Sony E3 2011 Conference Preview and Confirmed Announcements

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Sony E3 2011 Press Conference

E3 2011 is only one week away and fans are no doubt clambering for details on what to expect from their favorite developers and console manufacturers. We’ll be bringing our readers live coverage of all the high-profile E3 events and closed-door meetings – but, in the mean time, we thought we’d take a moment to summarize what we’re expecting to see at the upcoming keynote addresses – starting with Sony.

Buoyed by a batch of buzz-worthy first party titles, 2011 was supposed to be the year that Jack Tretton and Co finally gained serious traction with the PS3 – as well as put their ever-struggling PSP handheld behind them in favor of the Next Generation Portable (NGP). Unfortunately, the infamous PSN hack in late April stole a lot of Sony‘s momentum – leaving many industry vets wondering if the PS3 will ever be able to fully recover.

There’s no doubt that Sony has a lot of work to do at this year’s E3.

What can Sony do to make it up to fans (not to mention potential customers) who are now reluctant to trust Sony with, not just their personal information, but their hard earned money as well?

Sony will undoubtedly eat-crow on the hacking debacle but spend the majority of the PSN-related time touting the improvements they’ve made to the network as well as their exciting new infrastructure – that will, hopefully, allow them to not only do a better job of protecting consumers but also improve the user experience itself.

Showering consumers with new features and must-have games will ultimately be the focus of Sony’s conference, and on that note, we’re no doubt expecting to hear about a new PS3 firmware – hopefully with some long-awaited additions, such as cross-game chat as well as other community improvements (least of which will be some form of interconnectivity with the NGP’s LiveArea functionality).

While some fans might be hoping for a PS4 announcement, despite rumors to the contrary (i.e. of course they’re working on it), it’s very unlikely that we’ll be hearing an official announcement about the next generation console at this point – especially since we’ll hopefully be hearing a lot about the Next Generation Portable.

NGP Specs Launch Date

The NGP, rumored to be called the PS Vita, will undoubtedly be a major focus of the event – now that Sony has enjoyed another five months to firm-up some of the details (official name, form-factor, software, price, release window, etc). Tretton’s team will also unveil at least seven games for the portable – but expect the recently announced Nathan Drake prequel, rumored to be called Uncharted: Golden Abyss, to take the NGP software spotlight – with other Sony staples, such as a new WipEout game, filling-up the six remaining spots.

Plenty of PS3 games will get some form of attention at the conference – especially previously unveiled titles such as Infamous 2, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 OneResistance 3Twisted Metal, and of course Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. However, the rumor mill is definitely in full swing – with potential, surprise, appearances by titles such as God of War 4 (or franchise spin-off) as well as Syphon Filter 4.

Sony will undoubtedly have some killer third party exclusives again this year – Steam integration into the PS3 version of Portal 2 will be tough to beat but, and while Modern Warfare 3 map-packs will still be timed Xbox 360 exclusives, it’s certainly possible that Sony could snag some exclusive third-party DLC offerings – should a high-profile title like Grand Theft Auto 5 get announced.

Resistance 3 3D Move Support - Insomniac Posing

While we expect that PlayStation Move will make an appearance – specifically tied to a game like Resistance 3 or possibly Uncharted 3, unless Sony has managed to inject Kinect-like functionality into the PlayStation Eye, it’s unlikely that Move will see a lot of stand-alone time onstage. Additionally, it’d be a no-brainer to assume that Sony will detail the American release of their PSP remaster series PS3 ports – as well as new HD series collections.

Want to know what predictions we have for the remaining conferences? Check out our other previews below:

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  • Joshua

    I’m not trying to attack you personally (author of this article)…but you don’t know what you’re talking about. Several of your predictions are not only illogical, but they’re also scarce. This is barely even an article. 3/4 of it is either pictures, ads or ”


    This is the year that the MOVE will actually show its promise. Did you forget Sorcery? I guarantee you, that if that game is ever going to come out it will be this year AND it WILL be shown at this year’s E3. It HAS to be or otherwise it won’t even really be relevant anymore. I’m guessing there will also be several NEW IPs announced that are built around MOVE. There’s also that second game that Naughty Dog has been working on. Sony has cards up their sleeve. They’ll show them. I’m also guessing that they will have a tech demo AT LEAST for the PS4. We’re talking about a 5 hour conference here. 1 hour on PS4, 1 hour on MOVE, 1 hour on NEW games, 1 hour on the PSN/sales, and one hour on the NGP. If the PS4 isn’t shown at all and I’m wrong then that’ll add another hour to either new games, the NGP or both. No matter which direction that goes Sony has more games and things to show than you presented in your “article”.

    And, as far as winning E3 goes, this year I am throwing my vote in on Nintendo. The Wii 2 will be out this year, why? Because it has to be. If it tries to go head to head with the PS4 and the NG360 it will fail. The PS4 and NG360 will both be out next year. Look at what has happened in the past. The Ps1 came out in 94, 6 years later the Ps2 came out in 2000, 6 years later the Ps3 came out in 2006. 6 years later, in 2012 the Ps4 will come out. And it is then that either Sony will finally stop selling Ps2s or try and handle support 3 different consoles which would be crazyyy. But my guess is that Sony will try and surprise us and announce the Ps4 for next year IN SPRING or June/July at least. If it doesn’t come out before the next Microsoft console Sony will be torturing itself once again. This gen has been awful for Sony, politically. So the Wii 2 will come out with specs that are slightly better than the Ps3 but it will still be crippled in the software department. but Nintendo will also finally be announcing FULL integration to online with Nintendo IDs and everything. I’m also willing to bet that they are going to have two different controllers. The Wii 2 will be half original Wii and half N64. It’ll have those hardcore games that Nintendo fans love WITHOUT the gimmicky controls. However, it’ll still have games that utilize the motion controller perfectly.

    BTW, I give you permission to copy and paste my comment into your article in any way. For ridicule or to double it’s contents.

    • Ben Kendrick

      Thanks for being gentle Joshua.

      Obviously no one know exactly what will be announced or discussed but the purpose of the article wasn’t to create a long article by just “guessing” what will be shown. It is going to be a long conference – and certainly there are things that we didn’t cover that will be announced but we are merely attempting to lay-out some of the more reputable possibilities – with a little speculation.

      Also, at no point did I attempt to make an argument that Sony would “win” E3 – just that they had the most work to do in terms of putting a positive spin on their company.

      Of course the Wii 2 is going to steal the show – assuming that Nintendo has been listening to non-casual consumers.

      • Gelo

        Thank you Ben for bringing interesting info on Sony for E3….. Now was that so hard to say instead of trying to challenge him on topics you know nothing about?

    • MEDzZ3RO

      PS4 or Xbox “720” out next year?, don’t hold your breath, both Sony and Microsoft have stated on various occasions that they’re aiming for a 10 year life cycle meaning late 2013 to 2015 is more likely.
      Sony and Nintendo have a lot more to show the Microsoft does this year; Nintendo undeniably has most being the first to release next-gen systems.

  • sly

    i want sly 4

  • mikaeru

    Well I think you did a stand-up job of zeroing in on some fairly legit and reasonable expectations, Ben.

    Demoing PS4 at this E3? Joshua…c’mon… we probably wont see a ps4 NEXT year, we are NOT seeing a tech demo for anything of the PS4 anything this year …

    As for the rest of your comment… anyone with a brain has realized that stuff for weeks now … Your comment didn’t double the legit content of this article, but it more than quadrupled the amount of baseless egotism.

    Anyways, I enjoyed the article Ben! Informative and straightforward. Good Stuff.

  • Joshua

    Someone DOES know, actually. Several people know. You just aren’t one of them.

    • Ben Kendrick

      Fair enough. Jack Tretton knows.

  • Shawn

    Move, imo needs to trying to be something its not. Motion controls will always be for casual/family fun. Few hardcore gamers want to wave glowing neon lights in the air unless they are high on estasy at a rave party.

  • Bryson

    Joshua reading your comment it’s clear to me your an idiot… That is all.

  • wiifan

    All this is nothing. The REAL WOW from Sony will be which cola product they partner up with this upcoming marketing year. I can’t wait to hear more about this and I pray they put 30 minutes of time to talking it up. Nothing excited me more than this and I’m anxious to see the what the brilliant minds of Sony can come up with this year. Maybe they will totally blow everyone away and do a deal with Fanta Orange. That would be AWESOME. I think they should go way longer than last year and talk about the soda deal for the whole event.

    • Rob Keyes

      Maybe, they do have it scheduled for 5 hours with a concert at the end.

  • Mike

    Ben ur the best. -_- as for Joshua u have 1 enemy already XD but seriously -_-