Rumor Patrol: ‘Sonic’ Game Accidentally Leaks Next-Gen Xbox Name

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Next-gen is on everyone’s minds right now, with the PlayStation 4 recently announced and releasing this year and the next Xbox most likely being announced later this month at a special event. Already we’ve heard of achievements getting an overhaul and there might possibly be two versions of the new platform made available at launch as well.

In most cases, we have a pretty good idea of where Microsoft is going, especially in terms of hardware and features. Even as the rumors continue to mount, there are key details that are still a mystery. However, if the most recent rumor is true, we might finally have a name for Microsoft’s next-gen console: Xbox Infinite.

What does this have to do with Sonic? Well, according to ScrewAttack (which has based its report off of NeoGAF), there was a massive leak from SEGA that may have spilled the beans on the official title for the Xbox 720. The main tidbit was of an alleged upcoming 3D Sonic game titled Sonic Excursion — a title that, if true, doesn’t pack a lot of punch as a subtitle in and of itself.

The following seemingly photoshopped “Xbox Infinity” logo also leaked a few days ago:

Xbox Infinity Logo

Apparently, the original source is someone who has leaked every Sonic game since Unleashed months before they were announced, which at the very least makes the validity of this Sonic the Hedgehog rumor appear much more plausible.The real kicker is the platform details, which lists the systems the game will be released for as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, 3DS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Infinite.

As many gamers are well aware, the Xbox 360’s successor is currently without a name, but this leak may just have shown Microsoft’s hand. This isn’t the first time fans have heard mumblings of a possible ‘Infinite’ subtitle for the mysterious console either, which makes this rumor all the more juicy.

As with any rumor, take this with a grain of salt. In the meantime, it’d be a safer bet to just wait until May 21st, when Microsoft is set to officially reveal the future of its Xbox brand, to see if there is any truth to these claims.

What do you think about this rumor? Does Xbox Infinite have a nice ring to you?

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Source: NeoGAF [via Screw Attack]

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  • Atomic Gumshoe

    it’s better than Durango or 720

    • Ken J

      @Atomic Gumshoe

      Definitely… Especially 720… Durango would have been funny. Xbox, brought to you by Dodge! lol

  • TaboriHK


    Also, Infinite sounds bland, but I guess it’s better than implying that the thing is just constantly spinning in circles.

    • Ken J

      Yah, now it’s spinning in a figure 8 instead of a circle, lol. 😀

  • Robert

    I actually like Fusion better

    • ATG

      That sounds cool.

  • Treb

    I laughed for about 30 minutes when I read that name. Xbox Infinite? Infinitely generic!

    But the Sonic game does interest me ^^

  • fanofgames

    Any name other than the classic 1, 2 ,3 or in sonys case 4. Will be great.

  • ATG

    I called Xbox Infinity a while back so that’d be cool.

    • mike

      Infinity is much better than infinite. Sounds stupid

  • Josh Calkins

    Lame buzzword marketing-department name. Not as silly as Wii or as functional as “4” , but genuinely terrible nonetheless. Why are we using infinity to discuss what is by its very nature an extremely of-the-moment, transitory step between the last one and e next one? May as well call it “Ultimate” and to hell with the poor bastard that has to name the next one something more extreme than the most extreme thing they could come up with. It’s cumbersome and pointless for the consumer who just wants the next Xbox. The dumbest thing of all is that they are doing backflips to not appear behind Sony. They couldn’t call the 360 “Xbox 2″ when competing with Playstation 3, and now the same problem is impeding a respectable name.

    Names used to make more sense. Master System and Entertainment System were normal enough, Genesis implied a future for Sega that wasn’t entirely bright after all, Super NES suited a double powered upgrade, the Jaguar was a big black beast and more marketable than “weird portable toilet shaped game system”, N64 is self explanatory, GameCube suited the iconic design and implied certain consumer friendly sensibilities…. Then we entered the odd era of self entitlement defined most by the appropriate letter “i”- but not a big “I” because that would be TOO self centered. iMac, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Wii, etc.

    Clearly the name isn’t just to imply a mystique, but also to fit into Microsoft’s vision of dominating our living rooms. I guess anything that allows us access to the net should be called “infinity gizmo ultimate forever machine.”. Surprising they picked a word that isn’t inherently about their company, the game industry, or even original some how. Heck, if they’d called it Xbox Green at least it would have its roots in the company and wouldn’t seem like such a cheesy ploy.

    Numbers are fine, but lifeless and uninspired. Names have a chance to be truly compelling and impactful right off the bat, rather than just years down the road when we all know the games. The last system name that wasn’t dull and/or embarrassing was GameCube I suppose. If the name is really Infinite than that is a shame, and I will get tired of saying it like an unpayed advertiser, but it doesn’t effect the quality of anything else, fortunately.

    • XBOXER

      i’m going to start a petition to make this;
      “infinity gizmo ultimate forever machine.”
      the real new name of the next xbox!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

      WHOS WITH ME!?

    • HelghastUser

      You bear the ring of truth…

    • Ken J

      I think the title of dumbest name ever would go to the Wii U… I love Nintendo, Mario, Metroid, and Zelda will never get old, but that is the dumbest name for a console since… Well… The Wii… Lol. I agree that GameCube was a good name. The system was literally a cube, and it’s for gaming, thus, GameCube, lol. Plus it had a very easy to recognize and easy to type acronym. “GC.”

      And that logo that’s both a G and a C was pure genius, lol.

    • fanofgames

      You think the name of the console has to do with its functioning capabilities? Lol, pretty sure sony could name the ps4 anything and it will still function the same. As will the new xbox. Your arguement is invalid.

      • Ryan

        “but it doesn’t effect the quality of anything else, fortunately.”

        What are you, blind?

        • Ken J


          Come on, don’t be harsh, illiteracy is a real problem that shouldn’t be joked about… 😉

  • Cal

    Don’t know why but Infinite just makes me think of the alwayson bullshit. So yeah, I hope that’s what they go with so they can suck, bad.

    • fanofgames

      Lol playstation fanboy.

  • digimass

    Just stop, enough rumors. Just wait for the announcement in like a month or whatever. GO play a game

    • art

      hmm *scratches balls* perhaps…..but new information is always welcome

  • pauly

    I dont care if this isnt the final name as long as people stop calling the next xbox the 720 its just beyond stupid.

    • MetaruSonikku

      Thank you.

    • art

      the neXtBox

      • ZeroXNova

        Exactly what I was thinking.

  • HelghastUser

    Hhmm….XBox Infinity…Always Online..Sounds about right :-p …

  • Ken J

    So the next generation after that is Xbox Infinity Plus One. Lol

    • Captn Robb

      After that it will be Infinity Times a Thousand

      • Ken J

        @Captn Robb

        Then Infinity to the power of Infinity!!!

  • Ken J

    So they should re-release Bioshock Infinite on the new Xbox and rename it Bioshock Infinity! Lol

    I think they should have called the 360 the YBox, and this new one the ZBox, then they have to start with the double letters like AABox, lol. 😉

    • Dante

      Ahh the AABox – I had one of those – little group of 12 lilliputians that would hound me to put down the booze.

  • brandon

    Why does 720, sound stupid to you
    Xbox 360
    + 360=
    Xbox 720

    Xbox infinity sounds like they name it after that ship on halo 4 the unsc infinity


    • Ken J


      Xbox 720 is the dumbest thing because 360 was already dumb, 720 is just twice as dumb. Think about it, 360 is a full circle, so basically they’re saying they turned around, but are facing the same direction, so basically nothing has changed? So 720 they are doing that twice? What are we, doing the dosey doe???

  • Joey

    That picture has been floating around the Internet for months. It will not be called Xbox infinity or Xbox 8. Microsoft is going to announce the new Xbox in a little over 2 weeks and they don’t own or The next Xbox will most likely just be called Xbox and it will be referred to as the new Xbox or the Xbox 2013 or something like that. It might also be called the Xbox next. Microsoft owns both and If they were going to call it Xbox infinity they would have sued the guy in china a long time ago and taken ownership of it.

  • mrpinkeye

    720 is better than infinate

    • Ken J

      Why not Xbox 738 then? Or maybe Xbox 950? Or Xbox 875??

  • ShadowX33

    Microsoft should sue Sega for all it has. I want to make sure Sega dies. It was never any match for nintendo. Then Sonic, their pethetic excuse for a video game character don’t even get me started.

    • Ken J

      Why do you want them to die? If you don’t like their products, don’t buy them. Competition is good for everyone. The more people in the business the better man…

  • Light

    Jokes on them. sonic games aren’t going to be on any other system beside the 3ds and wii u because of the nintnedo and sega 3 year partner ship