‘Sons of Anarchy’ Video Game Riding to Consoles

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Sons of Anarchy Console Game

Fans of the popular FX television show Sons of Anarchy should probably put on a helmet for this news: plans are afoot to bring the gang to consoles for some gaming, well, anarchy. The title is in the concept phase for the moment, but the idea of potentially riding a motorcycle in the open-world town of Charming is certainly a nice thought.

The announcement for the first ever Sons of Anarchy game came over Twitter, where Show Creator Kurt Sutter often posts news about the show.

Kurt had already tweeted about the possibly of producing a videogame, but at the time they were considering making it a PC-based MMO. Sutter – never one to shy away from offending anyone – stated he was happy to move away from the idea, because he wanted to make a “real game.” He also stated that he and everyone at FX and Fox were committed to ensuring the game reaches fruition.

SOA GAME UPDATE. had a great meeting with a big distributor yesterday. myself and everyone at FX and Fox is committed to making this happen.

Yes, we definitely wanna do a REAL game. console based. not some slapcrap browser MP thing. it’ll take awhile, but it’s the right way to go.

It goes without saying that having the showrunner himself personally backing a title can make a difference, and we’re excited to hear more as news trickles out.

Sons of Anarchy Videogame Cast

Given that there are several charters of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle gang, Kurt (assuming he wants to be involved in the writing process) has a fair amount of room to take creative liberties. Even if players never actually get a chance to go to Charming, there isn’t any reason why a few characters from the show might not play a role in the game. Sutter can always oversee the scripting to ensure it stays true to the show, just like George R.R. Martin did with the upcoming RPG Game of Thrones, where a few of the actors even personally lent their likenesses and voices to make the game more immersive.

Many games based on shows and movies are cursed by a lack of quality, mostly from forced deadlines to coincide with movie and DVD releases. We can only hope that whichever studio is selected to develop the game is given the liberty to take their time and produce a game which may not only keep existing fans happy, but draw more fans to the television show itself.

What do you think about a Sons of Anarchy console game? Would you be interested in playing it?

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  • jason

    I cant wait to play it I hope u can play as jax

    • Flamekebab

      I’d rather play as a member of a different charter. Jax is a fun character to watch but being in his shoes would remove much of his depth. Playing as a new member would mean interacting with them without butchering the personalities of the cast.

  • Jres

    It’s pretty obvious from my point of view that they’re going to take liberties (no pun intended) from the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise. I think they SHOULD get Rockstar to actually produce the game. It certainly has a lot of potential to be great. Looking forward to playing! Also glad to hear that they are going to take their time.

    • Tom

      Rockstar producing a motorcycle gang game?! No thanks, played that already.
      If they’re going to go through with this, i’d prefer it not to be Rockstar and be as far from ‘GTA: The Lost and Damned’ as possible. It was a terrible DLC.

  • Justin Loomis

    I want Rockstar. Lost and Damned was cool, and I want to see what they could do with a full game. Also, come on, the cutscenes would be amazing with the facial tech. I also like that they won’t rush it, because I am a big fan of this show, and I don’t want it to get the treatment most tv games do, like Prison Break and The Sheild (another of my fave shows).

    • Keith addy

      Ya it was a terrible DLC but think about it… They don’t have to match one story line with another, they have the opportunity to take their time and it won’t be a DLC it’ll be a real game so they’ll put fourth more effort. Look at the gta v graffics … Looks pretty damn good

  • Keith

    I would love to play an Soa game! Ive been playing grand theft auto 4 lost and dammed because it’s the only biker game! Look into rockstar games to produce their genius’s

  • smashstar85

    a soa game i would be so stoked on this i am little surprised that there are not more biking gang games

  • Brooke

    Yes I totally think there should be a really good son’s of anarchy game.the tv rocks! Everyone loves it,personally I think it would be a hit & yes I would def buy one if it came out.

  • Luke

    You need to make the game follow the line of the show. That would be sick!

    • http://gamerant.com James Dean Mcphee

      a soa console game would be awsome plus it would be awsome to play as a different charter and to start out as prospect and climb your way up the ranks and have decent side missions like protection bare knuckle cage fights gun and drug running and also player modification like appearance clothing tattoos etc plus also be able to custom build your bikes from ground up

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  • Venomis32

    I think you should be a prospect!!! Like have 5 different ones all with different skills!!! That be awesome

  • michael

    i think that rockstar should make the game and play as a new member so u can talk to all the other ppl in the club but were u can also make ur own guy and buld ur own bike in the game also

  • shawn

    I would really love to play a soa game like they said b4 create a guy custom build bike start as prospect free roam like gta lost but alot better have the club house do odd jobs or what they make prospects do until you earn the right and dont forget the girls either

  • Nathan

    Is this game coming out or is it lies??

  • Staael

    Is there an ETA for this game?? 2016, 2017 or something??

    Really cant wait to get this in my ps4. Love the show, and with kurt sutter in developing it will be the best game ever…

  • Jon

    hell yeah you should make a sons of anarchy game, for pc and console it would be very fun on abox and it would be alright on pc as well, you can make the campaighn close to the show but with obviuos changes, you should be a member who has to go threw as a prospect doing stuff for the club until he get his patch , then have votes at the table and keep the orginal cast in the game with clay as preisdent and then jax as president as well, also you should make it so whatever actions you do as a member affects the campaighn andoutlook with the club like sellnig gun drugs or other things, there are a ton of possiblities to do with a console game make negotations with rival gangs and make allainces and gang raids or drive bys the possibilites are endless, but i dont think you should play as jax but be your own member who has to get initated, also make a free roam where your actions dont affect the campiaghn so you can ride around and kill people without hurting the club but them go back into campaighn mode and everything you did in free roam doesent count , but of course there will be campaign free roam but the decsions you make in that one will effect the club, such as murders or the cops, it can be the longest campaighn a game has seen , i really hope you make this game for xbox one everyone who loves the show would play it i got faith in you kurt sutter i know you will make a great game and yeah take your time and make sure it comes out almost perfect, thanks you kurt sutter for an amazing tv show and such a good long fun ride with sons of anarchy , this video game if made right can be one of the best in history

  • craig

    Really hoping they make this game it will be class. It should make you start as a prospect and work your way up to become president! Fingers crossed!

  • staael2014

    I was so sad when i heard this game was for smartphones and not for consoles…

  • Kevin

    This will be a great game if made right. I think you should start as a prospect in the game, and work your way up.

  • Zane Belanger

    I think rockstar should create it and maybe give us the option of creating our own son,prospecting and working our ways up in one of the sons charters