‘Skyrim’ DLC Gets Dated for PlayStation 3 Owners

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Skyrim DLC PS3 Release Dates

PlayStation 3 owners definitely got the short end of the stick when it came to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Not only was the PS3 version plagued with several bugs at launch, but gamers have been unable to access any of the downloadable content that’s been available to Xbox 360 users for several months. It’s been a frustrating wait for players, and there was even a time when Bethesda claimed that some DLC may never make its way to the PS3.

Thankfully the wait is nearly over for PlayStation enthusiasts hoping to once again boot up The Elder Scrolls V and saunter around the land of Skyrim with some new content. Bethesda announced that the downloadable add-ons Dragonborn, Dawngaurd, and Hearthfire would finally be arriving on the PSN in February — after getting help from Sony to make the content compatible with the console — but fans have been clamouring for specifics regarding the contents’ impending release.

The official Bethesda Blog finally informed eager dragonborns of the exact release dates for all three of the previously mentioned pieces of content for Skyrim. All are scheduled to launch exactly one week after each other, and it will all be priced at 50% off for the entire first week that it’s available.

  • Dragonborn releases Tuesday, February, 12
  • Hearthfire releases Tuesday, February, 19
  • Dawnguard releases Tuesday, February, 26

These dates are currently only applicable to the contents’ North American release, and there’s no word on when they’ll be hitting the Euro PlayStation Network, but certification shouldn’t take all that long to complete.

Regardless, this Skyrim info has been a long time coming for PlayStation users. Hopefully the incredibly long wait will be worth it in the eyes of frustrated consumers, and the fact that Bethesda will deliver the content in a timely (and discounted) manner should cheer up disappointed gamers.

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Source: Bethesda Blog

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  • Acog

    its about time!
    hearthfire here i come

    • Shalkowski

      Really? That’s the one you are most excited about?

  • Dovahkiin

    At long last our platform-wide nightmare is over. bethesda can no longer shaft the PS3 adventurers waiting to ride dragons, kick up by a nice fire at their home by the lake, and finally take that crossbow bolt to the knee, just to see if it is different from a regular arrow ;¬>
    Long live Dovahkiin!

  • Red

    I wonder how many PS3 owners got tired of waiting and sold traded in thier copy of the game? Or how many jumped to PC/360 rather than wait? Bethesda really should’ve been faster on this. I’ve never even played an Elder Scroll game and this put me off on the company as a whole. When 1/3 of your consumers are left out, there’s a problem.

    • xmisfit666s

      im a ps3 owner and honestly i got tired of it pretty quick (especially with all the trash talk about “whos the better system” arguments just because of the tech issues) but i did not trade anything in, but also i dont have the extra $$$ for a 360 lol, and my laptop refuses to run skyrim lol, so basicaly it just went back on the shelf to be played once in a blue moon, but none the less im excited for these to be finaly coming out,now i just gotta figgure out how to get some extrs cash in hand to pick them up in the 1st week lol

    • Nick

      I was one of the ones that traded my copy. Last night I had to buy another one. Lesson learned.

  • Aeryk Ravensong

    It still kills me how the number of PS3 owners refuse to accept that it was not Bethesda’s fault the DLC would not function properly on the system. When it’s been widely stated that it was due to the system only having a dedicated amount of graphics RAM, compared to the 360 which can fully utilize the RAM available to the entire system to run graphics heavy games.

    • Dovahkiin

      Yes, I know it is not all Bethesda’s fault that the DLC took this long, and perhaps they didn’t know how to fix the issue, and yes Sony did help them, but Skyrim on the PS3 is still loaded with bugs. And Bethesda just went on working on the X-Box DLC. there hasn’t been a patch for a while now, and in its current state as a developer I wouldn’t have released it. This issue (With RAM) should have been publicly noted at release, or before.

      • Dovahkiin

        I have played Skyrim on the ps3 since 11/11/11 by the way

    • James

      Right because it’s considered ungrateful to be angry that a product you bought isn’t working. It’s not Bethesda fault that they spent so long fixing it, it is however their fault that they choice to bring out DLC for the 360/PC Version instead of dedicating their time to fixing the PS3 version.

      • Aeryk Ravensong

        How is it their fault as a business to release what they know will work on the other platforms and make money to pay the people that have been working on these issues all along? By your reasoning everyone should have had to do without, just because it wouldn’t function properly on one console.

        • James

          Because it gives across the idea that they don’t care, when it’s a simple problem or just a case of an easy patch I don’t mind but if it’s this huge problem that their still trying to solve you like to think most of their assets are going towards fixing the game they’ve already sold to you.

          My problem isn’t with them making money but with the attitude Bethesda has had with PS3 gamers, they’ve just had this whole “Oh shut up, you’ll get the patches when you get them!”

          I mean do we even have a patch out yet to fix the problems the PS3 version is having?!

          • Aeryk Ravensong

            Well obviously it’s not something that can be fixed with a “simple” patch, otherwise you would have had it by now. I mean it’s not like Bethesda just sat back and said, “well screw these guys over here, we’ll just forget about them.” No, they kept working on it, and while it has taken a very long time, I would imagine the reason it took that long is likely because they had to write new code for it to even function. Also typically there have been patches that have come to the game with each of the DLC’s, so you will likely be getting your beloved patches when you pick them up. And saying that it gave the impression they didn’t care, just because they went ahead and released the DLC for the other platforms is asinine and comes across as throwing a tantrum, “Well if we can’t have it now, no one else should!” Be grateful that they didn’t scrap the notion of ever getting the DLC done, which they very well could have done. No, instead they diligently kept working on it so that PS3 users could have the chance to play as well.

  • Shalkowski

    I wonder if or when they will be coming out with more DLC

  • grizzlee

    Ill have to see it run smooth before I Give my verdict but it is good see the development team keep pushing until they solved the problem

  • yeah2259

    Stop complaining about how long it took to release these dlc packs. All that matters is that Bethesda is staying true to their word by releasing these and that will allow me to keep buying games made by them because even though some of the glitches and bugs are frustrating the games they create are epic and worth playing. I aleady bought Dragonborn last week and I will be buying Hearthfire today and next week I will buy Dawnguard. I never even considered trading in Skyrim since I owned it 11/11/11. I will gladly wait as long as it takes. You people should be more appreicative.