Sony Reveals Mysterious Game Day 2013 Trailer; Is This More Than a ‘God of War’ Tease? [Updated]

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[Update: Sony has released a second teaser trailer – showing even more God of War-inspired live-action. Scroll down for the new teaser.]

Yesterday a mysterious trailer appeared courtesy of Sony that was titled Game Day 2013. Comprised entirely of live-action footage, and with a runtime of only 16 seconds, the trailer was meant to be mysterious, and so it got us speculating.

At a glance — just looking at the basic make-up of the trailer — it appears the trailer is for God of War: Ascension, Kratos’ fourth (non-PSP) tango with the gods. However, if this trailer was for the latest title from Sony Santa Monica why all the mystery?

The title Game Day also suggested that what we were seeing was a teaser in preparation for a full reveal trailer on Super Bowl Sunday. Once again, though, the trailer changes that assumption by including the date February 1st at the end. Of course it’s still entirely possible that this teaser will be part of a longer trailer that will premiere Friday but air Sunday as well, but even then we’re just speculating.

In all honesty the trailer could be anything, but the overwhelming amount of evidence still leads us back to God of War. The woman featured in the trailer is seen wandering through a field before what appears to be ash starts sweeping across the screen, and then a close-up shot of an eye awakening, all point to this being a daydream for Kratos.

Sony Game Day 2013 Trailer

As we know, it is the ashes of Kratos’ people that give him his iconic white skin, and part of those ashes belong to his wife and child — whose death, at Kratos’ hands, has always figured prominently into the story. However, there is the question of why the eye and surrounding skin do not resemble that of Kratos.

After Sony’s reveal of the ‘Michael’ trailer, we’ve been eager to see how the publisher plans to keep marketing going for PS3 exclusives, especially as we near the announcement of a next-gen console. And while we would like to say that Game Day 2013 is that type of trailer, and the portion related to God of War is part of a larger narrative, the evidence just doesn’t swing in that direction.

We’ll know for sure on February 1st, though, but until then gamers can speculate all they want. Just don’t be surprised when a longer live-action trailer for God of War: Ascension is revealed.

Do you think the Game Day 2013 trailer is for God of War: Ascension? Or is it for something else?

Update: Check out a longer teaser for Sony’s God of War: Ascension Game Day commercial:


Source: PlayStation Blog

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  • COREY_1993

    a whole lot of this points to god of war… whether it be ascension or another GoW title, maybe for the vita.

    but its probably an ascension live action trailer because Kratos has white skin… the man doesnt so that tells me that this is before he murders his family and their ashes put on his skin as punishment so it cant be after the first GoW.

  • XxStoicMonkeyxX

    Heavenly Sword sequel? doubtful. what sony character has yellow eyes?

  • Red

    It’s the long awaited return of Rapappa the Rapper. Calling it now.

  • Emissary of Death

    I wouldn’t mind this being a trailer for the next God Of War for the orbis as the final installment. Imagine how grand scale God of War can be on the orbis the sky would be the limit with all that power from a console.

  • Jak Frost

    please be a God of War on the vita and other stuff