Sony Celebrates ‘You’ With ‘Long Live Play’ Campaign & Awesome Trailer

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Sony PlayStation Long Live Play Announcement Trailer

Two guys walk into a bar… in this incredibly well done campaign trailer for Sony’s “Long Live Play” movement and it is a bar that you could only fantasize about. There are characters from all walks of life, including Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Sackboy from Little Big Planet, Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, and many more – as they toast to their infamous adventures.

This scenario is a dream come true for any gamer and PlayStation has made it into a realization for the start of the “Long Live Play” initiative that kicked off today. In August, “PlayStation VP” Kevin Butler had returned from a leave of absence to help launch the LLP Project and now the truth behind the idea has been revealed.

Moving beyond the “It Only Does Everything” campaign, Sony wants to celebrate you, me, and everyone who is a gamer that has helped build PlayStation into the console that it has become today. It is their hope that Sony can express how grateful they are to have you as their supporters.

Watch the “Long Live Play” trailer below:

Earlier last month, Sony asked players to submit why they are the ultimate PlayStation gamer in 30 words or less – with a picture of themselves holding their PS3 controller. As you can see from the trailer, they picked “Michael,” but if you have a magnifying glass you may see yourself on the wall too! Be sure to check out to keep updated on all of their happenings as this initiative moves forward.

At the beginning, before the soldiers walk into the bar, Gamatsu (courtesy of YouTube user AssassinsGreed86), listed a few things you may have missed

“[Things] you’ve missed the first time. Nathan Drake’s iconic parachute fall (0:06) Resistance soldiers (0:14) Glowing Chimera eyes (0:11-0:15) Ice Cream truck from Twisted Metal (0:23) Writing on top means either “Long Live Play” or “Game is the new goddess” (0:25) Mk.II from Metal Gear Solid 4 (0:26) PlayStation logo on top (0:27) Little Big Planet scoring bubbles (0:34) Ratchet’s Wrench (0:38) Nero’s Sword??? (0:41) Killzone weapons (0:41) Sackboy’s left eye (0:47).”

Can you find anymore Easter eggs?

This new PS3 announcement trailer reminds me of a certain Sega Dreamcast teaser that can be seen below:

They’re not entirely similar, but the same concept is there. The only thing that could have made the “Long Live Play” trailer better is if Kevin Butler was the bartender. But we love everything else about this ad — it made our Top 5 Video Game Commercials List — and we’re looking forward to whatever Sony has in store for “Long Live Play.”

Sony continues to push the $249 price drop but what else is in store for us gamers in the coming year? If you were to walk into a bar, what video game icons would you want to have a drink with?

Source: SonyGamatsu

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  • nuk60

    Lol…If Xbox tried to do a commercial like that it would problably have like four charactera in the bar, still a great console though.

    • Damoan

      Call of duty, Mass effect, bioshock, portal, and others are not cross platform? Darn guess you’re right xbox would only have 4 characters in the bar…….Oh and assasins creed….

    • Burt

      If you look there’s probably only about four characters there that are Sony exclusive.

  • jelly badger

    fuc/k the police

  • Warlord

    From Gears, Fenix and Cole

  • D.B.

    Great commercial, it was a cool little watch.

  • John

    lol and when the teaser came out everyone thought that PSN would add a fps part to PSN home

  • Markymark

    Chelle from Portal, at 1:15 she hops out of a Portal into the bar.

    • Charlie

      At 1:23, two characters to the left of the goddess that are also visible when Altair is speaking. There’s also a gold trophy when Michael’s picture is held up, it’s the only trophy in the bar but it can be seen a couple of times. throughout the video.

  • Jacob

    When snake blends in to the wall there is a PS logo.