‘Skyrim’ Can Be Beaten in Just Over 2 Hours

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Skyrim Speedrun by Bethesda

Who doesn’t love a good speed run? Whether it’s completing Quake at 100% on Nightmare difficulty like Just Fleck, getting 120 stars in Super Mario 64 like Mike “Siglemic” Sigler or more recently Bethesda Q&A staffer Sam Bernstein blazing through Fallout 3 in an amazing 75 minutes. Speed runs hearken to a simpler age of video games. A time when memorizing patterns and timing were key, back when games were “gamier”.

Bethesda seems to be one developer that celebrates that heritage, and they do so with a speed run competition. As they did with Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Bethesda just held their most recent speed run contest with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at center stage, celebrating its imminent release. What was at stake at Bethesda’s Speedrun Challenge IV? A small trophy and a pie of the winner’s choice, baked by Director Todd Howard. Pretty sweet.

This time around it came down to Jeff Brown and familiar champion, Sam Bernstein. As the duo flew through the northern land of Skyrim they didn’t see a lot of the game’s scenery, but they did manage to come up with two very different paths to the end. Cheats were not allowed in this competition as they ran from quest to quest, both trying to arrive at the credits before the other. In the end, it was amazingly close.

Once again, proving his speedy might, Sam Bernstein edged out the competition with an amazing winning time of 2:16:10. Runner-up Jeff Brown completed Skyrim only about 20 seconds slower. Not too shabby for a game featuring a 30-hour main quest.

Can’t wait to try your hands at beating that impressive record? The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is due out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on November 11, 2011. Although, I wouldn’t get your hopes up for beating that time. These guys have spent hundreds of hours playing and creating this game, so they probably have a bit of an advantage. Studying up on the leaked Skyrim game manual won’t even help you.

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  • Jimmy

    don’t you mean elder scrolls IV Oblivion?

    • iDancethroughshadoWs

      no this is the studio speed testing Skyrim.

    • Timmy

      Ya, just because it’s not out doesn’t mean it’s not finished and playable

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      Yeap, fixed that – thanks!

  • http://gamerant.com John Jacques

    I’ll take my time with it – no fast travel here.

  • Xathuron

    Everyone Ive met who has played elder scrolls oblivion always tells me “Yea, I beat that game”. And of course they’re talking about the main quest. I played that game for 2 years without cheats or hints and I still didn’t get every single item and finish every single quest. But the people I meet didn’t even beat the theive guild. Its like don’t say youve beaten a game until you do EVERY thing. I think skyrim will satisfy my OCD to get everything and making it a huge challenge. Im gettin anxious to play the official release and NEVER USE CHEATS. CHEATS RUIN GAMES.

    • James C.

      One of my friends 100% Oblivion. He said it wasn’t hard, but it was long and tedious. I think the game said he spent 380 days on it…. I think. Either way, me and him both are scratching our necks for Skyrim.

    • nick

      Im playing oblivion as soon as it was available in shops, until now…it’s almost 5 years of none stop gaming, and I still as’nt finish the games..

      my most recent character as 156hours of gaming…. like most of my other character but, this is my limit with any character…

  • Rad

    Can it be beaten in 2+ hours? Sure.

    Why would I want to?

    • Gehrich

      To prove you can. That’s the point of speed runs, and a lot of people have fun doing it.

  • HeavyWeaponsGamer

    Im going to try and explore as much as i can before I do ANY of the main quest, im going to try and stretch out this game as long as posible.
    Oblivion only lasted about 15 hours with (some) side quests.

    I had full Ebony armour and an ebony war hammer by the time i beat the game. Then i did side quest untill i got the (spoiler) armour.

    But ya, since i pre-ordered it, and im getting the map with all the caves on it, its going to be a while before i even START the main quest.

  • Dusty B. Ray

    I’m taking my time with this marvel!!!

  • rob

    I’m going pretend skyrim is a lovely babe and its our “first time” gonna take in N I C E and S L O W giddy giddy

  • Guardian

    That would be boring.

  • Me

    I think its kind of funny that Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is going to have a longer main story line then an Elder Scrolls game.

    • Dovahkiin

      In Skyward Sword, the Main quest will be the only thing worth doing.
      Stop twisting the facts. ignorant fanboy.



      • Joker

        Look whos calling who a fanboy “skyrim=GOTY” hahaha never going to happen this game will never be GOTY a 2 hour Main story thats kinda short no matter how ya try to spin it I could probably beat it in less then that on a speed run now if you want to know what will probably be GOTY look no further then Uncharted 3 sorry but Skyrim will be yet another GAME I pass up this year

        • Timmy

          It’s a 2 hour main story IF
          it is set to easiest setting.
          You do the main story and only that.
          You have memorised exactly what to do and where to go.
          you only kill where necessary.

          If you do complete it in 2 hours, you should think long and hard on why you spent £40 on it. Besides, most of the enjoyment will come from exploring, not going “OMGINEEDTOBEATITASFASTASPOSSIBLERAAAAWWWWWWRRRRRR!!!!!!”

          • Timmy

            Plus, it is almost guaranteed to be GOTY, oblivion could have been massively improved and that was GOTY. I agree, uncharted will be very good, but it stands no chance.

            Fanboy and proud! 😀

  • http://gamerant.com/author/trung Trung Bui

    I believe it, don’t think I would attempt it myself. How intimate would you have to know the game to beat it that quickly. My question, how did they kill dragons so quickly? Or did they even bother trying to fight any?

  • nick

    what is the point in speed gaming? finishing the games in 2h?!
    it takes all the fun and epicness away…I played Morrowind for 126 hours and I still did’nt do the main quest…im discovering the games…and I’m still not done…there is a quarter of the map who is undiscovered.

    what I want to say is…take your times exploring and savouring every little bit of discovery you makes, do every side quests and speak to every one…BE A GODLIKE ADVENTURER!

    156hours of gaming in oblivions too…I just started playing ARENA and DAGGERFALL

  • Canada Goose Parkas

    ican’t wait to try my hands at beating that impressive record

    • Perry de Havilland


  • Orochimaru

    Why in the hell i would want to beat this game in 2hrs, lol…… 5yrs ago i thought no one can top FF7 in my list not untill i played Oblivion now i regret for not playing morrowind, damn