Sony Dealing With Even More Hacker Problems

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Hackers Get More Information From Sony Website

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Sony is having some serious problems lately. Ever since the GeoHotz incident a year ago, hackers have made Sony enemy numero uno, and the fact that PSN is just now getting back up is an indication of how far they’re taking things. A few days ago, the supposed perpetrator of the hacks, a Twitter account user by the name of LulzSec, said that there would be another attack soon – and he delivered.

According to LulzSec, they (allegedly) successfully hacked into and made off with over a million users’ personal information, such as passwords, e-mail addresses, names and such. They claimed that they could’ve got more, but lacked the resources to do so.

LulzSec justified the attack, saying that they were trying to prove a point in regards to Sony’s ineffectiveness at keeping information safe. They said that all the information that they gathered, which they posted online, was gained through a simple SQL injection, and that the information was not encrypted, making it incredibly easy for them to get it. They wanted to prove that people shouldn’t trust Sony with their information, and finished by saying “they were asking for it”.

While their beliefs certainly don’t justify their actions, they seem to have a point. Sony has proved time and again that they’re having problems with keeping information safe, and the number of gamers losing faith in Sony seems to show for it. How can Sony come back from this?

One possible idea is to get help from someone who knows the hacker mindset inside and out. In other words, another hacker. Former hacker Gregory Evans said that Sony’s security would constantly be at risk so long as they hired people who didn’t know what they were doing. He said that hiring IT graduates who had no experience was just asking for trouble, and compared the company’s fight against hackers to an army infantry versus the Navy SEALS.

PlayStation 3 Trophy Hack

Evans said that by hiring hackers, who had experience with getting past security systems, the systems could be fortified properly against other attacks – recommending that Sony, as well as a number of other high-profile companies employ the approach. Evans also claims that many company hacks don’t even get reported – to prevent any bad publicity (which is just adding to the problem).

What do you think? Does Evans have a point with regards to bringing in hackers to fight hackers? Is LulzSec right in that Sony is ineffective at keeping information safe?

Leave any thoughts you may have in the comments below.

Source: LulzSec & Industry Gamers


  • Kyle coley

    This is just getting sadder by the day

  • jwalka

    these guys need to do the same for : google, facebook and every other company out there not securing peoples info properly, and in some cases USING it for their own wallets *cough*facebook/google*cough*.

    • Mike

      Or…a second option…these hackers could just all die in a big fire and people wouldn’t have to worry about their personal info being stolen anymore.

      • matty

        These hackers remind me of a certain action flick starring Bruce Willis called “Die Hard 4″ that one man is willing to hurt an entire country just to justify that the security is open to be taken. But who would want to do this? noone has obviously hacked the psn before these loser hackers that just want to prove that they are setting a point.

        They are just losers who wanna become famous, as if they think their deeds are noble.

        • BlightRaven

          Yea it’s called “Fire Sale” where you do lots of damage, and bring everything to a standstill.

      • D.J.B


    • Yuuchun

      You should read what anonymous as a group stands for. Long live these guys.

      • Archaeon

        …not if they’re going to be jackasses.

        • D.J.B

          Agreed Archaeon

      • Zero_Fear

        Anonymous is a group of child’s who know their way around a computer. I mean, what exactly do they hope to accomplish? They are hackers, plain and simple.

        Honestly, I think that whole entire group believes they came out of ‘V for Vendetta’.

        • yuuchun

          You guys can read so well. Congrats public school.

          • Archaeon

            …says the person who supports terroristic activity AND actually (stupidly) attempts to justify it.

            These idiots are not being heroic or noble or proactive; as someone else pointed out, if they were being ANY of those, they would simply send back the the information, explaining the weaknesses they used…or, at least, would make it exceedingly clear they were not going to keep or use the information they’ve STOLEN. They would show they were acting in good faith, however extremely, by indicating in some manner (besides just saying it) that they have the public’s best interests (or, at very minimum, their own interests in procuring employment in the field of security )at heart.

            They have not and likely will not.

            Simply put, supporting someone who is really trying to better society is acceptable, understandable, and even expected, if one is truly involved in an open, free, educated society.

            Supporting these self-serving punks, on the other hand, is just moronic…and sad.

            Oh, and yuuchun…these two year-olds can say whatever they want in their charter, mission statement, whatever, BUT if their actions do not reflect such stated beliefs, they are simply blathering uselessly.

            Try harder to worship a better class of hero.

  • BlightRaven

    Well in my Opinion, I believe they’re both right. Lulzsec is more evil tho, he seems like the Sony Company has wronged him in some way, and Evans is right that, Companies like Sony should hire someone who has more experience with hacking abilities over some kid fresh out of college with a BullS**** Degree in CS. But that’s only my Opinion.

  • Truf

    There is nothing good about what these hackers are doing.

  • GEC3

    The more I see these attacks and hear these hackers comment, the more I am convinced that these hackers are Xbox fanboys and Microsoft people.

    • Xbox 720

      Now, maybe xbox fanboys. But I think they did own all consoles and ever since sony took geohot to court. All out xbox fanboys, or I hate sony fanboys.

    • D.J.B

      thats what I was thinking GEC3

  • Dinkus

    Absolutely they should be hiring hackers. This crap where someone goes to school for 4-6 Years and gets a piece of paper saying they are qualified to do a job is a joke. Some of the dumbest people I know have college degrees and got through it only because their parents funded their 4 year booze fest called college. Most hackers have been hacking since age 12 or younger and can school anyone with a college degree. If they want to be protected from hackers then they need to go to the source. And next time someone decides to hack their game system they need to just let it go. This is costing them far more then it would have if they just left it alone.

  • D.J.B

    I say Sony should hire Assassins to fix this crap. problem solved lol


    Ask the boy at NASA for some help, then againg there is so much comming out of the USA if some one know what to do, it would not be a problem.
    The English know how to keep things safe.
    Look for a native American, who can speak the language of his forefathers but the person must be competent in IT and there would be a sence of security.
    Don’t disregard this idea.


  • doc

    In my opinion this is simply embarassing for Sony. Every server can be hacked somehow but this is just ridiculous. A security f***up of this magnitude simply HAS to be punished, preferably before even more people start trusting in Sonys lax security policies.

    Though their motives are somewhat dubious I can’t say I hate those hackers for what they do, this is simply something that had to happen at some point, better sooner than later.

  • hanzo

    Well atleast hackers make good movies.. live free die hard.. hackers.. the rise and fall of sony..

  • Zeus317

    if these people were so concerned about other peoples information and the way it was being handled they wouldn’t have posted it on the internet.
    If it was xbox fanboy hackers then i just want to know how you can hate sony/PlayStation products so much that you are consumed by the idea to do stuff like this, in my opinion it’s really childish.
    most people just want to play a good game on the system that caters to their needs and wants, but people like this are just ruining it for the rest of us. I personally love sony products, the things they sell are everything that fits my lifestyle, but the fact that this is happening is shifting my (for lack for a better word)faith in them.
    If they were really concerned about it then they would have done the same thing except put there best effort into contacting sony and saying listen since the recent attack iv have been looking into the new way you are protecting information and its bull***T if anyone wanted to hack in again they could using this simple mystery hacking whatever it is. then said i can fix this for you, because if you really want to stop these attacks you have to consult hackers to fix these problems. But everyone knows actions speak louder so then said were going to hack your system at some random date take all this information and send it back to you so you know we can really do this. lets face it the people who just straight out posted it on twitter just painted a target on their heads so their going to go to court when they find them, and come on they will find them. in my opinion why not possibly go out with style and class, at least if you did it like that it would get the publics attention,and have alot of bad publicity for sony cuz their putting away people that were kindly trying to help by pointing out their inability to protect stuff and didnt share peoples info to the world. but thats just what i think.
    although the best thing to do is what a guy said earlier which was hackers should die in a fire, but first be rolled in a carpet, pelted with tuna sandwiches,then die in a fire for making it so hard to play a game online.

  • Smikal

    Criminal a**hole is criminal. Also, an A**hole.

  • Matt

    The company I work for hires hackers to help secure our systems (white hats), and we pay them A LOT OF MONEY to do so.

  • B3NJ4M1N

    LulzSec is doing what can only be done by a “revolutionary”!

    The Media suckled Masses can only be expected to be upset about the loss of personal information. What they (YOU!) don’t understand is that the entire purpose of the gov’t and big business is to steal your rights. IT’S A CRIME! You have no rights online in America, and soon in Canada and the U.K.

    The cost for connecting to broadband is quickly rising as Big Telecom pumps up the extra fees and caps the service. To connect it for everyone who’s lacking – Think Sony taking away services on their system to protect their hardware, but your user info is not secured at all.

    In great military and social revolutions, there is a group that works against popular interest, who only want to expose the inequalities and injustices perpetrated by the greater power.

    Damn right the Military is going after LulzSec, But not for the reasons that the press drone keeps drumming in your ear.

    Our Personal Information, The Millions of Revenue Lost or The Security of the Gov’t? None of the above.

    It’s about bringing in a greater control over the people, It’s about using social engineering en mass, and erroding our rights while stripping us of wealth. The only thing that comes close to breaking the stronghold big business and gov’t is a revolution.

    Nobody is asking who the bad guys really are?