Only Small Percentage of Gamers in Top ‘Halo: Reach’ Ranks

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Bungie Update Halo Reach Statistics

Gamers everywhere rejoiced when the matchmaking update went live for Halo: Reach this past week; many changes were made, some significant and others unnoticed. With the update in place for a large number of Reach’s record breaking player population, Bungie thought they would take a look at the ranking system and give players a few stats to help them gain a little perspective.

As it stands now, with Halo: Reach’s incredibly daunting rank system, most of the Reach online community sits at the rank of Warrant Officer. Currently, with the level cap at Lieutenant Colonel Grade 3, there is only about 10% of the online population that have achieved a rank of Captain or above. So for those of you that have burst through the ranks of Warrant Officer, congratulations — you are in the top 10% of Reach’s multiplayer members.

Halo Reach Rank Breakdown Chart

Also on the site is a list of the achievements that have been completed by the fewest number of players. The rarest of the achievements? The “Make it Rain” achievement which, considering very few members of the online has achieved the rank of Lt. Colonel, seems obvious. Following in second is the “If They Came to Hear Me Beg” achievement that requires a player to survive an otherwise fatal fall by committing an assassination.

For those wondering when the next update will be rolled out, fear not because Bungie has one in the oven as we speak. Set for an October 19, 2012 release date, this update will improve performance, add the promised Campaign matchmaking, and include some new playlists.

If Bungie wanted to simply walk away from their swan song and move onto their next project no one would be surprised. But the fact that they have committed to keeping Reach’s multiplayer growing says a lot about them as game developers. While there has been no confirmation, expect future updates to roll out an MLG playlist, a Grifball playlist, and community created Forge World maps. Keep ‘em coming, Bungie.

So Ranters, how many of you have completed either of the lowest attained achievements? What would you like to see in the next Reach update?

Halo: Reach is available now for the Xbox 360.

Source: Bungie

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  • James H

    I have all 1000 Gamerscore and I’m only a Captain Grade 2. The ‘Make It Rain’ ach is glitched so anyone is able to get it. Type ‘Make It Rain Halo Reach’ into YouTube…

  • Andrew Dyce

    warrant officer here, nice to know that i’m not falling behind. those achievements are incredibly annoying. I even know the best way to get the “make it rain” but the trial and error achievements are incredibly frustrating.

  • Andrew Dyce

    sorry, meant “if they came to hear me beg”

  • jwalka

    got almost all achievements except the ones involving game completion on legendary, the scorpion one (9th mission with it in tact) and the 2 rank related ones (captain and colonel).

    i got bored of this game quick idk why, must be the fact that winning isn’t dependant on gear but luck (as opposed to CoD which is fast paced and challenging) and that the rewards are of no use to my performance.

    • WiiDH3AD

      Reach is not dependent on luck more so then CoD. In CoD I can launch nubetubes everywhere and get lucky and achieve over a 2.0 K/D. In Reach i’m only a 1.45 k/d cuz you have to know weapon and vehicle spawns and there is also a lot less auto aim in Halo. Ive played Halo longer then CoD but Halo is still more challenging. As far as game pace they’re about the same, it just depends on what playlist your in. In the end it’s comparing apples and oranges, Ive had my account capped for about a week with 1000gs and i’m still having fun online.

      • vapthadro

        Halo is kinda like comparing apples to oranges, but there is a difference. COD is mostly a quick draw game. (all bullets kill but who can shoot first)I find most of the time my eyes hurt when playing COD because I am just looking for tiny moments on the screen. There is strategy with weapons, abilities, and map play with both games. Halo is a game where you have to face your opponent and have a better or faster kill strategy than he does, while dealing with the pressure of knowing your about to die. I find both games very fun. Don’t be a fag and say that because you suck at halo, it is based on luck. I have found that with the new reach system, halo has become much more about skill and teamwork.

    • vapthadro

      Oh yeah… the New Cod game is going to have useless outfits to change like halo does now. I probably will not play it much though because Modern warfare 2 hasn’t been out long enough. Rather just ride halo reach until gears of war 3!!!

  • schlotmachine

    im major grade 3. nice to know im beating over half the guys out there.

  • hudson

    im a lieutenant clonel.

  • MCcrackle

    Well to me i think the chart is a little off because all my friends play reach and NONE! are legit there like sucky Majors and sucky lt colonels du to the famous challenge reset glitch you can do it as many times as you like as long as you stop before your cap of the day its so gay.. no one can ever be legit ;(

  • Mikey

    I think I’m a private or something. Nice to know I spend my time doing something other than play Xbox.

    • Steve

      Major Grade 2 and still finding time to ace all my college classes and hang out with friends and go work and play PS3 and sleep. (Ocassionally I will eat something as well)

  • ewokBUTCHER

    Im a luitenent colenel grade 3, so when can i get to colenel. The update needs to include the higher rank i want to get to commander so i can get the gold visor.

  • Fee 2 the nix

    I am also a LTC and I find the game very challenging. To all those people who blame their lack of rank on the fact that they have to much of a life to play enough to even get that high, I work for the military from 5 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. As well as raise a family with my wife so… And I got my rank the hard way. Lol this is the first time I even hear about people boosting. Why go thru the trouble to obtain the rank and then you cant hold your own in a real match??

  • Smudger

    Rank = Lt Colenel Grade 1

    Earn’t it the hard way :)

  • Smudger

    oh I am actully a Grade 2 woohoo

    Still got it the hard way though.

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  • yoyo man

    i joined that hbs reach place and its awsome

  • yoyo man

    i agree go hbs reach


    yo im an eclipse if anyone wants to play some halo reach together add me on xboxlive MR TIMMERZ