This Is How Sony Hopes To Boost PS Vita Sales

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PlayStation Vita Three Rponged Attack

The PS Vita has endured an interesting journey since its debut in early 2012. First touted as a system that would bring AAA gaming experiences on the move, it has slowly changed into something else entirely. The console now sports a ton of popular indie games with many more coming, but not a lot of ‘big meaty’ titles that were initially promised. Maybe due to that identity crisis, the console has never quite been able to live up to that promise and as such, has been left in the dust by Nintendo’s 3DS system.

With the release of the PlayStation 4, Sony is attempting to turn things around and boost the appeal (and therefore sales) of the device. One of the features that many reviewers have been impressed with on the PS4 is just how well the system implements Remote Play with the PlayStation Vita. This allows users to play PlayStation 4 games on the Vita screen, freeing up the television for others to use, in the ilk of the Wii U’s tablet controller.

According to Adam Boyes, Sony’s VP of Publisher and Developer Relations, in a Kotaku interview, Remote Play is just one of the three prongs that Sony wants to use to get the Vita back on track. The other two are put on the shoulders of AAA and indie games.

Vita AAA Titles

Those who invested in the Vita early on the promise of big AAA experiences on the move, may be a little disappointed with the console’s recent output. Boyes tries to reassure those customers that Remote Play is a big part of convincing publishers to output games onto the Vita.

“I do think that the Remote Play aspect of PS4 is going to help the amount of Vitas that are out in the wild, and then that will start informing more publishers to build that bigger, meatier content.”

Finally, Boyes also feels like indies have a really important part to play in the Vita’s success.

“When I play Spelunky or when I play Hotline Miami on my Vita, I play differently than when I play on my PS3, it feels like it’s at home. And that’s why I think you see a lot of focus on getting great content for the Vita. And we had a ton of announcements at Gamescom for great content like that on the Vita. So the reality is, we’re trying to create a bunch of different content for a variety of gamers so they get satiated with a device on the go or within their house.”

Sony seems to be putting a lot of hope on the Remote Play feature of the Vita and PlayStation 4 to save the handheld console. The powerful mobile console is already split between AAA and indie games and its struggle to have a definite identity may have confused gamers about what to expect on the console in the future. Hopefully Sony will outline its plans real soon to clear that very issue up.

Do you think the Vita can be saved? Do you want to pick one up to support your PlayStation 4? If you have one, are you happy with it and have you tried Remote Play yet?

Source: Kotaku

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  • dam6655

    I bought a ps vita when I pre-ordered my ps4(I was planning buy one anyways). I really like the system and the remote play feature and have used it several times.

  • lloyd

    There’s rumors of Persona 4, Vol.2 and Persona 4: Golden, Vol.2 going around. If that is true, then the PS VITA is going to see a nice sales boost since I’m pretty sure that Golden 2 will come out for the Vita….if those rumors are true that is

  • tyler

    how to save the vita; actally give it some nice big non-asian titles like cod, gears of war, ,borderlands, anything well known, stop making stupid ass spinoffs that furth ruin the systms integrity, take your win over the xbox one and put it into the vita, which happens to be the strongest handheld out there, yet nothing is testing its full output

  • Scott boardwine

    Yea remote play may save the vita but why can’t they just make big title games!!!! I mean thats why it’s not selling duh.. remote play is nice but having better titles is way better obviously. Why not another COD game, more first person shooters need to be on vita. Or resident evil, even silent hill would be great. Not everyone will own a ps4, I believe better titles is what they need to focus on, I just dont get it, stupid….

  • asderit

    well when i read those lines saying that remote play will save the vita , i felt terrible because i wonder is it a game machine or just a screen , i bought the vita to play on it hoping that it would have a very nice library you see the especifications of the console and there is more than enought power to do great things, i just think, about this, ps2 wasn´t a powerfull machine nevertheless it had a very interesting library why cant do more good games, if they werent to support their own machine why to bother in making it ,it is just a stupid way to thing because all they need are more good games, the 3ds werent in the place it is ,if it is not because of the games it has so its the same here , i just have to say im very dissapointed the way they are doing whit vita the next time ill not chose sony they dont think in the consumer all they want is to make money in a easy way …

  • Demarius

    Have you seen remote play on the vita?it does SO GREAT with games like 2k14 next gen. So if the vita can handle remote play,why not make triple A games like far cry, gta, madden, nba 2k and all the other great triple A games