be the most “up in the air” as the company is running into manufacturing issues.
  • The console, which currently doesn’t have a name, is said to be the most powerful of the three — 4 to 6 times more powerful than Wii U and 2 to 3 times more powerful than Omni.
  • Console comes with Kinect 2 built in — a rumor that has been gaining traction over the past few months — and may require a subsidized pricing model to offset a potential $499 price tag.
  • First party titles are said to include a Halo Trilogy remake, Fable 4, and Rise.
  • Infinity Ward is developing the next-gen version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, while Treyarch is working on Wii U, PS3, and Xbox 360 versions.

E3 Entrance

While many of the details revealed in the post contradict some previously revealed or rumored details — including a claim that Bungie’s Destiny will not release in 2013, even though the developer has already said it will — it’s still some interesting information to consider.

If Microsoft can show up at E3 2013 will a superior, but more expensive, product their could conceivably be a changing of the guard as Sony’s more affordable “Omni” occupies the Xbox 360’s space. We’ll know for sure which rumors are true during E3 2013, which kicks off June 10th, 2013.

What do you think of the new Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo rumors? How do you feel about a potentially gimmicky feature like the Omniviewer?

Source: Dual Pixels

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  • Androol

    I shrug at all of this, but Wii U Fatal Frame is a great idea.

  • Matt

    I hate the name Omni. The names that can be made with it are good, like OmniCloud, but Omni by itself is a bad name. If Xbox 720 is 2 to 3 times more powerful than the PS4, I just might have to jump ship. I don’t want a vastly inferior console in terms of hardware. I like the price of the next-gen consoles; $350-500 sounds good. I think the Omniviewer, if real, could be pretty damn cool.

  • dethfuse

    Seems incredibly biased towards the Xbox. I’ll wait for actual proof before i get worked up from this obvious troll rumor.

  • Jordan

    Regardless if the hardware is more powerful, how draining will the OS be? Microsoft has a long track record of needing more hardware to run at an optimal pace. Sorry but windows is a perfect example of that. You look at a Linux system or Osx system that runs better with half the computing power than a PC.

    • Daniel Carlson

      and half the computing abilities and features

  • COREY_1993

    Omni…. that sucks, why cant they just call it the PS4? Even the codename Orbis sounds better. Just call it a playstation 4 and everything will be alright sony!

    • Steven

      Rumor has it that it wont be called PlayStation 4, because 4 in Japanese is the same word as ‘death’, which is bad luck. I prefer the name PlayStation 4, by the way.

      • Mike.E

        4 = shi
        death = chi

        “can sound like”, not the same word, however.

    • Steven

      Rumor has it that it wont be called PlayStation 4, because 4 in Japanese is the same word as ‘death’.

      • Ljink

        That’s weird considering that our “Super Mario World” was their “Super Mario Bros. 4″ and that game sold like a hobo on a ham sandwich.:D

  • Dante

    I call baloney on those XBox Rumors – Microsoft is right now getting eaten alive by Apple. In fact, their miniscule operating budget for the 360 is likely to be further reduced. (They operated XBox with 364 mil out of 21 billion last year – roughly 1.73%).

    If you think to yourself – oh, they’re doing just fine – look at these numbers:

    -Apple sold 14 mil iPads last quarter + 4.9 mil Macs vs. 13.7 mil PCs shipped in the same period.
    -Microsoft’s Surface tablets haven’t sold (they cut their order in half)
    -Windows 8 is not “reasserting the dominance of the PC” (Windows sales are down 21% year over year)

    Those numbers coupled with the fact that the Windows Phone is a pipe dream is very well leading Microsoft off a ledge. There are even losing hold on businesses — if they lose Office revenue due to Windows 8 poor performance things look even grimmer.

    Now I’m not saying Sony or Nintendo are doing even marginally better, but to suggest that Microsoft is going to bring to market a system as powerful as suggested is simply unrealistic.

    • Jordan

      Wow, I couldn’t have phrased that any better! All great points!

  • http://www.facebook.com/paradigmgaming101 BlueNile101

    “We do not comment on rumors and speculation”

  • Rickkk

    ZELDA WII U???!!!???

  • Ljink

    Nintendo’s E3 2013 will be worse than Microsoft and Sony’s press conferences. Why?

    While a new Super Mario Mario(Universe) and Zelda 3ds will spark some buzz it won’t be enough to distract gamers from Sony and Microsoft’s offerings. HOWEVER 2014 will be a much different story. All Nintendo needs to steal the 2014E3 is Zelda Wii U, Super Smash Bros. Universe, Mario Kart U, and a new Yoshi’s Island. While Smash and Zelda will probably hog all the attention, Nintendo’s year of success is shaping up to be 2014 imo.


    • Jordan

      Because Nintendo isn’t relevant anymore. Listen I get it. I’m 30, I grew up with the nes and snes. They have nostalgic value but Nintendo has lost that devotion they used to carry. There days are done as a supreme power. They used to lead the industry up until the GameCube but after that they just attempted a failed game of catchup.

      • Ljink

        Listen I get it I’m 32. I grew up on Nintendo myself and I’ve never held a ps3, xbox, controller and felt that fun that Nintendo excels at.

        And I really don’t call a 27million lead over 360 and PS3 a game of catch-up. If anything Sony and Microsoft are having to catch-up with Nintendo. I’m sorry All Sony and MS have is FPS. That’s it! I’m wouldn’t go as far as calling them irrelevant after they built the foundation that’s enabling Sony and Microsoft to stand. I’ve bought all 3 systems and enjoy them very much but don’t use Ps3 and 360 as much as Wii. Yeah they have better graphics, clock speed, GPU, CPU, and stuff but I’m not going to play a gorgeous game that plays like crap and lacks fun. That’s how Nintendo revived the videogame market single-handedly, through fun.

        • Dante

          Well I’m 34 – grew up on Nintendo, until that Wii atrocity.

          The Wii wasn’t a proper follow up to the most powerful console of its’ time (that was the GameCube by the way) it was a side step – hence Jordan saying they needed to catch up. (Not sure how you didn’t get that.)

          Now they release a Wii U that barely outpaces current gen consoles and in some aspects is actually inferior.

          As far as your comments on the PS3 & 360 you are obviously out of your depth – only have FPS? Hmmm, interesting seeing as how I have a 40+ game disc library for my PS3 and don’t own a single FPS.

          As far as fun goes that’s certainly subjective – however, there were tons of AAA games you just couldn’t play on the Wii with its’ inferior specs – so I guess they all played like crap and just looked good? Games like Batman Arkham Asylum? Dead Space? Assassin’s Creed? Metal Gear Solid? Gears of War? God of War? Red Dead Redemption? Mass Effect?

          Of course now that some of those game series can be found on Nintendo’s latest underpowered machine I’m sure all of a sudden they’ll be just fantastic to you and another reason Nintendo is the greatest.

          Well have fun in your fanboy bubble. Senior Gamer Out.

          • Ljink

            Calm down bro, it’s just videogames… life will go on. And I’m not a fanboy if I’ve played all 3 systems and enjoy them. I’m just saying that I’d rather play Zelda, Smash Bros. or Dragon Quest before I play a FPS. THAT’S MY OPINION! PEOPLE CAN HAVE THOSE Y’KNOW!

            In regards to power, you “core gamers” love console power. But it’s games that sell a system. Vita is failing not because of its 3ds superiority but none of its games can touch Nintendo’s. I’m no fanboy these facts can be found on vgchartz pal:) I’m not saying that Ps3 and 360 suck bro, just saying that the games are just the same game with a new coat of paint. Yes, Super Mario is known for this as well. I’m a creative guy. I make my own cartoons I like color and aesthetics. My favorite is Dragonball, these are factors that play into my opinion and if U don’t like it then hey whaddya gonna do… shoot me?XD

          • Dante

            Who said I wasn’t calm? You must be clairvoyant to be able to tell my emotional state through your screen. You, however, should calm down, I’m sure I could have gotten your point without the caps.

            You keep mentioning FPS, how many more AAA non-FPS game series not available on the Wii do I need to list? You said, “I’m sorry All Sony and MS have is FPS. That’s it!” (which is BS) and “I’m just saying that I’d rather play Zelda, Smash Bros. or Dragon Quest before I play a FPS.” (as if all Sony & MS have is FPS — again complete & utter BS.)

            You then bring up the Vita. (deflect much?) What exactly do you want me to look up on vgchartz? Did you somehow also clairvoyantly determine that I was thinking about the Vita while writing my previous comment that doesn’t mention it?

            Now this part I love “…are just the same game with a new coat of paint…” — have you ever played a post-Ocarina Zelda? How about every Mario title since 64? Metroid Prime? (probably not since you don’t like FPS). Smash Bros? Heck, even Pikmin has had 3 iterations that are essentially the same game with new colors.

            You like color & aesthetics — great — the colors, aesthetics and artwork in all of those games you write off is top notch. Certainly better than Dragonball, whose art is child-like at best (don’t even get me started on the awful story, dialogue, and characterizations).

            I don’t like your opinion, I can do that — I also find the justifications for your opinion to be lacking.

        • nintendo man

          im with you on that. i have a PS3 but hardly use it unless playing all ratchet an clank games. NINTENDO bring fun to games unlike sony-microsoft stuck with FPS,MMO type rehash games.
          what a disaster.

  • Ljink

    Allright man, whatevs I’ve got a date with life. Never said I hated FPS and if u comment on Dragonball keep in mind that the creator is richer and more famous than you or I. The story is your opinion Mr. Toriyama, Iwata, Miyamoto, Horii couldn’t give a crap what u think bro. I played COD, Assassin’s Creed(LOVE IT) and I adore Metal Gear. WHAT DON’T U GET, I just gave my opinion what’s your prob.? Yeah Zelda Oot is a culprit but did I say I disagreed? But its still the best reviewed game of all time. I can tell you’re hot because I’ve met folks like yerself. I really don’t care how u feel about my opinion. Neither does Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Kemco, Atlas, HAL,Epic, or anyother company. I respect all opinions yes even a hothead like yours. Just keep that lodged in your frontal lobe of your cerebral cortex…Dante. :) oh and Have a happy holiday!

    • Ljink

      Forgot to mention that I love Metroid Prime:D Because it has an appealing character, not just some random dude with a gun shootin up stuff. Now add RPG elements like Mass Effect then it’s a winner!

      The comment regarding Vita shows that Games on an inferior system can still win, since Nintend is so “underpowered” They could easily call up IBM and ask for all the top specs but that’s not Nintendo. They have a saying that includes being affordable and Microsoft left my poor lil’ wallet starving. Anyway this matters none, as long as I have my new Zelda and Smash Bros. this conversation never existed. Still, it was fun debating with a person who has a lot of sense.

  • Echo Five

    I’m certain xbox will come in a kinect-free version too. By now, most kinect owners have lost interest in that hardware anyway, and they would probably not want to pay for it.

    At least, I wouldn’t. It was just a reasonably fun gimmick in the beginning. Now it’s a dust collector in most homes.