Sony Settles Lawsuit with Kevin Butler Actor Jerry Lambert

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Sony Settles Lawsuit with Kevin Butler

The ongoing legal battle between Kevin Butler (real name Jerry Lambert) and Sony has finally come to an end as both parties have reached a settlement in their breach of contract suit. For those that might not know, Lambert (along with Bridgestone Tires) was being sued by Sony, who alleged the actor was promoting a competing product.

The commercial in question, one of many Bridgestone Tires spots to feature Lambert, depicts the actor using Nintendo’s Wii game console. At the time, Bridgestone was running a promotion that offered a free Wii to any customers who purchased four new tires, so the Wii was only on display as some form of brand cooperation.

Nevertheless the TV spot landed Lambert in a world of trouble, as Sony saw the commercial as promotion not just for Bridgestone but for the Wii as well. The PS3 manufacturer promptly discontinued any collaboration with Lambert — ostensibly killing off the Kevin Butler character — and took both him and Bridgestone to court.

And while the litigation between Bridgestone and Sony is still ongoing, Lambert has settled with Sony and agreed not to appear in any video game related commercials for 2 years. The actor is still a recognizable face, and can be seen promoting various other products, but, for all intents and purposes, we can assume Kevin Butler will never see the light of day.

Lambert did acknowledge his appearance in the Bridgestone commercial likely led to some brand confusion, especially since the “character” he portrayed had a similar demeanor to Butler. Who’s to say that Sony was still interested in using the Kevin Butler character, though; this seems more like a case of Sony not wanting other companies capitalizing on a character they created, better known as the VP of Explosions.

It’s a real shame too, as he became one of the best parts of Sony’s marketing campaign — a face for a company that was sorely in need of one. We even hoped he might make it onto the roster for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but it’s probably for the best he didn’t.

Are you sad to hear that Kevin Butler is likely no more? Do you think that Jerry Lambert should return to video game commercials in two years?

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  • COREY_1993

    who the f*** is kevin butler… oh yeah, its an american thing.

    thank god he wasnt in all stars, the game get enough heat from people saying its a rip off.

    • Varteras

      “…oh yeah, it’s an American thing.”

      Really? Was that comment necessary in the slightest? God forbid Sony do something to appeal to the American audience that doesn’t affect anyone else. The Playstation brand had a bad image in North America for a couple years following the launch of the PS3. The Kevin Butler character helped make Sony seem more consumer friendly.

      • TaboriHK

        To be fair, that’s not exactly different from how Sony views it’s North American customers. We are “oh, THOSE people.”

        • tankD

          nope thats everyone eles.

  • Mr.Highway

    SONY really needed a boost with their marketing, and Kevin Butler was that boost. The “Michael” commercial was amazing as well, but that’s not something you can use over and over like Butler. That’s a shame.

    • Bishop

      Well they did make that similar (to the “Michael” commercial) live-action-ish commercial for all stars… Maybe they will make more, similar commercials to that in the future..?

  • Red

    Stupid Sony took away Kevin Butler overa tire commercial. /cry

    It’s new coke all over again!

  • Mr.

    RIP “Kevin Butler”

  • mikelovehater

    Kevin Butler became an icon for Playstation products. He was the MC, the dress class/dance cheesy guy, and made games more approachable for the older consumers. I was enlightened when I seen KB in commercials because he had that outstanding and likeable personality that you would not expect from a guy always in proper attire(suit). During his campaign, he made Playstation’s image more family-oriented and made us believe that PS could still deliver the best gaming experience for all gamer types. It sucks that his involvement with PS products are over. But the last recent commercial I seen him on was something about food and I was like,”WTF!” I’m just now hearing about the lawsuit and that’s why I haven’t seen Kevin Butler commercials lately. Though I’m a frequent Netflix user, don’t watch TV and avoid advertisements, I would be willing to watch any Kevin Butler commercials on Youtube, just as soon as the Youtube commercials were done(gotta watch a commercial to watch a commercial, Sheesh!).