Sledgehammer Games Says ‘Call of Duty’ Not Losing Momentum

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Sledgehammer Games Says Call of Duty not Losing Momentum
Electronic Arts has made it clear that they believe Battlefield 3 will be dominant over Modern Warfare 3 in a couple months. EA has become confident to the point of mudslinging, wanting the Call of Duty franchise to “rot from the core.” Sledgehammer Games, the developer teaming up with Infinity Ward to create MW3, has also been vocal about the battle between the first person shooters and they are confident CoD will be around for the long haul.

This isn’t the first time Sledgehammer has come out defending its work. Last month Schofield admitted that DICE’s Frostbite 2.0 engine is the new hotness in the gaming industry, but hasn’t been fully field tested on consoles. He’s confident the “outdated” tech being used for Modern Warfare 3 will provide a more solid gaming experience. Mainly due to the fact that its been around longer and has been tried and trusted in the industry.

Last month EA executive Jeff Brown went so far as to state that he feels Call of Duty only has about 2-3 years left in it.

In a recent interview, Sledgehammer CEO Glen Schofield said that the team talks about the franchise losing momentum all the time. Not only do they talk about it, but they also combat the loss of momentum by bringing new innovations to the CoD franchise. Here is what Schofield had to say:

“…you know what, it’s not (losing momentum) right now, it’s growing. You can see it out there. It’s so big, people love it and I get so many tweets from the community. It’s the biggest thing in entertainment. You stay paranoid because things can happen, but staying paranoid actually makes your game better.”

Indeed, Call of Duty has definitely grown into a massive entity. So big that it now warrants its own annual Call of Duty XP convention for fans of the series to attend. It sounds like Sledgehammer Games have their heads in the game and are dedicated to bringing a solid experience this holiday season.

Regardless of how many shots EA and Activision take at each other, the battle between Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 in the next couple months is going to be epic. Both titles will most likely be awesome and, in the end, gamers will win no matter which title they pick up.

Modern Warfare 3 launches on November 8th on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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  • Phil


  • Movements in Shadows

    I’m with EA. cod is stale, so are their fans. It’s way too damn repetitive over & over & over…

    • BFTE

      hell yea cod is getting old using the same engine four years running same graphics and gameplay modes the only reason im getting mw3 is just for the story bc i played the first 2 mw’s and i wanna see how it ends but i believe BF3 is gonna be a much better all around game.

    • ATG

      Dont diss the fans

  • ATG

    I have a solution to Cod getting old, DONT BUY IT EVERY YEAR!

    After MW3 I’m switching to every other year instead. Have to be honest, I enjoyed every one so far, even though Black Ops was somewhat of a disappointment.

    I don’t see why people complain lol just don’t buy it. And dont diss fans because you make yourself out to be a moron.

    New innovations for them is new/improved game modes. BF3 is doing what they do best, with a new engine.

  • Movements in Shadows

    Hey! I play some COD albeit casually with friends but you ever bump into a hard headed COD fanboy? Most I’ve met present themselves as stupid & happily ignorant to it’s money milking ways. I’m with BFTE. For the story because my faith dropped in COD multiplayer & it’s screwy physics. Anyway no more arguing. Agree to disagree ATG?

    • ATG

      I think the reason most COD players are kids is because of these reasons:

      1) Xbox 360 marketed.
      Parents will buy their kids and Xbox 360 because of price and family friendly functions. Advertising also.

      2) COD is easy to play.
      Hop in, run around and shoot. Not too much strategy and very easy to learn “tricks”. Ranking up and winning feels rewarding to the individual.

      3) Mass appeal.
      Very cinematic and “cool” Michael Bay-ish campaign and multiplayer.

      It IS getting old because of the annual releases, but WE as gamers have caused this. The maps suck, multiplayer feels like laser-tag, and yes the physics are horrible.

      I’m trading Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 towards Modern Warfare 3. So that lowers the price a bit more as a Rewards member. Plus I get an employee discount at Gamestop. So in that case I may purchase the Hardened Edition because I do purchase the maps (regretfully)and want to try out Elite. So in a way it’ll be like getting Elite for free AND all the maps. Sounds more like a deal than what Activision is offering.

  • jlsilang

    Sorry to break ti to you, but Bf3’s “amazing graphics” were runned by a $2000 pc on the highest settings possible.

    people are calling COD the same??




    BF2 Modern Combat

    all those withen the last 3-4 years LOL,

    and all those games sucked and were the same crap,

    but you didnt see us COD people hating and trolling on there videos

  • Grave robber

    dissing call of duty for its engine is like a pc gamer dissing on consoles for using the same crappy hardware since 2006

    • ATG

      I think they’ll keep that engine until the next gen.

    • sean

      The COD devs are probably just waiting for some new engine to be made so they can take it change a few things and claim it’s “their” brand new engine and as far as new innovations for the COD franchise most if not all have simply been taken from other games. As far as losing momentum there will always be 10 year olds wanting to play what is “popular” and other games to copy. I’m not trying to sound negative but can you name something brand new in the shooter genre that COD did all on it’s own?

      • jwalka

        they already are taking ideas from other games e.g the emp grenades and mini robot drone things are from homefront, they rip off bf in terms of map scale (or should i say creating the illusion that the maps are big).

        imo CoD4 was/is the best CoD game b/c it was alot more fluent and balanced, mw2 is completely broken, unbalanced and full of rejects who either cheat or camp (just like BO). BO is a piece of trash, both visually and mechanically, textures are blurry, everything looks the same (maps seem to be declining in quality, thanks to activision forcing them to release a set of larger maps ever so often).

        i sincerely hope mw3 drops drastically in sales, maybe them bobby ‘i’m a money hunger f***er’ kotich will understand that annualising a franchise = bad idea.

        • ATG

          They didn’t “steal” anything from those games. Homefront, Battlefield, etc. You act like those things don’t exist in real life.

          That’s like saying Homefront stole vehicle usage from Battlefield.

          Seriously guys come on. And another stupid argument you guys make is “12 year olds”, what does that have to do with the game?

      • ATG

        @sean, every game is going to have similarities, these are military shooters and there is a lot of them. Don’t let your distaste towards COD make dumb statements.

  • moyshirow

    MOD fell good to me because i havent got any other COD accept the MW franchise and i love the game play…fanboys are always gonna be a problem but thats way the mute button appear

  • B700DRA1N

    Call of duty 4 was the only one i really liked the rest was crappy to me dont care about you fan boyz but go check out bf3 cuss thats a real war game,not some hollywood cockbuster…..bf3 rules!!!

  • shinyrealgunz

    I’m getting BF and going to hold off on MW3. Call it a boycott of sorts.

    Bad Company 2 was ahead of MW2 and I still don’t see the game changer for MW3. Still no vehicles you can man or truly destroyable environments (glass does not count) in MW3. Also BC2 let you be a true sniper unlike the quick scope kids in the MW series.

  • Jr

    BF3 is going to suck dick like Medal of Honor did so don’t get to hyped up on it. MW3 Reigns Supreme once again!