Sony Clears Up 3D Game Confusion

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PS3 3D Games Clarification Sony

A while back, in an episode of Sony’s Qore magazine on PSN, videos of a few games were shown in 3D.

The games shown included:

  • Gran Turismo 5
  • Killzone 2
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • WipEout Fury
  • Super Stardust HD

From that episode of Qore, many people assumed that those games could feature 3D capability in the near future.

According to Sony though, that is not the case.

That last feature included interviews, footage from CES 2010, and a brief montage of SCEA titles intended as examples of what 3D gaming might encompass. It is hard to do justice to just how amazing 3D gaming looks in a 2D presentation–even in an HD product such as Qore. However, as we wanted to give our viewers an idea of the possibilities that 3D gaming has to offer, we decided to use stock footage of several first-party games that were on display at the show, including Killzone 2 (a 3D version of the television commercial was shown at CES).

Basically the videos were just mock-ups to show which types of games would feature 3D in the future.

Sony also added the following:

Unfortunately, our feature did not make it clear that the 2D game footage was included for demonstration purposes only. We apologize for the erroneous inference that 3D versions of LBP, Wipeout HD, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo 5 or Super Stardust HD are in production.

That statement really doesn’t make it clear whether or not some of those games will ever be playable in 3D in the future.  For now at least, we know that the answer is probably no.

That being said, I still haven’t met one person who is even remotely interested in getting a 3D gaming setup.  Do any of you think this 3D fad will catch on?

Source – IGN

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  • KanTstandYa

    omg people are crazy there is place better for 3-D than video game i meen jeez why would u not want to play a game in 3-D I cant be the only one who thinks that it would be nothing short of awsome to play madden or halo in 3 dimensions.

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  • madeup6

    Those who don't believe in 3-D catching on, haven't seen AVATAR in 3-D. I was a skeptic once. I am no more…

    • Will Delaney

      I've seen Avatar in 3D twice. The problem is that most people, including me, don't think that buying a 3D setup at home is worth it.

      First of all, you have to buy a new TV that has 3D capability, which is pretty expensive. ($1000+)

      Secondly, you have to buy the glasses (~$300 for a set of two) (more for each person watching)

      That's a lot of money just for one gimmicky feature.

      • madeup6

        You're right. It is very expensive, but like all things, it will get cheaper. And it is not a gimmicky feature.

  • Wepz

    I'm still amongst those that doesn't think 3D is 'there' yet. I watch the 3D and it is still distracting. I see double alil bit, I dont forget that I'm watching 3D. It's not as clear as I am looking for. I mean, why would people be so quick to sacrifice that? I heard there might be a 3D that you can see without glasses. That might be interesting- but even then, as amazing as that sounds- if its not as clear as a 1080p movie or shows double, then its not 'there'! And I wouldn't choose to watch a movie like that. Maybe the second go round I would but not my first.