‘Skyrim: Legendary Edition’ Arriving this Summer

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Skyrim: Legendary Edition

As Bethesda Softworks gears up for the release of its new MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online, the studio is also wrapping up the single-player campaign of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which was originally released back in November 2011 and has enjoyed sustained popularity since then. The three pieces of DLC for the game finally became available on PS3 in February, and Bethesda’s head of marketing recently confirmed that they’re finished making extra downloadable content for Skyrim. Now, to tie the game off with a bow, it looks like we’ll be getting all of the collected content together in one bundle.

This isn’t an official announcement, so take it with a few grains of salt until Bethesda gives their word on the matter. Eurogamer Poland discovered Skyrim: Legendary Edition on the website of Polish gaming retailer Ultima, where it is listed as containing the core game, plus the three pieces of DLC: Dragonborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard.

For a game as successful as Skyrim, an ultimate edition was almost inevitable, and for gamers who haven’t yet explored the latest corner of Tamriel this sounds like a pretty good deal. The full package is listed at the cost of 139.90 zÅ‚ (just over $44) for PC and 169.90 (about $54) for PS3 and Xbox 360, though both are marked down from a full retail price by 30 zÅ‚ ($9.50).

While the Legendary Edition might offer the complete package in terms of gameplay, there’s no mention of any extras to entice buyers. The Collector’s Edition of the game, which was released back in 2011, included a statue of Alduin, a making-of DVD and a 200 page art book that is no doubt gracing the coffee tables of many a proud Elder Scrolls fan. Comparably, the Legendary Edition sounds a little bare bones, though it comes with an adjusted price tag that is actually cheaper than the component parts.

A posh mudcrab in Skyrim

It seems only reasonable that there should be an ultimate mod pack pieced together by the fans to go with Skyrim: Legendary Edition. Since its release, the Elder Scrolls community has produced some frankly astounding mods for the game, including cosmetic mods like 2K textures, character enhancement and immersive water, and hilarious mods like Posh Mudcrabs, Call of Trainwiz and Macho Man Dragons. There are some truly legendary mods out there, many of them befitting a Legendary Edition of the game.

Are you planning to invest in Skyrim: Legendary Edition, or have you already pieced the various DLCs together as they were released? Let us know if you’re interested in buying the ultimate collection of the game in the comments below.

Skyrim: Legendary Edition currently has a tentative release date of June 7th, 2013.

Source: Eurogamer Poland

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  • xmisfit666x

    ok, my mind is made up now, i’ll be trading in my copy and buying this instead of the $50 for the dlc, i was hoping they would put something like this out

  • Justin Middleton

    I got rid of my first copy after I beat it in Ps3 this will be awesome to get then best it after The LastOfUs

  • Bryan

    This is what I was waiting for. I traded in the game when it came out that ps3 wouldn’t be getting dlc back when. So I was waiting for the game to come out with a collector’s edition.

  • http://inuboy1000.webs.com/ Inuboy1000

    PSN. PSN. PSN. PSN. PSN. PSN. I’m hoping it’s available on PSN so I can buy it digitally and play it on my PS3. LOL

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/FerguliosoFilms Poncho

    No Wii U? That’s a shame. I would have bought it.

  • http://Gamehermits.wordpress.com Josh Calkins

    I have a ps3 and an Xbox disc, but I’d buy the whole ing again if they threw in new textures or any improvements or tweaks. Sounds like they won’t though, so it makes no difference to me. Is it really so hard to let the consoles benefit from some of the PC mods and improvements? I’d love to use some HD space to make the water better or replace the moon wi the death star… I’d like to have some creation tools too, but maybe that’s unlikely to leave the keyboard community. Too bad. If I knew that a suped up version was headed to the next gen of consoles I’d hold out for that even! I want the best Skyrim I can get, and that appears to be Xbox since my pc is crappy.

  • Josemaria

    I want it for ps3 btw im from mexico… i just got the skyrim gane… no dlcs already

  • Josemaria

    I want it for ps3 btw im from mexico… i just got the skyrim game… no dlcs already

  • MF3533

    Already own the originally released collectors edition and have downloaded all the current DLC for 360. This will be a nice addition, however, my only question is whatever happened to all the hype about the supposed Dawnstar DLC? Granted I love the current DLC but one more would’ve made it alot better. Especially with all the rumors I had read going around about it.

  • http://Gamehermits.wordpress.com Josh Calkins

    Knowing I’d be playing this for years, I decided to wait indefinitley for dlc sales. Lucky me, they put all of them on sale on XBox, so I got them all. The only other consideration is the hard drive space it takes up… But as much as I’d like to save the space, it won’t matter anyway because I will put the disc on the drive entirely either way. These days I have to consider whether the discount prices and the space required are both appealing enough to accept.

  • http://www.facebook.com phillip

    I was hoping for a “end to the treaty” dlc or something like that where we could shove our thu’um up the thalmor ass’!

  • Alan Bard Newcomer

    will buy the complete version, so I can install without downloading on my slow wireless connection. And once you validate you can go to offline mode for steam…. my game computer has only been on line enough to validate NV and Skyrim….